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MJ-SB02/2019 – The Wig of Orange on a throne of wood
There was no putting it off, I had to get the ropes out and undertake a more stringent self-bondage session. To add a new element to the ‘look’ of my session, I also decided to give my wig a test run.

x2 Tan pantyhose suit (no hood or gloves)
Gloss tan tights (Aristoc I think)
Wet-look Leotard
5inch heels
Long Lycra gloves
Ring gag
Bra and silicon breast forms
Large butt-plug
Wooden bar stool

The session:
I was still nervous about an unexpected return by my GF, so my self-bondage was not going to include a timed release, but I did want to try out some different things. I was still wearing my bra and breast, but the penis butt-plug was replaced by my largest plug – I’m always surprised that once I’m ‘in the zone’ this plug goes in so easily. I also quickly tucked away my cock and balls (practise makes this easier each time) holding them in place with a combination of the two pantyhose suits. Over all that I pulled on my favourite pair of glossy tights, with their control top ensuring everything stayed in place.

My next clothing item was what I had always considered to be a failed purchase. It’s a turtle-neck wet-look leotard, but it’s too small and come sup short in the body length. This means I can’t fasten the crotch and so even though it always felt wonderful over my chest and looked great I could never figure out how to wear it. For this session I wondered if it could be used as a simple top, so gave it a go. To help hold it in place (and because I’m becoming a bit of corset wearing fetishist) I tightly laced my corset over the top.

To complete my outfit, I slipped into a short skirt (‘rescued’ from one of my GF’s periodical clear-outs), eased into my heels, covered my head with a couple of pairs of stockings and donned the wig. I was worried that the wig might slip, so used my ring gag to try and hold everything in place.


To be quite honest I quite liked the look.

 chair2.jpg     chair3.jpg     chair4.jpg   

Time to add rope, and I had a fair supply to play with! Nothing overly complex with my bondage, just lots of loops around my legs and cinching them tight (including the top of my thighs, hidden under the skirt)

 chair5.JPG     chair6.JPG   

I added a few turns around my waist, though being over the top of my tight corset they didn’t feel very strict! I bound my arms to my body with more loops of rope, cinched tight.

 chair7.jpg     chair8.jpg     chair9.jpg   

On went my gloves (I struggle to work the rope with them on, so leave wearing them for as long as possible) and I finished my bondage with a simple, but tight, wrist tie using a ‘figure of eight’ technique plus a final cinch to secure everything in place.

Oh my, that felt good! I revelled in my helplessness and posed for the camera as it clicked away taking shots every 30seconds. 

What went well?

The ‘too small’ leotard worked surprisingly well and reprieved it from the charity donation fate I had planned for it. It did look a little untidy until I covered it with the corset and skirt. Looks like it will be a ‘keeper’ now. 

Tucked and plugged – this might just be personal taste, but I’m starting to become a big fan of combining a large plug with a decent cock and ball ‘tuck’. There is something very attractive about the smooth look the tuck produces and I LOVE the feelings I get when bouncing up and down on the chair (or any other object) trying to gain some stimulation from the plug. I have managed to cum in this position (not in this session) and the feeling is incredible – something I plan to experiment with more and more if I can find the time. For the record, I still love having a rock hard erection to play with, it’s just that this is different in a good way.

Corset wearing is now my very favourite thing and I will write up a separate piece on this subject, but for now I will say that the thrill of pulling those laces tighter and tighter, restricting movement and breathing, is just so amazing to me.
Bar chair – this worked surprisingly well and is a good change from my usual chair. The added height makes applying ropes a little bit easier, whilst once I’m helplessly point the height become a challenge to keep my balance when I fidget and move about. 

What could be improved?

The skirt was great, but it is quite thick and so very warm to wear. I shall be looking out for a similar length skirt that is lighter and easier to wear for a longer session. I think I would still like on that I can belt in place, but might consider a Lycra one too.

My boobs are too small or else my chest rope-work needs improving! I wanted to create an ‘above and below’ chest rope bondage, using my boobs to keep the rope loops apart. However, you can see in the pictures that the ropes moved together into a single band – still very tight, but not the look I wanted. 

Adding a delay to my release – I deliberately didn’t include a delayed release in this session, but I will add one to a future chair tie like this.

Another fun session completed, with my arousal levels now through the roof! I needed to take a break to complete a few ‘chores’ around the house and to download the photos I’d taken, but my head was buzzing with plans for my next challenge.


Ps. I also have a video of this session - would you folks be interesting in seeing it?
(19 May 2019, 09:50 )madjack Wrote: Ps. I also have a video of this session - would you folks be interesting in seeing it?

you really need to ask that question??  😁
get  it uploaded!!! 😎
I just love this look on you MJ! Super hot session as well!
(19 May 2019, 11:24 )ltxrob Wrote:
(19 May 2019, 09:50 )madjack Wrote: Ps. I also have a video of this session - would you folks be interesting in seeing it?

you really need to ask that question??  😁
get  it uploaded!!! 😎

Well, I kind of guessed that would be the answer - but you should never take things for granted in this game! 😁 

I'll need a while to do touch of editing - the raw video is very much 'warts and all' and I need to remove a few candid moments, plus (as @Anne very helpfully suggested to me when running a critique of another video) it is over-long and needs to be shortened before it's cinematic premier 😁 .

And very much like @bondagetom1, I'm typing this response approx. 3ft/1m away from my GF so the editing will need to wait until I've got a little more privacy - so stay tuned viewers! 


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