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Sissification hypnosis (Warning: dangerous!)
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Though it's a cliché question and have been asked in various forums, which hypno series are the better alternatives of Bambi series other than by Goddess Gracie (the reason for this question is well known as well, depression, extreme addiction, personality disorders, I don't want that even though some say it is not), I tried bimbo dolly, but it was not so effective for me at least.
I was trans before I ever found hypnos, so I can't say they changed me in that aspect, but they made me need to start hormones and begin my transition. I wasn't expecting my sexuality would flip like it has. No idea if it was repressed or installed by sissy hypnos, but I like it lots 😊
Anyone try out any of these before?  Not sure they even would be classified as hypno vs just conditioning.
List of sissy-hypno resources:
Dear all, I originally sent this as a pm to Like Ra but posted it here at his suggestion:

Dear Like Ra,

My name is Max. As mentioned before in a post on the SB thread, I registered on this site a while back but only recently started exploring all the different contents. I've come accross many of your posts and I just wanted to say I really appreciate all the info you're putting out there. And I really appreciate your perspective on hypno, including the spiritual/metaphysical angle of it.

I have a strong interest in the workings of the mind and I'm very curious to find out if it's possible to program thoughts and feelings into a person. I am an occasional crossdresser (I own 45 pairs of heels 😊. Thus, my interest goes out to feminization and sisification-focused hypnosis, specifically files that give me an insatiable urge to dress up.

I have dabbled with the files of Mind Mistress and Miss Lilith but I have had very little to no result. I'm a bit older and I have a very strong personality and sense of self. I also meditate and do a lot of spiritual work. Perhaps that's the reason? I also tried BS but intuitively, I didn't commit as I didn't like the dumbing down aspect of it. I guess I'm looking for Bambi without the bimbo, if that makes sense!

But frankly, I never commited fully to one hypnosis program or another simply because life circumstances didn't allow it. That has changed now. I have time on my hands and more importantly, I live alone and also work independently from home. I'm ready to dive in head first!

I'm now going through the threads to read about other people's experiences with files from different creators and then try those. I will also download Retroshare (thank you also for those tutorials!) and share my files.

Like many other people, I'm looking for the strong, edgy files, which at the same time are not (self-)destructive. Yeps, I want to have my cake and eat it too. Perhaps those two aims can simply not be reconciled. I would love to have your take on that. Also, I would love to know who your favorite creators are as you seem to have tried everyone!

Anyway, thank you again for everything!

Merry Christmas and a happy, healthy, and especially normal 2022!

You decide what role hypnosis played here. Did it help to change the reality?

From WMM:

shotane Wrote:Background
I'm a chubby, autistic guy aged 34 from the Netherlands. In almost all facets of life, I have been a bit of a failure. I currently have a temporary, low paying job and no social life. In my youth I have always considered myself a heterosexual male with no real interest in homosexuality or being feminine. In the last few years I have increasingly watched shemale pornography and late 2019 I started watching some video's with a sissification theme. This led me to buying pueraria mirifica and reishi with the excuse to myself that I was going to take low doses, and it might do some good for my hair and skin. In the first few weeks of this year, I started getting slightly deeper into the whole feminization stuff. I played quite a few games on TFGames. Site and I started reading threads on the subject on Reddit. Last weekend I discovered this site and the whole idea of altering yourself by hypnosis. I have always been very skeptical towards hypnosis and assumed that many reports in the forum and journals must be roleplay. It did fascinate me, though, and I started listening this week.

At this point, I would say I'm bisexual with a preference for women. Even though I did take PM for a while (with no significant effect), I very much identify as a man and can't really imagine myself as a woman. I have started listening to these files out of curiosity and a need for something to distract me from my boring life.

Bambi Sleep
I got to this site, because I read something on Reddit about how impactful Bambi Sleep was, and it made me curious towards these files. I listened to 1,2,3 and 10 of the original files on Monday (20-01-2020). Although the audio was relaxing, I stayed conscious and didn't feel like there was anything special going on.

On Tuesday (21-01-2020) I listened to 1,2,3,4,5 and 10, and again it seemed like there was nothing going on. I stayed conscious and didn't feel like I was in a 'trance' or anything like that. Afterwards, I felt like I was a bit hazy, but still in complete control of myself. For some reason, I got curious about whether it was possible to buy hormones on the internet and started looking around on the web. When my haziness retreated about an hour later, I realised I had bought both estrogen and Spironolactone. I was not able to cancel this order. I was really worried after this, because there was not really a point where I did not feel present, but at the same time this was a very stupid and reckless thing to do. I decided that it would be better to not listen again and that I should throw away the hormones as soon as it arrives.

Yesterday (23-01-2020) I decided to listen to 1,6,7,8,9 and 10, because I wanted to hear the files that I hadn't heard yet. This time felt really different. I fell into a deep sleep or trance very early into track 1. This is really strange for me, because I usually have a lot of difficulty falling asleep or even relaxing/letting go of thoughts. I 'woke' up during 9 and experienced an intense climax. This was unlike anything I have ever felt before. After the end of the session, I seemed to be completely myself.
I think I will try again this evening. Yesterday's experience was great, and I would not mind a repetition.

Curse Female Takeover
In the last week, I have read a lot of interesting journals and forum-threads, but those about Curse Female Takeover fascinated me the most. I was too curious to not give it a listen. Last night I listened to it for the first time and was slightly disappointed. It seems less sophisticated than Bambi Sleep and I find it difficult to imagine how this could have a big effect. I gave it a second go this afternoon, but it didn't do anything for me. Maybe I should use another file to make me more receptive before listening to the file itself?

This site and these files are a pretty, new world for me, and I want to experiment. I'm pretty certain I will continue listening to Bambi, but I'm not sure about CFT. The supposed 'danger' is somewhat exciting to me, but for now it is a bit boring. Any advice on relaxing, getting into a trance and being more receptive to suggestions would be appreciated.

UPDATE - October 18th 2021
Well...more than 1.5 years later, and I now consider myself a transwoman. I have been on hormones for the last half year and have transformed a lot, but not nearly as much as I would like to. I still boymode outside (although my breasts are outing me), but I'm sure I will socially transition to female within another half year. Danique (or Dani) is my name and I feel a huge distance to the depressed, fearful, derealized, selfhating 'man' I seemed to be a few years ago. When I used to consider myself a pansexual non-binary (with a preference for woman), I can now only view myself as a heterosexual woman.

How much of this is caused by hypnosis files? It is probably very exciting to think that 'Rudolf' was another victim of CFT and a new person/tulpa took over. However, I don't feel this to be the case. My interest in these files was partly caused by existing doubts on my gender (despite my strong denial in the opening post) and I didn't continue long with the files. I discovered at the end of last year that I felt a whole lot better and more 'real' when taking estrogen. At first, I didn't dare taking it for a longer period, but after falling in a deep, suicidal depression at the beginning of this year, I decided I would start again and continue using until there were transformations I was uncomfortable with. This last half year (since starting in April 2021) has been the best time of my life. I never knew life could actually be so fun and pleasant. I never expected to be this happy. When my breasts came, I was filled with euphoria and I knew that this was not some sick fetish. This wasn't about sex, I'm really a woman. At no point was there a real break between personalities, and the biggest change in my personality came only after starting HRT, more than a year after listening to these files.

Even if 'Rudolf' was a separate (and the original) personality and I took his place, I really don't feel guilty. He was done with life and never really enjoyed it. There was no future or prospects before starting the transition, and now there is. Even though it is going very slowly, I'm hopeful and excited about what is still to come.
searching for a copy of curse sissy addict

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 make me so fem.jpg   
don't wish to be Right, would rather be what's Left!
(01 Jan 2022, 20:15 )shemalea Wrote: searching for a copy of curse sissy addict
By Nina Temptress? I see several versions available in RetroShare.

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