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Redesigning (again)
Yes. Redesigning again. Don't like the slow interface. Do like to play with PHP, CSS and JS Lol No content update does not mean that I don't do anything.

Stay tuned ...
The change log is here:
I don't know how you've set up the back-end, or how you host, but i'd recommend re-tuning in Perl 5 for loading pages. If you code it right, it can work directly with PHP and CSS templates to create dynamic upload pages without needing to do a site swap each time.
I do not use Perl for the site. Everything is based on PHP/CSS/JS (with a little bit HTML ;-)
Sorry, I meant you'd might want to consider Perl for some of the more computationally intensive things.
Ah, OK, I see. No there is nothing but database queries and design related stuff. I mostly use WordPress and MyBB platforms. So, no perl is needed.
Ah well. Best of luck.
Hi LikeRa,

nice redesign with the "Last Image", "Next Image"-links to navigate. I like it.

But I can't open the images in original size (the view including only the image without a border). I tried in Firefox and Chrome.

Is this your intention or is it an error?

Greets, JtR
Both. It's not the intention. I do not know why the same function works differently in two places. If you scroll a bit down you will see a link to the full image with the actual size. E.g. "Full size 600 × 786 "