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Swimsuit tie
OMG where did you get the swimsuit i have to have one, and those pantyhose soooo sexy πŸ˜‰
jules3367 Wrote:OMG where did you get the swimsuit i have to have one, and those pantyhose soooo sexy πŸ˜‰
Mmmm... Which one? I was wearing two swimsuits πŸ˜‰ One of them is too old and almost not stretchy, so I had to buy a replacement.
Sorry I meant the swimsuit in swimsuit tie 1
jules3367 Wrote:Sorry I meant the swimsuit in swimsuit tie 1
Yes, this one is the old one I mentioned in the previous post. Indeed, a fantastic swimsuit. I think it's about 9 or 10 years old. The name of the manufacturer did not tell me anything or even was not mentioned. But it's made in France πŸ˜‰ Not that it helps, but in any case it's not produced anymore and I never seen anything similar.
I've found it! The swimsuit is made by a company called Marc & AndrΓ©.

Thank you Like Ra for this excellent site. I love your self-bondage techniques.

I have an idea how to get a similar effect without a swimsuit. The steps are the following:

1) Make a rope panty. It's very easy to do and also very comfortable to wear. Sometimes I sleep with such panties on. So, fold the rope in half and make a loop around your waist. Make a knot on the front. Then drive the pair of ropes behind between your legs (on one side of your "thingie"), under the waist rope, then bring them back to the front between your legs (on the other side of your "thingie"). If the rope is too long, you can make some nice patterns with them in the front. Now you have a strong rope panty with a T-form behind.

2) Proceed just like in the case of the swimsuit tie. The wrist coil will be placed under the T-form.

Do it with caution. In case of trouble, you cannot tear the rope panty apart. Because of this, I don't dare add a tightening cinch noose.

I also have another idea how to add elbow restraint to this which will be very similar to a monoglove. I will post that a bit later.

Thanks Anne-Lore!

I think you mean crotch-rope, right?
Here's some examples:

Sometimes I do use the crotch rope or karada (see here: ) as an anchor for my hands.

Actually, you can use the wrist-coil/cinch-noose technique with these methods. Two differences:
  • the movements will be much more restricted
  • you have to be very careful with cutting the ropes
(07 Feb 2009, 17:35 )annelore Wrote: I also have another idea how to add elbow restraint to this, which will be very similar to a monoglove. I will post that a bit later.


OK, so here is my solution that I promised quite a long time ago. This is an efficient elbow tie. It would be nice if LR could make a photo series for it.

So, what you need are 2 ropes. For me, each of them is 10m long. One of them will be a body harness, while the other will hold your elbows behind your back. Optionally you can also tie your wrists, I'll detail it at the end. OK, let's get started.

(1) Making a body harness.

Watch the following video: . The important part for us is the first 34 seconds. I start it above the breasts, then below them. See Fig. 1.

(2) Drive the rope
* under your right armpit (from back to front)
* behind your neck to the left
* under your left armpit (from front to back)
* attach the rope to the "crossroads" at your back (I call the point where all the ropes meet "crossroads")

See Fig. 2.

(3) From the crossroads, drive the rope
* under the rope that is behind your neck
* then drive it back to the crossroads and attach to it

Now you have a vertical loop behind your back from your neck to the crossroads. If you still have rope, you can repeat step (3).

See Fig. 3.

(4-5) Take the second rope and fold it around your lower arm, between the fist and the elbow. I keep this rope together with some scotch.

See Figures 4 and 5.

(6) Now drive the 2nd rope through the vertical loop behind your back.
See Fig. 6.

(7) Drive your arms through the two holes of the second rope. ATTENTION! Read point 8.

(8) ATTENTION! For the first time, leave the 2nd rope a bit longer than your lower arm. Then, if it's too loose, you can make it shorter step by step. First I chose a short length and I almost got stuck in. I had to struggle for 20 minutes to get out. So be very careful.

If the 2nd rope is long, you can twist it as seen in Fig. 6. But for the first time, try it without a twist.

So as you can see, the idea is to attach the elbow tie to a body harness, thus the elbow tie is at a fix position and it cannot slide down.

(9) This body harness is perfect for women since the rope cannot move because of the breasts. Men should wear artificial female breasts for the best result. See Figures 7 and 8. Just put them in a nice bra 😊


(10) Optional step: tie the wrists to a crotch rope.

See this page: .

We need steps 1 to 4, i.e. we need a female type crotch rope. Now you have a T form behind (see Fig. 9.).

(11) Make a swimsuit tie ( ) behind the T form. To tie the wrists together, you can also check out this solution: .


Result: you have your elbows and wrists firmly tied 😊 Happiness!

Enjoy, and play safe.


Nice one Anne-Rose!

One note, though. Apparently you must be very flexible to get in (7) and out. At this point (without a test) I can't even imagine if I can get both my arms in the loop.

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