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RandomDresser - Advice needed!
HI guys, i'm setting again my RandomDresser. I've made an "Additional Category" including for ex: Blindfold, ButtPlug, BellCollar to make some noise for the girl nextdoor, earplug, Nippleclamps ecc. All things to make sessions more exciting. Can you help me to complete this Category?  Big Grin  All ideas are welcome. Thank You! Good2
Yea, is some sort of a computer program your working on?

I Thought you knew it!
Not something I recall either...
Interesting idea, something what I was thinking about to implement (my first attempt was done in the chat with Miyuki). The program looks promising, However, I thought that it would suggest a (self-)bondage scenario, but instead it just randomly throws out items, grouped by the "scenario difficulty" and "place to apply".

v2beta throws too many JIT exceptions.
v1 works, but there are no logical links between various items, what makes the whole point overly simplified.

When I was a kid I did it with a hand-written table with symbols and dices. Unless I missed something...

Never heard of it.
I tried something like that years ago. I easing a random number generator to pick the items to use. Didn't work out like I wanted.

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