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Orgasm calendar and your "Last orgasm"
This is an experiment to prove or disprove one of my theories Tongue

The theory is about days when more people tend to orgasm (the "method" does not matter: sex, masturbation, HFO, when you're asleep, or any other if it exists). Also, it's interesting to see how often we "go over the edge".

If you would like to "participate":

o- Click on "Orgasm calendar" (top of the page)
o- Click "Add public event" (at the bottom)
o- Name the event ( "Orgasm" or "username - orgasm" or whatever, but it should be clear that it was an orgasm)
o- Set the date
o- You can use the comment area to elaborate, if you want
o- Click on "Post event"

You can see my "events" in August: or March: (no orgasm in September and February)

If you're into chastity/brahmacharya/denial play/etc you can use the "Last orgasm" custom field in your user profile (User CP -> Edit profile" )
You are going to extend Masters & Johnson reserch Smile
As always, it depends on the participation Big Grin
Thanks guys for posting! I've already noticed one bug - the "event" on Oct 02 got "corrupted" somehow in the database. For some reason it's confused with the very first orgasm I posted (from August). Will check the DB directly...
I love to watch the orgasm battle between @Vixien and @latlycra, but where is the rest? Tongue
Obviously, there is a lot of stress in my life during these days.
And pleasure too . Smile
October orgasms look inspiring! Others might want to join the calendar too, I guess Tongue
since it is an orgasm calendar - why it says orgasm all the time? Write the avatarnames on the calendar.... Big Grin
That's what I asked for in the first post Wink
(30 Oct 2017, 16:11 )Like Ra Wrote: That's what I asked for in the first post Wink


I have to read more carefully....

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