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Men in latex (photos, videos)
We have separate threads for Women in latex (aka Colourful shiny clothes) and for Transparent latex tights. This thread is dedicated to men in latex.
Blog posts:
I would like to have this neck entry blue catsuit. No zips - ultimate freedom.

It's difficult to invent something made from latex to look good on men. But there are some interesting possibilities out there.

Here's a pewter pearlsheen latex catsuit style:

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man-latex-dress-catsuit-01.jpg thumbnail    man-latex-dress-catsuit-02.jpg thumbnail    man-latex-dress-catsuit-03.jpg thumbnail    man-latex-dress-catsuit-04.jpg thumbnail    man-latex-dress-catsuit-05.jpg thumbnail    man-latex-dress-catsuit-06.jpg thumbnail   
A few clips from Spleensticker's youtube channel.

Fantastic videos! Definitely something where you get inspiration from. Thanks much!

I want to get into my latex RIGHT NOW!!! And I want more latex stuff. And it's finally getting warmer, so my fetish mood is positively changing.
Via Jin-Shen Yi (Google+)

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men-in-latex-01.jpg thumbnail    men-in-latex-02.jpg thumbnail    men-in-latex-03.jpg thumbnail    men-in-latex-04.jpg thumbnail    men-in-latex-05.jpg thumbnail    men-in-latex-06.jpg thumbnail    men-in-latex-07.jpg thumbnail    men-in-latex-08.jpg thumbnail   
I like the latex hood with a transparent condom

men-in-latex-09.jpg thumbnail    men-in-latex-10.jpg thumbnail    men-in-latex-11.jpg thumbnail    men-in-latex-12.jpg thumbnail    men-in-latex-13.jpg thumbnail    men-in-latex-14.jpg thumbnail    men-in-latex-15.jpg thumbnail    men-in-latex-16.jpg thumbnail   
The last four:

men-in-latex-17.jpg thumbnail    men-in-latex-18.jpg thumbnail    men-in-latex-19.jpg thumbnail    men-in-latex-20.jpg thumbnail   

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