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Panty fetish hypnosis
Also the triggers stop working. I can't say it's bad, most likely the other way around. (I'm just trying to get step by step closer in understanding how it works 😉

I'm also doing another experiment. As I mentioned, I do not have a panty fetish. In other words, panties do not provoke erections without additional stimuli. I wonder if listening to these files will change anything (see the script):

Curse_Panty_Erection_(Binaural).mp3 (Size: 10.38 MB )

Curse_Panty_Erection_(Subliminal).mp3 (Size: 10.38 MB )

That's gonna be a pretty much clear&clean experiment.

Attached Files
Curse_Panty_Erection_(Script).txt (Size: 7.92 KB )
The previous file did not do much. Here's another one:

Addicted2Panties.mp3 (Size: 28.77 MB )

When I added this file to the mix, "something" started to work:

Panty Heaven.mp3 (Size: 36.38 MB )

This one is a bit too long with a long induction, but it reinforces the "panty trigger".

The experiment continues...
Quote:This curse will make you wear panties 24/7. It also makes you horny, but you can't masturbate while wearing panties. The only way to get them off is to do things that feminize you further. For every thing you do(like wearing a bra for 8 hours), you get 1 hour without panties during which you can masturbate and cum.

Curse_Panty_Deal_Remix_(MP3).mp3 (Size: 15.94 MB )

(Haven't tried this one yet)
Similar to the Bra spell the panty spell is about getting aroused by panties (for boys and girls):

BM_-_Panties_Spell.mp3 (Size: 27.47 MB )

It works for me, BTW.
Yesterday I tried this "variation on the same theme":

Bellmar Wrote:Short little custom file. Traps the listener into panties and a bra. Keeping them chaste and horny. Forced to obey whom ever releases them from the trap.

Bra_and_Panty_Trap_(MP3).mp3 (Size: 12.39 MB )

I think it worked. When I was in the bathroom I automatically grabbed and pulled on panties (right on top of pantyhose I was aeady wearing) and a bra. The bra and panties triggers triggered quite an erection, total arousal and a light dizziness. I could not touch myself or take off the lingerie for some time. Very strange feelings... My cock was stretching out the thin fabric, sneaking out of the panties, my arms and hands were at the same time free and restricted. Very interesting feeling... Took me some minutes to "break free".

If it's possible to make this file work for hours, then panties and bra can be used as "the clothes lock" for anything, that is worn underneath (bodystockings, latex catsuit, zentai, etc). You can get out of this lock. How? Listen to the file. ;P
This is a remaster of the old MsJ "LMS Panties" feminization file. Read the script first! The references to "limpness" is removed in this version.

MSJ - LMS Panties (Bambi + Binaural + Background).mp3 (Size: 68.67 MB )

LMS panties.txt (Size: 44.58 KB )
Two subliminal panty-hypno-whispers:

Panty Addict 1.mp3 (Size: 6.71 MB )

Panty Addict 2.mp3 (Size: 6.71 MB )

Why not Wear Panties

Edit: check Tom Tame's thread:
Does anyone have the remaster of Vive - Magic Panties made with Bambi's TTS voice?

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