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Missy (Dr Who)
As several forum members seen to have the hots for Missy I've started a new thread.

Just as a first post those boots are an immediate boiiiiinnnnnggggg!

Missy1.jpg thumbnail   

Divine sternness with a hint of a pervy smile and beautiful blue eyes that see into your very soul, utterly ruthless and totally gorgeous. Who could ask for more?

2d2cp0je0az1000.png thumbnail   

Culmor goes back to fantasising about what's really going on under that oh-so-demure Edwardian costume...   Smile
I also find her attractive but at the same time she's so weird and creepy.
Weird and creepy are bread and butter to me Wink Nothing better than a bad girl.
Just like the 'Master', Missy has had many faces over the years:

0.jpg thumbnail    - Missy playing with her toys... which one is the sonic screwdriver?
100699_770_preview.jpg thumbnail    - more boots for @culmor Big Grin
be965e073371f990ed79c17befe1d32e.jpg thumbnail    - ballet legs?