Like Ra in latex catsuit, latex mask and high heels
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Not just steel heels...
#1 shoes. I'm not sure what to think about these:

 B1.jpg     B2.jpg     B3.jpg     P1.jpg     2607684485_22b15146d3_b.jpg     P2.jpg   
Looks awesome. My wife (she's sitting next to me) wants to try them on 😉 I know that I can't walk on such heels, but she can.
wow me want
Wow! I can't stop looking at the photos! The buckle looks a lot further out where I imagined the ankle to be.
Where can I get a pair. Would love these 😊
I don't think you can buy them, I think they were specifically cut, welded and ground to fit one specific woman by her other half, hence the prototype and the finished article 😉
Should learn to weld then. Or I can just practice walking in my balletheels first . . .
very sexy,good
They don't look very comfortable.
Also, one of many ways to break an ankle 😕

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