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Strange but exciting dildos
So it just happened that I was browsing around on the internet and I came across this site:

Bad Dragon

...and this especially little spurt

chico_04_full.jpg thumbnail    - oh my! Big Grin

So many thoughts in my head right now - 'How BIG!' How much?' 'How do I get one?!' and 'Which one would I love to own?'

They aren't all cheap, but they are very customisable - you can choose size, colour, firmness(?!) and some will also allow you to add a 'cum tube' (fun or what!?) and so on.

Their 'cum lube' also sounds pretty amazing too! Blush

Tempting - if only I had the money...

My choice would be Razor The Doberman ( ) for possible deep-throating. A bit cheaper than Ellypse dildos but still very expensive. And I doubt that the mid-sized knot will go past my teeth (the small one is too short).

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