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Self mummification + warning
Last night I decided to do some self mummification. I have experimented a bit before and I was getting close to the "perfect" mummification so I decided to add some extra improvements and video tape the session for you lot to enjoy.

As preparation I made a big sheet of plastic on a mattress with lots of tape, sticky side up. One of the extras I wanted to add was a blindfold. However I needed my sight to do the mummification properly so I decided to make a patch of tape with a clearly marked non sticky part in the middle. So after I'm tied up I just aim with my eyes for the yellow patch and the sticky part around it will stick to my mask and I can happily squirm around in the dark.

Ok, lets start, I put in earplugs ( a first time for me ) and the largest ball gag I could fit in my mouth and topped it of with a leather hood. Then I wrapped myself in plastic. Legs together but the arms individually. I wrapped some strong duct tape around my wrists, got on my knees and let myself fall on the sticky sheet on the mattress. Then roll over and be bound. The duct tape around my wrists alone is not enough to prevent escape but combined with the sheet wrapped around the upper body it is inescapable.

All felt well so I decided to go for the blindfold. I squirmed myself into position, aligned myself with the patch and aimed for the non sticky part. Put my face down and rolled my head to secure the blindfold.

This is where I got in serious trouble.

The rolling on the plastic sheet was not done very precise. I made the sheet bigger than usual to make sure my arms were fully covered. Otherwise it would be easier to break free. However I rolled a bit diagonally and this cause  some of the plastic sheet to be in front of my masks mouth hole. I did not notice this but as soon as I put on the blindfold it taped the plastic sheet to the mask!

The two holes for my eyes were sealed by the blindfold and the only hole left for my mouth (with a really large ball gag in it ) was almost completely sealed by accident.

I felt this right away, breathing was a struggle. I tried to release my arms and pull it away but I was tied to well. The effort made me need more oxygen and that was in very short supply. Panic start creeping in. For a moment I thought I was going to die, I did not know what went wrong at that moment.

As it was impossible to escape I needed to get my release, there was a knife and scissors in the far corner of the room and I needed to get them. Because I feared for my air supply I dare not touch anything with my face as this might push the sticky tape that was possibly not attached yet to my mask, completely cutting of the little oxygen I could get.

This was mentally very tough. I put my mental status to marathon, go slow, keep going, do not rush... and kept going towards the release and fight off the panic attacks and only stop for a moment to get the heartbeat down and safe and breathing under control.

As I said, I video taped it. There is not as much struggling as I planned to do but I'm very lucky to get out alive.

Let this be a warning to you all!




If someone still cares about possible improvements: Instead of trying to get some tape around my wrists I should have done what I normally do and wrap tape sticky side out around my arms, then put my arms behind my back and then roll in the plastic sheet. This is easier and works better.
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Accidental asphyxiation play = never cool.

Very lucky that you were able to escape alive.
It is good that you were able to maintain your senses and calm down. Any rushed movements may mean death in that kind of situation.

Some time ago I used the pantyhose straitjacket technique that I have written about a number of times in my posts. That time though, I thought it was a bit too loose, so I set to redo it after repositioning the knot to make it tighter. I tried to pull it up to remove it: something which is normally possible when it is too loose (normally, you enter and exit by pulling the legs and feet though the loop). However, I did something wrong, and the loop sort of got stuck around my neck and seemed to have developed a knot somewhere behind my neck that I did not expect, with my arms still within the sleeves behind my back. I had also tied my legs together. Luckily I was able to stand up, hop next to a mirror in another room and inspect the situation, and figure out the exact sequence of movements I needed to do to resolve the knot. Had I been blindfolded, I don't know what I could have done. Any sudden panicked tug would have tightened the loop around my neck, including an attempt to reach for scissors or a knife.
Thanks for the insight, this must have been scary! Next time, you could try a hood with a clamp on the drawstring to pull tight once in full bondage. If the hood is large enough, it will cover your eyes. For the clamp, see here: .

Just my two cents about safety: I always try things individually before doing them in a real session. It is not fool-proof, but it helps to discover trouble.
(30 Jul 2012, 21:51 )Joyl27 Wrote: Accidental asphyxiation play = never cool.

Yeah, been there several times. Scary... Two times when I was a kid (described somewhere in this thread ) and two times several years ago (wrong karada knots).
No, in this post
Added Self-mummification tutorial. Sticky sheet
I really, really liked this video 😊 I've suddenly become fascinated with asphyxiation (have not got into mummification) and found this forum and checked out your vid. Very nice ! I've been doing a lot of plastic wrap around my head and last night I tried encasing my head in a bag with water. Did not turn out very well as I was unable to stay calm...this was compounded by the fact that I was unable to easily seal the bag around my neck (like you see in those awesome cartoon pics). Maybe I'll turn it into a thread but right now I was just searching the forum for "water". Thanks for sharing !
I was concerned about Anne as I've not seen any new vids but I see she just recently visited on the 13th...*phew*

Thanks for the concern. I'm just a bit to busy and I have been trying new things but the footage is not presentable. I will post again if I get my new bondage right and filmed while dressed up. Trying new things in a hurry does not allow for the full dressing up.
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OK, one concern less 😉