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MJ-SB09/2019 – cross-ankles hogtie in heels
I’d begun to notice a number of scenes where the heroine’s bondage involved her ankles being crossed, this struck me as a potentially interesting position as it might seriously restrict the ability for the bound person (me!) to stand upright and hop across the floor. However, I’d never tried binding myself like that and I wondered if it would be uncomfortable or even impossible in a self-bondage session – there was only one way to find out!

Tan pantyhose suit (with penis sheath, hood and gloves)
Shiny tan control top tights
Silicon boobs and bra
Black Lycra body
Ball inside knee-high for gag
The session:
As this was only ever going to be a ‘quickie test session’ my bondage would be simple, but I still wanted to add a few ‘essentials’ to make it as enjoyable as possible. My ‘boobs’ went on, than a penis shaped butt-plug went in, I gagged myself using the ball inside a knee-high and I slipped a condom over my cock (knowing full well that I would cum as part of my play and I didn’t want to have to wash my clothing afterwards).
- I added a knee-high over my latex sheathed cock and then slipped into my pantyhose suit. Next came my control-top tights, black body and heels, before I pulled another 2 knee-highs over my head to ensure there was no way for me to spit out the gag.

  - I’d studied a number of techniques used for binding ankles in a crossed position and had elected to use one that included rope around my heels, making sure I couldn’t kick them off. I added a short length of rope to my ankle bondage to be used in the hogtie later.
- Using my well-practised ‘figure of eight’ method I quickly wrapped my wrists together behind my back before reaching for the free end of the rope I would use for my hogtie. I looped this a couple of times between my bound wrists and then over my right hand.

- The idea was that as I feel forwards into the hogtie the rope would cinch my wrists tightly together, holding me helpless so long as there was tension between my ankles and wrists (hence the short rope) – I tested this my leaning forwards and could feel the rope tightening nicely around my wrists and ankles.

 Capture5.JPG     Capture5a.JPG   
- As I tumbled gently, but helplessly, forwards onto the bed I felt my legs straighten involuntarily and the ropes cinch tightly, just as I’d planned. I was held in a reasonably tight hogtie position, with constant, but comfortable, pressure on my wrists and ankles as the rope connecting them was kept taut. Writhing around on the bed proved the bondage was sufficiently stringent to prevent any easy escape.
Because I could I eventually did escape my predicament by bending my legs and slackening the rope enough to work the end around my wrists free and releasing the cinch. I was still in an inquisitive mood so switched things around and tried the same technique with my wrists bound in front of me.
I ended my short session with the proper ‘release’ of my pent up arousal, bringing the adventure to a very pleasing close.
What went well?
I’d never tried a session with my ankles crossed before (or at least I can never recall one) and I found it to be both surprisingly comfortable (I’d had fears of the position causing discomfort, which was one of the reasons for keeping the session short) and very secure. I did attempt to stand up with my ankles crossed and bound – it was impossible and I’m aeady planning on using this technique in a future scene where I’ll need to move some distance to gain my freedom
I found that keeping things simple didn’t mean my session was any the less fun – yes, I love complex, over the top bondage, but I still got that lovely helpless feeling with just my ankles and wrists bound like this. (I think the term is KISS – Keep It Simple, Stupid!)
What could be improved?
Having discovered a new technique that I really enjoy it seems obvious to say that I want to add in the element that make it a ‘proper’ self-bondage session – delayed release! Once more I find myself looking at some kind of ice timer (I’m not yet convinced by electronic release – ice will always melt, electronics can and do go wrong) either as a direct method (ice-locks) or indirect (dropping a release key). Next time I have some home-alone time I’ll have to do some testing.
A quick, but very enjoyable session – which I hope you enjoyed seeing as much as I did enacting.
Play safe
Next time if you add a knee rope, keep it looser than usual. As you probably noticed, the legs tend to spread more with the ankles crossed. If the knees are tightly tied, it is very difficult to bend the legs into a hogtie. Or maybe you want it impossible to move your legs.
(29 Oct 2019, 22:43 )Frank Wrote: Next time if you add a knee rope, keep it looser than usual. As you probably noticed, the legs tend to spread more with the ankles crossed. If the knees are tightly tied, it is very difficult to bend the legs into a hogtie. Or maybe you want it impossible to move your legs.

Now that's a thought!  😁

I'd considered making a short spreader bar to use between my legs, at around knee height - the idea was that it would force my legs to remain in a kind of diamond shape.

To be honest this session was more about experimenting with 'less' bondage to see if I could still render myself helpless - and it worked! 

Looks like a fun session. Looking forward to the video MJ! 😊
Really nice photos!
I really enjoyed reading the story of your adventure. I also practice selfbondage. I look forward to reading about your next adventure. Bye.

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