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Maledom + feminization hypnosis
Beta boy into sissy slave


Do you like feminine little sissy sluts? Do you want to own one as a sex slave? Sissies need to serve masters. Yet, so many of them are too weakwilled to seek out masters on their own. Therefore, the responsibility of discovering and drawing out the true potential of a sissy falls on Alpha masters. Like hunter and prey, sissies will keep running away until they are found by someone with a stronger will who will overpower them. To help with this, I will try to explain some of the weaknesses of these beta bois that will help exploit and enslave them.

Most sissies develop their fetish in extreme isolation, it begins with hours of watching porn and jerking off, porn addiction eventually leads them to crossdressing.
Most of them don't know why they do it, it makes them feel sexy and gives them a thrill, this sexual thrill is stronger and more addictive than any drug, like a true addict, they will try to give up this habit, but they always return with a stronger urge.
Most sissies identify as straight in their normal lives, they may even have girlfriends or wives, they may false l believe that they are in control, that this is just a regular fetish or a phase, they don't realize that being a sissy whore is not a choice, it's who they are, their real self, everything else is fake, you should become someone to help cement these ideas, make them feel comfortable with these thoughts, reassure them that what they are doing it totally normal. Help them understand that this is acceptable behavior, they will let their guard down and feel free. This is when you suggest that you two should meet. Getting a real meeting with a beta is the most crucial part of beginning his emasculation and submission to you.
They're usually shy and easily flake so you have to entice them. Most of the sissies you meet will be doing this for the first time. They aren't used to crossing the line between their fantasy and reality. So lure them with gifts, drugs, whatever it takes. Get the motel room and make it so they can't back out. Always try to push to meet sooner before they orgasm and change their mind. Once they are in front of you, a sissy's natural instincts kick in and everything becomes easy for them. Most fantasize about being forced into it. They like the idea of having no control over their own actions and are completely aware that this is a slippery slope. Even though they may act In dominant roles in their vanilla lives, domination is what they crave in secret. On some level, they want and feel that they deserve to lose their identity as a male and instead be turned into a sex object to serve real men. They want this more than anything else in the world. Any kind of resistance that they show is just part of the fantasy a test to see if the man they are willing to submit to is strong enough to free them from the shackles of their false sense of masculinity.
Younger and not married are more desirable and easier to break. Although older and married men are more likely to have these fantasies. They can be broken as well but it requires more work since they have more responsibilities (i.e. children).
Now many of them won't cum in their first session and that's ok. They don't need to cum. They live to serve. They need to be kept horny and submissive. So while they are horny, make them verbally promise and proclaim stuff that they would never adrtlit to on their own For many, this is actually their first time having sex and their first time admitting their desires out loud. While you fuck their brains out, tell them to promise you that they will be your sex toy. Tell them to admit out loud that they are a faggot. Tell them to proclaim that they live to serve you. Make them promise that they will meet with you whenever you want to be sucked off. If they are close to cumming... make them cum while making them repeat the words, "I AM A FAGGOT!"
Establishing follow up sessions. This is where most sissies get away. My advice is to take lots of pics and vids during the first session. Just say you want them for your personal collection. In the moment of sexual heat, they will tend to say yes. Tell them that you will send the pics to them later so that they can post it to their social media sites. Sissies love attention and will jump at the opportunity for you to record or photograph them. A simple picture of the sissy on his knees sucking your cock could well be the key to his entire enslavement. Later on, you only need suggestively say that you like the picture and want to send it to his friends or post it online if he is reluctant to meet. Record him every time afterwards to bring him deeper into enslavement and full sissification.
Chastity is another way to make him see you again. This is better longterm and for training. Just like other males, sissies have that moment of wake-up and sometimes regret when they finally cum. They will do anything you tell them before having an orgasm, but once they cum, they will tell themselves that maybe they went too far. Not allowing them to cum will keep them submissive, turned-on, and obedient. You can do whatever you want for however long you want. They like the orgasm denial and will work hard to not cum for as long as they can if you give them a good incentive. The goal is to make them feel trapped and like they belong to you. They will start to show feminine signs of affection and defer to you as the alpha. They'll do everything to make you feel happy and play the role of your perfect little girlfriend If they resist to the idea of chastity, just keep bringing it up. Talk about how you really want to see their pathetic clit locked up. If they are into bondage and you have the chance to tie them up, then put a cage on their clit while they are restrained. They will hate you at first but then love you forever. They'll be crazy about how you took charge of them and forced them to bend their will. Forgiveness over permission. Use a device that cannot be removed without a key and make sure it's snug tight. Teach them who is the Alpha and who is the beta sissy. Most sissies are used to sitting behind their computer screens imagining what it would be like to live out their fantasies. It's your job to make them go from computer screen gooner to real life whore. The chastity training should lead into you becoming their official master You should not let them cum more than once a week. Have milking sessions where you tie them up and take off their chastity device and put it back on so they never touch the key Don't even give them an ounce of control Keeping them caged will make each orgasm more intense You can anally train them to cum without stimulation from their little penis , eventually they will cum without being hard at all. The goal is to have them only cum from anal stimulation.
After a while you can use stricter training methods. Make them wait another week if they fail to cum without touching their tiny pee pee. They should no longer own or wear mens underwear, only pink panties like a little girl. Have the sissy remove and discard all old boxers and socks and replaced with different style panties, eventually building up to outfits that they will wear full time. They should be trained to only cum when feeling their most feminine. After some time, you may introduce more changes to the sissy. Changes that cross the "point of no return" are vital to their development. They may resist to these ideas, but you can keep pushing it on them, on some level they want it more and more. Ultimately, it is their choice, but you must make sure that they understand that your desire should be their wish. Some suggestions would be laser hair removal, temporary or permanent tattoos symbolizing their status as sissy sex slaves, and making her meet and befriend other sex partners. Open up the door for them to fully explore their fantasies. Introduce them to trans-women, to other male tops, take them out to bars and clubs if they are 21+, take them to sex clubs, gloryholes and saunas. Make them feel comfortable with being themselves. And gradually lead them down more sexually depraved paths. The final step is the one sissy boys thinkg about the most. They feel that it is their destiny and that is a final step submitting and giving up their male ego for good and taking hormones. Estrogen will have the most effects, such as face breasts, and submissive tendency. Anti androgen will make them more petite, less muscular, and make their tiny pee pees even smaller. Have them research gynecomastia, the man boob condition to adjust their diet to naturally swell those budding breasts. Enslaving the sissy is the goal. Establishing dominance and always push the little boys a little further every time they show resistance or if you think they may run away. They will thank you for being a little tough on them later. You have to remind them that you are the dominant and they are the submissive. Treat them like a sextoy. Text them when you want blowjobs on random days. Sissies should be your on-call fuck toys. Punish them when they are bad. Use chastity to control their rewards. You can do whatever you like, turn them into a live-in maids if you like or a discreet obedient sex slave. Keep a big butt plug in that little sissy hole and tell her that her hole belongs to you. You should also feed them your sperm as often as possible, daily is recommended. This constant feeding of your intoxicating sperm reminds them by your smell and taste who they worship and live to serve.
If you are a sissy watching this, know that there is no going back, ever. No matter how much you try to fool yourself, this is who you are, this is the real you, forever. Just accept the truth and move on. Stop wasting time. Feminize yourself and fulfill your true purpose in life.
Exploring homosexual fantasies
😊 15

Before we begin, I need you to have an open mind. Assure yourself that this is ok. I want you to repeat after me.

It is ok to explore my homosexual fantasies.

It is ok to explore my homosexual fantasies.

It is ok to crave cock.

It is ok to crave cock.

Now I want to see what effect this has on you. You may place your hand on your penis and close your eyes. As I walk you through your fantasy you may allow your hand to take over and explore yourself. Imagine a nice juicy cock in your mouth. I want you to visualize this completely. Taste it. Feel it. Smell it. You are giving him oral sex and his balls are full of cum. You found him at a gay bar. It feels so good to give in to your fantasy. To give up resistance and allow your pleasure to take over. Feel his erection grow larger in your mouth. Continue to please him further and further until he unleashes that enormous load of cum into your mouth.

It feels good doesn't it? You're nothing more than a faggot. A cum dumpster. A cock sucking whore! You are aroused at this idea. Faggot! You are jerking off to this fantasy. Embracing the urges. Give in and be a whore. Embracing the visions. Embrace the fantasy faggot! Literally feel your erection grow and imagine pleasing him further. You will worship his cock and balls and savor the realization of your fantasy coming true. You will see how satisfying it can be as his enormous cock is hitting the back of your throat. You will worship his bulging veiny shaft with your tongue. From the balls all the way up to the tip.

Repeat after me: I love to have cock in my mouth.

I love to have cock in my mouth.

You will take his balls into your mouth and fondle them with your tongue as you suck on them craving the load of cum deep inside. You're a cum dumpster. This is your new reality. You will jerk off mimicking your mouth's movements along his dick. It feels good. Whore! Repeat it! You will suck on his balls as they twitch before unloading into your mouth filling your stomach with cum. It feels good to be a slut.

Mmmm. Tell me how badly you want his cum. Tell me how badly you need his cum. Your true sexuality is homosexuality and you have known it all along. Admit it. Confess it to me. Tell me now, queer!

Now you may cum. Affirm your homosexuality by screaming it at the top of your lungs as you release. Cumming just reaffirms it. You are a homosexual. You want a man's cock in your mouth, don't you? You want to eat cum!

Continue to tell me over and over how badly you need his cum.
This is a story that I've written in Spanish, and then translated to English, probably with many mistakes, but hopely it can be understood. It's called "How I was feminized by a man":

I met Roberto at a gay night club. He was a lot bigger than me, but you could tell he was very active, and he had a well-built body, which I found attractive from the start. I was 18 years old, and I still had doubts about my sexual preferences, since at that age I had had sexual experiences with a girl and a boy. Roberto invited me to have a drink, told me about him, asked me about my life, and we had a great time talking about different topics. At one point in the conversation, he asked me if I had any fantasies. I said no, and asked him if he had any. He told me that he had the fantasy of feminizing a teenager my age and making him his lover. I think I blushed at the time, and Roberto must have noticed, because he changed the subject. Later we said goodbye, and he asked for my phone number. I preferred to give him my e-mail address, since I lived with my parents and didn't want them to answer the call.The next day I received Roberto's first email message. The title read "I would like to see you like this", and its content was a selection of photos that he had downloaded from the internet. I began to look at the photos with curiosity. They were young men, with an androgynous appearance (their faces had feminine features, their bodies thin and hairless, long hair, small breasts, hip wider than waist, when the penis was visible it was small and flaccid). They were dressed as women, sometimes only in simple but very feminine underwear (pink, or floral), or with erotic lingerie (transparent babydolls, socks with garters, colaless thongs, lace gloves, tight corsets). Other times they wore a blouse and short skirt (as if they were schoolgirls or secretaries), or a sensual dress and high-heeled shoes. Their faces were made up (red lips, pink cheeks, well-marked eyelashes, fine eyebrows), and their fingernails and toenails painted red or pink. Their penises, when visible, were small and flaccid, and in some cases they used a kind of small chastity device, of a transparent plastic, which prevented erection. They were photographed in feminine poses, some more timid (kneeling, looking up, with a gesture of submission, making a childish face), and others more provocative (on four legs, arching the back, pulling out the tail and separating the buttocks with the hands, as if they were offered for penetration). I was very excited to imagine myself in that situation. I answered the message, telling him everything I had felt while looking at the photos.The title of the second message said, "I want you to do these things with me." They were also photos of young men looking like women, dressed in women's lingerie, but in each photo they were interacting with one or more men. The contrast between the men's virile bodies (muscular, body hair, broad shoulders, thick and erect penises) made the young men's femininity even more evident. In some photos, the young men were kneeling offering oral sex to a man, with a face of pleasure and desire. In others, they were being penetrated by a man in one of several positions (on four legs, leaning on a table or armchair, face up on a bed with legs open and raised). In some cases, they did both things simultaneously, with two or more men. Sometimes the photos showed what appeared to be a previous phase, in which the effeminate boy received romantic caresses, or a later phase, in which the effeminate boy had traces of semen on his buttocks, mouth, abdomen, or panties. Sometimes the effeminate boy had his hands tied or handcuffed on his back, or his feet and hands tied at the head of the bed, or a gagball in his mouth. This time, the photos excited me so much that I started masturbating, imagining that it was I who was dressed as a woman, being penetrated by a man, receiving semen in my tail or in my mouth. I wrote Roberto what had happened to me. He replied, "I'm glad you liked the pictures. I invite you for coffee. Call me on my cell phone." I felt a mixture of desire and fear. I called his cell phone, and he suggested that I meet him at a bar in Palermo. When I arrived, he was aeady at a table, and he greeted me.
-I'm so glad you came. I've been thinking a lot about you these days. So you liked the photos?
-Yes, I liked them very much.
-And would you like to do those things with me?
-I don't know, I'd be a little embarrassed.
-I really like your shyness, but there's no reason for you to feel ashamed. There's nothing embarrassing about being able to connect with your own feminine side. I think you could become a beautiful little girl, and I could help you, if you'll let me.
-How would you help me?
-As if I were your teacher. I propose tasks to you, and then I evaluate how you do them. If you learned well, I'll give you a gift that you like.
-What if I don't do well?
-In that case, we'd exchange the task for another. Is that all right with you?
-That's all right.
-I'm sure you'd look great as a baby. Do you aeady have a feminine name?
-Then we have to find one. What names do you like?
-Let me think... I like several: Paula, Laura, Natalia...
-I think Natalia would look good on you. Can I call you Natty?
We continued talking for a while, and then we said goodbye. The next few days he emailed me several web addresses for me to look at, and some texts to read. That's how I found out about the names used in English: "sissy" (diminutive for "sister") is the name of boys who have more feminine than masculine physical and personality traits (they are shy, with delicate manners, passive, submissive, fearful), and "sissification" is the gradual process of feminization of a boy. The other texts gave recommendations on various themes of feminization: how to make up, how to hide the genitals, how to choose women's clothes, how to combine accessories (bracelets, earrings, necklaces), how to maintain the silhouette, how to achieve a feminine appearance (tighten the waist, enlarge breasts and hips), how to wear high heels, how to feminize gestures and voice, how to wear corsets. Other recommendations were specifically sexual: how to excite a man, how to suck a cock, how to prepare for anal sex, how to have orgasms by anal stimulation. I was reading them, imagining in detail each proposal. One night, I called Roberto on the phone. I told him I missed hearing his voice, he told me he missed me too. We talked for a while about different topics. He told me he really wanted to see me, and he invited me to visit his apartment on the weekend. On Saturday I gave my parents an excuse, and I went to their apartment early. I felt a mixture of anxiety and excitement. I touched the intercom, he told me to come in. I took the elevator up to his apartment. Roberto opened and greeted me smiling. We went into the living room, which was quite large. The atmosphere seemed warm and cozy. It was well lit by a window overlooking a balcony. It had several armchairs. From the living room you could enter the kitchen, bedroom and bathroom.
-Have you been reading what I sent you?
-Cool. I have some gifts for you. I'd like you to go to the bathroom and get ready for me. In the bathroom you'll find items to wax and makeup. You'll also find clothes to wear. And I would very much like you to wear this.He gave me a chastity device, similar to the ones you could see in the pictures he had sent me. It was transparent, in the shape of a small, flaccid penis.
-But if I put it on, I won't be able to touch myself...
-No, but you'll be able to concentrate on other sensations. I'd be very excited to see how it looks on you. Do it for me. Put it on and let's see how it turns out.
-Well, that's fine.I went into the bathroom, with a mixture of excitement, anxiety, shame, and desire...The elements were in a bag. I spent some time waxing my body, including my armpits and pubis. When I finished, my whole body was soft to the touch. I used the techniques I had learned to clean the inside of my anal orifice. I bathed, dried, and trimmed my hair. I looked for the chastity device that Robert had given me. My penis was flaccid in the bathroom, so I put it on easily. A ring was used to fix it to the testicles, and it was closed with a small padlock. When I had it on, I started to get excited, but the device prevented an erection.I found in the bag a feminine perfume, with a floral scent, and I put some on. I put a base on my face, and painted my lips an intense red, my eyelids a soft violet, and my cheeks a pink tone. I looked for the clothes in the bag. There was a colaless panties, a transparent pink silk babydoll, and medium taco sandals. I put them on, and looked in the mirror. My body is thin, white-skinned and rather androgynous in appearance. With the help of makeup and lingerie, I looked like a teenage girl whose breasts and hips haven't developed yet. I liked what I saw, and I asked myself: will Roberto like me?I came out of the bathroom, and Roberto was waiting for me on the living room couch. When he looked at me, he put on a face of desire and said:
-Natty, you look beautiful! Come, sit with me.I felt relief and pleasure. I approached the couch and sat next to him, but I preferred to wait for him to take the initiative. He approached me and caressed my leg gently. I felt a shudder of pleasure. His hand went up the crotch. Robert checked that I was wearing the chastity apparatus, and he smiled satisfied by my obedience. He took me by the waist and approached me to him. I felt the warmth of his body. He began to kiss me on the neck, and then his tongue, reaching the lobe of my ear. His right hand lowered the left strap of the babydoll, and he began to pinch my nipple. I closed my eyes to concentrate on the sensations, and began to moan with pleasure.
-I like you moaning, Natty. You look like a kitten in heat.
-Mmmhhhh, that's good, I continued.Roberto lowered the other strap, and began to suck and bite my nipples. I felt a lot of excitement, even though the device prevented me from having an erection. It was a strange and unknown sensation for me, but very pleasant.He stopped, and took me by the waist. I opened my eyes. His face was very close to mine. We looked into each other's eyes, and kissed passionately. I felt his tongue enter my mouth, while my lips caressed his. I felt very happy, and I wanted to repay him for the pleasure he was giving me.
-Can I undress you?
-Of course, Natty.
I stood up and looked at him. His face was masculine and attractive. I unbuttoned some buttons from his shirt. His chest was wide, covered with hair. I took his shirt off. I began to caress his torso, the hairs on his chest, his muscles well marked. I found it very attractive to look at him and touch him.
-I like your body," I said.
I was excited to feel the contrast between his hairy skin and my soft skin, between his big, manly body and my thin, feminine body.I unbuttoned her pants, and lowered the zipper. I had a blue slip. I began to caress him, palpating his dick through the fabric. I put my hand under the slip, and stroked it gently. I began to pull down his pants and slip, until they were completely out. I could see his dick. It wasn't quite erect, but it was still bigger than mine. I took it with my right hand. It was hot. I started to move my hand, and it started to grow quickly. The trunk became hard. It was thick and a little curved. The glans enlarged and peered out of the foreskin. I wanted to feel its smell and taste.
-Mmmm, what a rich dick you have! Can I try it?
-Of course, Natty.I knelt on the floor, between his legs. I had this beautiful dick in front of me. The aroma excited me, it was similar to the smell of sweat but softer. A few drops of pre-seminal liquid appeared on the tip. I put my tongue through the tip, and I felt a salty taste. I began to lick his dick, as if it were ice cream. I put it in my mouth and began to suck, while I looked at his pleasure face. I liked to think that I was turning him on like that. I gently ran my tongue through his testicles, and then went back to his dick. I tried to put it all in my mouth, slowly, as I moistened it with my saliva. I stopped just before I felt arcades. For a few seconds I felt her hard, hot cock inside my mouth. I slowly pulled it out until I was completely separated, and I repeated the process again. I noticed that he liked it, because he started to move to accelerate the rhythm. I adapted to his rhythm, faster and faster.
-Yes, that's right, I kept going, Natty...
I knew that if I continued, I would make him ejaculate. I felt so excited that I didn't want to stop. Suddenly, he started throwing several jets of semen into my mouth. I swallowed the semen mixed with my own saliva. I left the last jets in my mouth for a while, to taste them and feel their consistency before swallowing them. The taste was salty and pleasant. I used my tongue to wipe away the remnants of semen left on his glans. Her dick lost its erection.Roberto attracted me to his body, and we kissed. He suggested that I go to his room.We went to the bedroom. I took off my sandals and lay on the sheet. Roberto sat next to me and began to caress my legs. He took me by the hip and spun me upside down. He began to caress my tail gently. He placed a pillow under my belly, and lowered my panties to my thighs. The babydoll was short and barely covered my tail. Roberto began to run around my buttocks with his tongue. I closed my eyes and began to groan with pleasure. I felt his saliva wetting my buttocks. I felt his tongue running through the groove between my cheeks, wetting my anal orifice, trying to get in. It was very pleasant.Roberto took a lubricant from the light table, and put a squirt between my buttocks. With his finger he began to spread it. He lay on me, and started rubbing his cock between my buttocks. That made me very excited, and made me want to be penetrated. I felt his body over mine, his warmth. He began to kiss my neck and my ear. He placed the tip of his dick in my anal orifice. I lifted up my tail and separated my buttocks to open up to him. I asked him to do it carefully. It penetrated me slowly. His cock was very hard, the glans had grown considerably, and it hurt to enter. I shouted, but when the glans was inside, I felt its dick slide into me easily thanks to the lubricant, and I began to groan with pleasure. I was excited to feel his cock inside me, to feel that it was giving him pleasure like a woman would.
-Do you like Natty? Do you like to be fucked?
-Yes, I love it. I want you to make me feel like a woman.
-You're my little bitch, Natty. I'm going to make you enjoy yourself like a female in heat.
-Yes, I'm your whore. I'm yours. Go on like this, take me, cum inside me.
Roberto took me by the hips and lifted my tail, without separating. I was on all fours, with my knees apart. He kept moving my hips, making penetrations deeper and faster. I felt the shock of his body on my buttocks at each onslaught. My penis was still flaccid inside the chastity apparatus, but what Roberto had told me was true: the internal sensations were much more pleasant and intense than anything I had experienced before. I felt that if I followed that rhythm, I was going to have an orgasm. I was still groaning and screaming for pleasure.
-Do you want my cum, Natty?
-Yes, give me your cum, fill me with cum, make me yours.
-That's the way I like it. Drink my milk, my little bitch.
I felt that my body reached the maximum point of pleasure. Roberto moved fast for a few more seconds, and then gave some deeper and slower shocks to discharge his semen into me. I felt a state of complete relaxation and happiness. Roberto separated little by little, and lay on his back. I let myself fall on the bed, with loose muscles and a smile in my mouth. I felt the semen dripping between my buttocks, and I noticed that I had also discharged my semen into the chastity apparatus: it had been my first exclusively anal orgasm, without any genital stimulation. I curled up next to him and began to caress his hairy and muscular chest.
-Roberto, you made me feel things I had never felt before.
-Natty, you are very feminine, and that excites me a lot. I would like very much that you continue exploring your feminine side.
-I would also like it...
After a while, we took a shower together. We lathered each other. I was very happy.
(25 Jun 2020, 22:45 )princesitanatty Wrote: This is a story that I've written in Spanish, and then translated to English
Sounds like a separate thread?
Boy crazy.


Here is the audio, without the addition of music or images:







(26 Dec 2020, 01:11 )princesitanatty Wrote: Boy crazy.


Here is the audio, without the addition of music or images:

That's really good actually, thanks for sharing!
I've found this attached file, it's about being with a man and wearing a nightie. Do you know the author and title of the file? It mentions two previous files, do u know them?

Attached Files
Nightie 3.mp3 (Size: 7.14 MB )

Hypnofile Attraction to men. I think the author is Penny Lane:

I've written a daddy/sissy (gay feminization) hypnoscript. I don't know if there are sissies or daddies here who like daddy/sissy hypnos and stories. If there is anyone interested, I would like to talk and to share ideas and files, so please contact me. It seems there are very few daddy/sissy files, compared with daddy/girl, woman/sissy, or man/boy files (i refer to age play, not to pedophilia). Also, if anyone has recommendations to improve the script (I'm not a native English speaker, and I have no experience writing scripts, so surely there will be several mistakes). Here's the hypnoscript:

You secretly want to become more feminine, and to have a date with a man, and to become his little sissy girlfriend. I will help you with these desires. First, you will connect with your feminine self. You are a girl. You are cute, sweet, delicate, well-behaved. You are the kind of girl that any man wants as a girlfriend and a lover. You love being a girl, and you love when a man desires you and treats you as the girl you are. Choose a name for your feminine self. That name will be your trigger word: when you identify with that name, all your masculine characteristics will dissapear, and all your feminine characteristics will increase. Each time you identify with that name, your feminine self becomes more and more feminine. You will be able to switch again to your masculine self at will whenever you want. Your feminine and masculine parts will be like the two sides of a coin, they will coexist in harmony, and you will be able to switch between them at will. You will accept your two sides, and be the best person you can in both sides of you.
When you identify with your feminine self, you have a girly mind. You will abandon any sign of masculinity. You don't want to be strong or dominant. That's not who you are. You want to be delicate and sweet, docile and cute. In this moment, you are not a man, you are a little sissy girl. You will feel that your personality becomes more feminine, your interests and preferences are feminine, your way of being and feeling are those of a girl. You become kinder and more sensitive, more submissive and delicate. You are cute, you like to look pretty. You will buy women's clothes and wear them in secret. You have a positive attitude towards life, you like to smile and be cheerful. You are very sensitive to what is happening to other people and want to help them to be well.
When you identify with your feminine self, you have a girly body. You feel your body fill up with estrogen and become smaller, more flexible, more feminine. You lose muscle and strength, but gain flexibility and beauty. Your ass becomes rounder, your hips become wider, and your waist becomes narrower. You have a little clitty and a sensitive boipussy. You begin to have small teenage breasts. Your nipples enlarge and become very sensitive, the mere touch of clothing excites them. You let your hair grow long, and you start to shave your whole body, your legs, your arms, your chest, your ass, your pubis, until your skin is smooth and hairless. Your face becomes more feminine, and your voice becomes higher and sweeter. Your penis becomes smaller and more flacid, and retracts as if it were a clitoris. Your hands become smaller, with thin, delicate fingers. Your face becomes more feminine and childlike, with softer, rounder cheeks. Your movements and postures become more feminine, you walk moving your hips in a sexy way. Your erogenous zones change, your whole body becomes sensitive, especially your nipples and your hips and your ass. Your boipussy becomes very sensitive, and you start to masturbate anally using dildos of different sizes, looking for the most pleasurable spots. You close your eyes and imagine that you are being fucked by a man. You feel waves of intense pleasure inside tour boipussy, until you reach a beautiful sissy orgasm.
When you identify with your feminine self, you are attracted to men. Women are your friends, you admire them, but they dont have what you need. You feel sexually aroused by men. They have sexy cocks, you are aroused by touching their bodies, caressing their cocks, swallowing their cum. You really love men, they way they look, the way they feel, the way they smell, their firm bodies. You desire to touch them, to be with them. You want to sleep with them, to be fucked by them. Men have awsome muscles, sexy bodies, large cocks that are easily aroused. You want to kiss them, worship their bodies, you love their hard cocks, you want make men cum in your mouth or in your boipussy. You want to submit to men, to be owned by a strong and gentle man. You want to obey the wishes and desires of a man who treat you as a girl. You are totally boy crazy, totally obsessed with boys. Imagine the type of porn you would like, what you would dream about. Imagine the way you would look at hot guys, the way you would act around them, the fantasies you would have, if your attraction to men were incredibly strong. Imagine yourself more and more attracted to hot guys, when you imagine a muscular stud with a hot body, that any girl would love. You think he is hot and sexy, your eyes drift to his cock, you think about hot guys when you are horny. Your body responds to the sight of a hot guy, like a girl would. The more feminine you become, the more you are attracted to men. You want to suck a man's cock, it's sexy to tease him with your mouth, to make him hard and ready for sex. You are aroused by a strong, powerful man, you feel vulnerable and weak, you want him to dominate you. You love the signs of masculinity of real men. When you are with a strong and dominant man, you feel more weak and vulnerable. You want him to seduce you, to dominate you. Because you are a girl. You have the mind of a girl. You have the body of a girl. You like to behave like a girl. You like a man to treat you like a girl. It feels good. There's nothing wrong with it. Some guys are like that, they feel like girls, and they have a feminine personality. You love men. This is normal, because you are a girl. You like a man who is very masculine, confident, tall, strong, broad-shouldered, mature, who makes you laugh, who is able to protect you and give you security. You like a man you can admire, and who treats you like a girl, who rewards you with kisses and kind words. You like him to dominate you, to tell you what to do, because that makes you feel more submissive and feminine. You would like to have a boyfriend, who hugs you and kisses you and tells you that you look pretty.
Now imagine you meet your ideal man. Take your time to imagine his face, his body, his age, his voice, his personality. He has been gentle and kind with you, and he accepts and loves both your masculine and your feminine self. Maybe you still feel fear or shame when you are with him. That's normal, because it's a new situation for you. But there is nothing wrong. It's ok that you are homosexual or bisexual, and it's ok that you have a feminine self when you are with him. It's ok, you can be feminine when you are with him. He loves that you are feminine, because when you are so feminine, you are showing him that you are available to him, that you feel safe, that you want him to treat you as his little sissy girl, and that's wonderful. It's ok that you kiss him and call him daddy, that you talk and move in a girly way, that he touches your ass and your nipples, that he says you are his little sissy girl.
Imagine you meet him in a private place, it's your first date. He asked you that you use your best feminine clothes. You are dressed with sexy lingerie, a cute dress, silk stockings, and high heels. He is a hot guy, the hottest guy you've ever seen, you like him, imagine you're with him, you're horny and excited. You respond as a girl does, you feel like a girl, so when you are with a strong handsome man, with feel horny and shy. You are shy and you wait him to make the first move. He starts talking, and makes you some questions. You feel he accepts you. He likes your personality, he accepts you as both as a boy and as a girl. You begin to feel more confident. He tells you that he likes you, that you can dress like a boy or a girl, and have boy or girl manners, he likes you as you are, and he will help you be who you want to be. When he tells you these things, your fears disaapear, and your desire become stronger. You want to be his girlfriend. If you need to be discreet, you will hide the relation in public, and pretend he is just a friend. But in private, you will let your feminine self come out. He is your boyfriend and you are his girlfriend. You make yourself pretty for him, you sleep with him, you are fucked by him.
Imagine you are lying in the bed, and your boyfriend is in front of you. You love him, and he loves you. His body is strong and masculine, and you are weak and feminine. He spreads your legs and rubs his cock in your ass. You want him to fuck you so badly. Imagine you beg him to fuck you, what would you say to him?. He is teasing your asshole with the head of his cock. He says you are his little slut, you are so horny and desperate to be penetrated. You want to have the role of a little girl in the bedroom, you want him to fuck you like a woman. You want to feel his cock in your boipussy, you need it so badly, you know how it feels and it makes you so horny. He thrusts into you and you try to relax your little hole. He tells you how well you are doing. You clutch the sheets in your fists, but you want to scream in delight. Now he is inside you, you look him while he owns you completely. You feel him inside, each movement he makes triggers an intense wave of pleasure in your body. You moan, you almost want to cry, he is making love with you, he is making you his woman. You surrender completely to him,. He is deeper than ever, and he bounces gently in and out. His fat cock pulses and you feel his warm cum begins to fill your boipussy. When he cums within your boipussy, you reach your sissy orgasm. You feel his warm body over yours, and his cum inside you. You love him, and you love being his sissy girlfriend.

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Man-sissy guided fantasy:


I've been writing in this thread for a time. Now I would give it a different name: androphilic feminization, an intersection between androphilia and feminization. It seems androphilic feminization is not a mainstream fantasy: I've found very few people interested in it, and very few hypnos and stories about it. Most feminization hypnos and stories are femdom-oriented, and most androphilic hypnos and stories don't include feminization. Androphilic feminization has subgenres: man-sissy maledom is one, and man-sissy romanticism is another. Anyway, despite it's not a mainstream fantasy, it has some fans. So if anyone is also a fan and wants to talk about it or share examples, you can talk in this thread or send me a pm.

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