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Inspiration (latex photos and videos)
These images got my "creative" juices flowing!

01.jpg thumbnail    02.jpg thumbnail    273610346.jpg thumbnail    812733129.jpg thumbnail    1618934633.jpg thumbnail    1714256440.jpg thumbnail   
Thanks for joining and uploading the pics! You sent me the first two photos loooong time ago ;-)
74310573.jpg thumbnail    183174898.jpg thumbnail    363981240.jpg thumbnail    850692998.jpg thumbnail    874576838.jpg thumbnail    877581557.jpg thumbnail    1343964442.jpg thumbnail    1367122655.jpg thumbnail    1812467998.jpg thumbnail    2110967355.jpg thumbnail    01.jpg thumbnail    02.jpg thumbnail   
wow. Very nice.

I found some more stuff

825.jpg thumbnail    folder.jpg thumbnail    Mummified (1).jpg thumbnail    Mummified (2).jpg thumbnail    Mummified (3).jpg thumbnail    Mummified (4).jpg thumbnail    Mummified (5).jpg thumbnail    Mummified (6).jpg thumbnail    Mummified (7).jpg thumbnail    tumblr_lezkwdxmwJ1qg93f6o1_500.jpg thumbnail   
Interesting, she's almost not bound at all (except the straight-jacket), but she's completely helpless. All she can do is to crawl around a bit.

BTW, her hands must be bound behind her back ;-)
Like this?

yellow002.jpg thumbnail   
Now you're talking!
Found some more!
2027039848.jpg thumbnail    1949081496.jpg thumbnail    1141829121.jpg thumbnail    725200665.jpg thumbnail    353466949.jpg thumbnail    282310523.jpg thumbnail    85192358.jpg thumbnail   
Now this looks nice
2098632208.jpg thumbnail    1934596555.jpg thumbnail    1862614998.jpg thumbnail    1626026862.jpg thumbnail    1580333523.jpg thumbnail    1075017265.jpg thumbnail    835634731.jpg thumbnail    810799483.jpg thumbnail    62044192.jpg thumbnail   
(25 Mar 2011, 18:59 )jessilongstocking Wrote: Now this looks nice

Excellent set!

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