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Full Version: The Art of Kevin S. Walsh (aka TDKev)
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I think Kevin deserves a separate dedicated thread. Let's keep his images (and links) in one thread (currently they are spread across the whole site).

TDKev Wrote:After a wonderfully horrid education at the hands of Nuns and Christian Brothers I escaped to attend Chelsea and St Martin's Art schools before leaving to work on Storyboards, portrait painting and private commissions. I was exposed to "Skin Two" London Fetish Scene and new and varied commissions followed. A fall into a basement led to a strange 10 year obsession, from which I am now mostly recovered, although obsessions of a minor nature remain irresistibly attractive. I have had exhibitions in London, my favourite, at the "Limelight" club, Shaftesbury Avenue and received a most positive review in the Oxford Times for my "Pscychotic Realism" show at the Phoenix Picture House. I work on many commissions, and obsessions, through various online avenues such as

Links: (no 18+ images)*/* (captured art)

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Let's start with what I managed to save from DA (~50 images).

Part I
It's not.
This is (or was) he.


]Punk Anarchy Twat Daddies - YouTube[/url]

The last I heard his roof had fallen in. Nothing since.
I found some old archives - downloaded everything. Need to go through ans remove the duplicates. Meanwhile

Part II
Kevin is (I hope still "is"!) a fetish genius...

Part III
Looking back through my TDKev collection I've been inspired to get the fetish Nun paraphernalia out again 😊


Sorry MJ.
The TDKev album cover. I've only ever seen it on his blog but that's not been updated since December 2013.

Part IV
(21 Mar 2021, 13:43 )Culmor Wrote: [ -> ]The TDKev album cover.
As far as I know he used real persons as prototypes.
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