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Clueless beginner on budget (Session/buying Advice needed)

I'd like to do self bondage, but to be honest, I'm totally clueless (even after reading the tutorials in the blog), because I never done it before.

But that's not the only problem I have, I also am on a budget what I can spend on beginning my adventures, and 200 Euros isn't excatly big (looking at the stuff at ebay).

I like cuffs more than rope and I'm into PVC and Lycra when it comes to clothes.

What would I need to look for when looking for cuffs and a gag? Anything to avoid or to search for?
Also, some "would be nice" is a hood (Lycra?), best without holes. Same question, what to look for?

Plus: I'd like a bondage skirt (you know, something that fully covers my legs and keeps them all tight), perhaps something like this can be DIY'ed.

The first thing that came to my mind was getting some pond foil (PVC) from the DIY store and use it to build it. I read on this board that it can be fused with an iron, it'd be an idea - anyone has an idea if this works?

And last but not least, I'm also looking for simple scenarios. Most ones published here were very impressive, but I couldn't really do anything this size. Where can I find some for a real beginner?

Thanks in advance for answering all those questions.
(24 Jan 2015, 02:23 )madscientist Wrote: I'm totally clueless (even after reading the tutorials in the blog), because I never done it before.
Did you check the self-bondage basics here: ?

thanks for pointing me there. Must have missed them. A bit less clueless by now, haven't had time to try them yet… Looking forward to it. Big Grin

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