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Mad idea involving the bolero armbinder
the bolero armbinder has been talked about a lot here:

I mutilated the end of the zipper for safety release but in the meantime I didn't need it anymore and so I fixed that which means that I have to use brute force if the zipper gets stuck. The idea behind this is to finally get on developing a safe and secure timed release mechanism. Any ideas on that will be welcome. Right now, the bolero is basically useless for self-bondage but very very tempting and in order to make it easier to resist, I got the following cunning plan:

I have a good friend who knows about my hobby and finds it quite interesting. I don't feel like playing with him, but he helped me testing the bolero and so I have no worries about letting him rescue me.

So I will dress up a little (skirt, leotard, panty-hose and stretchy gymnastic shoes). I am seriously considering a light make-up and a wig too, just slightly worried about the wig getting stuck in the zipper, that would ruin the plan because I might be stuck then as well, with a wig dangling on my back and a half-closed bolero - better not a wig, but I do have false breasts... And about one or two hours before my friend arrives, I would put on the bolero and remove the string to the zipper once closed. I will probably not add any further restraints but that is not a final decision yet. Optionally, I might add the tightening rope to the bolero and leave it up to me to pull it tight while waiting. Another option would be to provide some extra stuff that my friend could apply when he arrives but I am not sure about that.

I am not going to use a butt plug, enema or other torturing device as I am not into that. Also I won't use a blindfold or gag, because I don't like the idea on this scenario. And I don't like to humiliate myself seriously towards that friend since we don't have such a relation. Female dressing won't be humiliating as long as I think I look okay, and I will make sure I will. It will add a surprise for my friend though and that is an extra thrill for me 😊

Well, this is the idea so far. If you have any comments or suggestions, let me know. Oh, if you have any idea how to put on a cape without being able to use arms or hands, that would be great. I tried a couple of times but never succeeded. Perhaps if I put it on before closing the bolero...
So, your friend will be the release, right? Quite a provocative scenario, I would say ;-P I hope he will make a couple of photos and post them here 😉

I see you still have that idea of enjoying "das fantastische Wetter" while bound? It's a bit slippery outside. Though I like your idea and would not mind to try it as well. So far I see the only possibility to put on a cape is indeed before you close the single glove.

Good luck!
The funny thing is that now that I talked about it, I wonder if I should really do it. This idea needs to age a bit. Perhaps I will leave the dressing-up for another time because my friend doesn't know, that I am into that as well and so it will be another coming-out and I would have one or two hours to think about the inevitable while in theory I should have better things to do.

As for the winter, we are going to meet in my place and I have radiators here 😉 And I would certainly not go to his place in bondage, not even with a cape to hide it.

Nevertheless, any ideas for spicing up the experience?
As you said, no visible "spicing up", because your friend is not "in the theme". That does not leave much. Something under you normal clothes? Probably just a bit noticeable? Like the top of your leotard over a t-shirt or pantyhose without socks. Karada?

You said no butt-plugs, right?
"a bit noticeable" won't work because it also feels "half finished". It is either women's fashion or not, but it can be women's jewellery as well, which at present is a nice long indian earring (me left ear is pierced). That is actually a good idea, this earring is also stimulating because I can feel it whenever I move my head - and I can't take it off while bound. Still, I would like to spend the two hours fully dressed up and the idea of being seen that way is both tempting and a bit scary. I will see. I am pretty sure, I will do the basic idea, and perhaps give it a second more spicy try after explaining the theme a bit to my friend.

My biggest worry is indeed the weather because my friend tends to walk any possible distance and therefore I should probably make sure he will come under any circumstances, perhaps even reveal my plan to him.

Butt-plug is a definite no but I consider a crotch rope. I will check if I can stand a knot "in the right place" for two hours and if it will stay there. I do know that in the wrong place it can be hell after a few minutes, especially near the balls.

Apropos balls, I wonder if I'll ever have the balls to join a bondage group. I have a couple of fantasies that can't be done alone; one of them is to party in bondage dressed and made up as a woman, including breasts and wig - while I am still not too old for looking good....
It depends on your goals. It can be felt "half-finished" because your goal (I mean in this particular situation) is to look like a woman. In my case it's almost finished, because my goal is to be on the "male" side while wearing what is considered by Public Opinion as womens clothes.

I am doing a lot of hidden clothing as well. Leotards with a wide collar are one of my favorites, as well as female underwear. Though I don't like bras anymore, because they get uncomfortable after a little while. I even tried pantyhose under suit pants, but they are extremely noisy there, so I gave up on that - under jeans they are fine. I actually find these clothes extremely comfortable and most of the sexual attraction has gone when nobody can see them.

After all, I think it has to be a lycra leotard underneath the bolero anyway. A t-shirt could jam the zipper before it is fully closed (leaving me like that for two hours) and nothing would be a bit cold.

I tried a cape over the bolero and it wasn't satisfying. First of all, the fun of a cape besides the hood is its own restriction and that is nothing against the bolero. Second, the hood is too wide. Third, I couldn't close the zipper completely. The interesting aspect of a cape though - not for this special idea of this thread: The string to the zipper vanished and I had to find a way to untie the hood and open the first few buttons to get the cape off, then I found the string dangling over my shoulder to the front.

But I start thinking of a walk in the bolero plus cape when it gets warmer again. I checked in a mirror, you can't tell, where my arms are. I only have to find a good idea on opening my house door.

Back to the subject! I think, I will try a "first level dressing", which is leotard, panty-hose, overknee long black skirt and gymnastic shoes (the soft ones that look a bit like ballet-boots), well, and the bolero, which is some sort of clothing as well. If this works well for me (and for my friend - you never really know how people react to the unexpected), I can repeat this with more levels.

I thought of tieing my hands with hand-cuffs, but the ones I have are poor quality and tend to get narrow. Though I might try that alone for a quick hype...
I would still remain on the own or the nobody's gender ground for the first time. Why don't you replace the skirt with a bike shorts? The pantyhose will be visible, right? But the whole outfit will not be feminine. I think it's more safe idea since your friend does not have a "clue" yet. I would go further in small steps not in huge jumps.
(26 Jan 2010, 01:13 )Like Ra Wrote: I would still remain on the own or the nobody's gender ground for the first time. Why don't you replace the skirt with a bike shorts? The pantyhose will be visible, right? But the whole outfit will not be feminine. I think it's more safe idea since your friend does not have a "clue" yet. I would go further in small steps not in huge jumps.

That is a little bit like telling someone that you want to tell him something, but not yet. When the friend arrives, I will simply be a man in somewhat inappropriate clothing, he is not part of the game, the game is over when he arrives. I see no significant difference between wearing a pantyhose underneath a skirt or bike shorts, except that bike shorts look really odd on me unless I am dressed for biking.

But definitely thanks for your opinion. This discussion helped me make up my mind and my conclusion is that clothes don't really matter, but any body modifications - false breasts, wig or make-up would make a big difference to my appearance. And that is something I'd rather share with similar minded people. And we are not talking about an average person (my friend). He is just as "weird" as a self-bondagist, just in a different field and very open minded.
Aha, you did not mention before that he's into self-bondage as well! That does make a difference! So he knows what is usually associated with this kind of activity, his Gaussian mean is shifted and your deviation can easily be within his Gaussian standard deviation ;-P (pun is intended)

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