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Idea for Latex Vacuum armbinder!
Today i want to share my new idea with you!

It is a Japanese style Boxtie Latex Armbinder, which is made like a Bag with two openings for the upper arms. The idea is to slip in with your upper arms and cross them on your back. Then the air can be sucked out, to make a Vacuum.

I think this should hold your arms in place and prevent stripping of armbinder. Additional the Armbinder can can be fixed to a collar, to hold it up.

Sadly it may stay an idea, because i asked a few latex manufacturers and they all said this wont work or wanted to have over 100€ to glue it, which is too much money just to try out if it works.
(Do not wonder about the handpump, i know that this kind of pump can not be used to suck a Vacuum.)

what do you think about it?

IMG_3159.JPG thumbnail   
What I think is not vacume, but inflatable arm binder .
A lot easer to make, and it will do great job keeping you secured.

All it is, is two latex tubes, one inside the other, sealed at the ends. One the outside can me really thick. The inside can be a lot thicker. To use it, slip your arms into the tube and start pumping. Because the outer tube is thick, it shouldn't expand too much. The inside tube is another story.
As the air is pumped in, the inner tube will fill every ounce of space, locking your arms inside the tube.
The only way to get out, is to let the air out.

That's what I'm thinking here.
I've bought a similar single glove from eBay (no in-/deflatability, though), but it's too tight, and can't use it alone. I can't even close the zip.

box-style-armbinder-01.jpg thumbnail    box-style-armbinder-02.jpg thumbnail    box-style-armbinder-03.jpg thumbnail    box-style-armbinder-04.jpg thumbnail    box-style-armbinder-05.jpg thumbnail    box-style-armbinder-06.jpg thumbnail    box-style-armbinder-07.jpg thumbnail    box-style-armbinder-08.jpg thumbnail   
I wonder if the friction is high enough, it might. Being rubber, there is also the "suction effect". Perhaps you can get a cheap pair of latex pants and glue together something suitable. It should work with the same glue that is used to repair bicycle tubes. Making the valve will be the greatest challenge then. Before buying the latex pants, you should try with a similar device made of cloth, to see, if you can put it on at all.

Good Luck!

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