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I need your help...please.
I'm looking for instructions on a self predicament bondage scenario.

My wrists would be tied above my head to rings on the ceiling. My legs would be bent so that being in that position would get very uncomfortable, My balls would be separated and each testicles tied to rings on the floor. When I try to stand up to relieve the uncomfortable position I would be stretching my balls, and there would be a good size dildo fasten to a pole, chair, or stool so that when my legs are bent my ass is impaled my the dildo.
Sounds to me as if you have it all pretty much sorted.
For release I'd go real simple and just use an ice cube in a sock somewhere in the testicles to floor tie.
It will melt after about 30-45mins. This will then enable you to stand up and relive the tension and be able to reach the release link on your wrists.

I'd make a t-bar spreader though. Hold legs apart at desired width, dildo in place and you can use the centre point as the tether point for the ice release and non return rope ratchet or ring jig for the balls.

I'd make sure you can't hold the position for a large portion of the time before committing yourself to it though, as your legs will be screaming after a while.
Practice doing some 'sitting in the emperors chair' excercices first. Basically slightly squat and hold it unsupported.
Thank you for the tips and advice, I appreciate it. I have never done any self bondage before, other than wearing a Chastity device. I will take my time with this. I want to educate myself further until I feel confident enough to do it.
Start with some real basic stuff like flat on a bed or needing to crawl to a knife a few feet away. You're plan is quite complex and strenuous.
Test test and test again.
Melt an ice cube in a sock to find out how long it takes to get released
Check the rope length and dimensions so that you know things are right before you get surprised in a session.
The first few time you do anything it will seem a lot longer than you think to get free even if everything works as planned.

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