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The Art of Kevin S. Walsh (aka TDKev)
I think Kevin deserves a separate dedicated thread. Let's keep his images (and links) in one thread (currently they are spread across the whole site).

TDKev Wrote:After a wonderfully horrid education at the hands of Nuns and Christian Brothers I escaped to attend Chelsea and St Martin's Art schools before leaving to work on Storyboards, portrait painting and private commissions. I was exposed to "Skin Two" London Fetish Scene and new and varied commissions followed. A fall into a basement led to a strange 10 year obsession, from which I am now mostly recovered, although obsessions of a minor nature remain irresistibly attractive. I have had exhibitions in London, my favourite, at the "Limelight" club, Shaftesbury Avenue and received a most positive review in the Oxford Times for my "Pscychotic Realism" show at the Phoenix Picture House. I work on many commissions, and obsessions, through various online avenues such as

Links: (no 18+ images)*/* (captured art)

Related blog posts:
Let's start with what I managed to save from DA (~50 images).

Part I

Attached Files Thumbnail(s)
 Daphne_Spanks_Sakura_by_TDKev.jpg     Illumination_2_by_TDKev.jpg     Mary__Alice__Cruella_by_TDKev.jpg     Illumination_1_by_TDKev.jpg     Invader_by_TDKev.jpg     Puppet_Show_by_TDKev.jpg     Kathoo_2_by_TDKev.jpg     Alice_has_Nikki_by_TDKev.jpg   
Is it the same Kevin?
It's not.
This is (or was) he.


]Punk Anarchy Twat Daddies - YouTube[/url]

The last I heard his roof had fallen in. Nothing since.
I found some old archives - downloaded everything. Need to go through ans remove the duplicates. Meanwhile

Part II

Attached Files Thumbnail(s)
 Nikki__s_Taut_Distress_by_TDKev.jpg     Rachel__s_Taut_Distress_by_TDKev.jpg     Joan_has_Pauline_by_TDKev.jpg     Pub_1_by_TDKev.jpg     King__s_Road_Chelsea__1980_by_TDKev.jpg     Vicky_on_Katrina_by_TDKev.jpg     Theresa_at_a_festival_by_TDKev.jpg     Nun_with_a_ginger__by_TDKev.jpg   
Kevin is (I hope still "is"!) a fetish genius...

Part III

Attached Files Thumbnail(s)
 Alice_Spanks_Pauline_by_TDKev.jpg     Vicky_on_Katrina_2_by_TDKev.jpg     Pauline__at_home__by_TDKev.jpg     Karina_Ropes_Pauline_by_TDKev.jpg     Nikki_at_FunFayre_by_TDKev.jpg     Cruella__May__Alice__by_TDKev.jpg     Joan_Has_Pauline_Again_by_TDKev.jpg     Nikki_teased_by_Joan_by_TDKev.jpg   
Looking back through my TDKev collection I've been inspired to get the fetish Nun paraphernalia out again 😊

 TDKev inspired.JPG   

Sorry MJ.
The TDKev album cover. I've only ever seen it on his blog but that's not been updated since December 2013.

 Twat daddies.jpg   
Part IV

Attached Files Thumbnail(s)
 Nun_by_TDKev.jpg     Nikki__Office_Manager_B_by_TDKev.jpg     Nikki_at_Fayre_2_by_TDKev.jpg     Boys_Keep_Swinging_by_TDKev.jpg     Seven_going_nowhere_by_TDKev.jpg     Day_Out_by_TDKev.jpg     Evil_Doll_by_TDKev.jpg     Cruell_Daphne_by_TDKev.jpg   
(21 Mar 2021, 13:43 )Culmor Wrote: The TDKev album cover.
As far as I know he used real persons as prototypes.

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