Like Ra in latex catsuit, latex mask and high heels
Like Ra's Naughty Playground

ellolace lingerie
Ellolace Silk Underwear Sexy Lingerie For Fine Women Seamless Bra Set Desire Hot Girl Bilizna Erotic Costume Intimate Champagne

ballet high heels
Chunky Heels Lolita Pumps Shoes Hot Brand 2023 Spring Summer French Style Elegance Women Pumps Lace Up Ballet Style Single Shoes

Ftshist Glossy Metallic Color Long Gloves Classic Full Fingers Elastic Elbow Gloves Perfect For Pole Club Halloween Accessories

app electric shock
Male Prostate Massage Eletric Shock Anal Vibrator APP Remote Anal Plug Stimulate Massager Delay Ejaculation Ring Sex Toy for Men

Metelam Mens Ultra-Thin See-through Long Johns Underwear Soft Ice Silk Lounge Wear Pajamas Sleep Thermal Legging Pants

1d oil pantyhose
Ultrathin 1D Pantyhose For Women Oil Shiny Tights Seamless Sheer Transparent Sock Woman Clothing Lingerie Smooth Pantyhose Sexy

rubber latex dress
2020 Sexy Women Latex Rubber Buckle Dress Keyhole Bust Zipper Black PVC Sexy Faux Leather Cupless Vinyl Club Mini Dress

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Ice self-bondage lock. From 1 hour to 4 hours
Ice self-bondage lock. From 1 hour to 4 hours
from €44.60

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Miscellaneous fetish items on eBay
Please post here your interesting fetish eBay finds that do not fall in any other category. Attached pictures would definitely help.

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Stumbled upon on eBay: latex fetish bondage truck. A toy for your kids?
Nana to Kaoru. Part I. Bound Nana for you living room
“Nana to Kaoru” figures. Part II. Nana in a lockable suit
Try this one:

Search eBay UK: Clear Gimp Hood fetish

...which begs the question 'When is a plastic bag not a plastic bag, but a clear PVC gimp hood?'

...and the apparent answer is 'When it costs £10 and not 5p!'

Something for you (home) office?

eBay: bondage bronze sculpture
Long corset or corsetted dress. Looks very selfbondagy 😉 And for 25$...

eBay: Corset dress leather store: charlotte-beauregard18 store: roses-delux

 long-corset-01.jpg     long-corset-02-dress.jpg     long-corset-03-dress.jpg     long-corset-04-dress.jpg     long-corset-05-dress.jpg     long-corset-06-dress.jpg   
There's no way that can possibly be sold for $25, I smell a rat.
Another version of high-heels/ballet boots trainers

eBay: high heel ballet trainer

 ballet-boots-trainers-05.jpg     ballet-boots-trainers-03.jpg     ballet-boots-trainers-04.jpg     ballet-boots-trainers-02.jpg     ballet-boots-trainers-01.jpg   
So imagine the scene; you're dressed in your fetish finery, tied up and waiting for the ice to melt and set you free. Time is passing but how do you know how long you've been bound or how long you'll remain helpless?

What you need is this:

eBay: stockings clock
Stockings clock


 stockings-clock-01.jpg     stockings-clock-02.jpg     stockings-clock-03.jpg   
(09 Nov 2013, 14:58 )madjack Wrote: Search eBay UK: stockings clock
Gone for £3.95 😊
(10 Nov 2013, 01:03 )Like Ra Wrote:
(09 Nov 2013, 14:58 )madjack Wrote: Search eBay UK: stockings clock
Gone for £3.95 😊

...wasn't me! 😁