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PVC on eBay - interesting finds
Please post here your interesting eBay finds related to latex. Attached pictures would definitely help.

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Lots of PVC/lacquer nice looking clothes here: DE Store: Latex-Planet

Not sure about the quality, but the prices are on the low side. Something for those with latex allergy?

shiny-pvc-catsuit-01.jpg thumbnail    shiny-pvc-catsuit-02.jpg thumbnail    shiny-pvc-dress-01.jpg thumbnail    shiny-pvc-leggings-01.jpg thumbnail    shiny-pvc-leggings-02.jpg thumbnail   
Interesting blue PVC sleep-sack. Lots of zips:

Search eBay DE: Adult baby schlafsack lack PVC

pvc-sleep-sack-adult-baby-01.jpg thumbnail    pvc-sleep-sack-adult-baby-02.jpg thumbnail    pvc-sleep-sack-adult-baby-03.jpg thumbnail    pvc-sleep-sack-adult-baby-04.jpg thumbnail    pvc-sleep-sack-adult-baby-05.jpg thumbnail    pvc-sleep-sack-adult-baby-06.jpg thumbnail    pvc-sleep-sack-adult-baby-07.jpg thumbnail   
This PVC mmm... leotard with closed hands and attached hood looks very interesting:

Search eBay UK: Attached hood PVC body suit
UK Store: shop4pvc

pvc-leotard-with-hood-01.jpg thumbnail    pvc-leotard-with-hood-02.jpg thumbnail   

Moreover - it's transparent and BLUE!
Transparent PVC sleeping bag with a hood:

Search eBay DE: PVC Schlafsack Body Bag

transparent-pvc-sleeping-bag-01.jpg thumbnail    transparent-pvc-sleeping-bag-02-hood.jpg thumbnail    transparent-pvc-sleeping-bag-03-hood.jpg thumbnail    transparent-pvc-sleeping-bag-04-hood.jpg thumbnail    transparent-pvc-sleeping-bag-05-hood.jpg thumbnail    transparent-pvc-sleeping-bag-06-hood.jpg thumbnail    transparent-pvc-sleeping-bag-07-hood.jpg thumbnail   
Wow.. even more interesting:

Search eBay DE: PVC Schlafsack body bag
DE Store: darksite-of-pvc <- nice shop name ;-)

Bondage cocoon:

pvc-sleeping-bag-08.jpg thumbnail   

and blue transparent envelope:

transparent-pvc-sleeping-bag-09.jpg thumbnail    transparent-pvc-sleeping-bag-10.jpg thumbnail    transparent-pvc-sleeping-bag-11.jpg thumbnail    transparent-pvc-sleeping-bag-12.jpg thumbnail   
(25 Oct 2012, 02:50 )Like Ra Wrote: This PVC mmm... leotard with closed hands and attached hood looks very interesting:

Search eBay UK: Attached hood PVC body suit
UK Store: shop4pvc

exellent find and interesting outfit.
Vinyl leotard with a hood:

Search eBay DE: Lack wetlook bodysuit
DE Store: Mannersachen-24
DE Store: kingunderwear
DE Store: elesteer-fashion

pvc-leotard-with-hood-03.jpg thumbnail    pvc-leotard-with-hood-04.jpg thumbnail    pvc-leotard-with-hood-05.jpg thumbnail   
I like this one too. The description says stretchy wetlook vinyl:

Search eBay DE: Shiny wetlook body lack
DE Store: elesteer-fashion

pvc-leotard-01.jpg thumbnail