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MJ-SB08/2019 – Ice + rope + bed = Helpless fun!
All of my sessions of this weekend had relied on my self-control to stay bound, but for the finale I planned to enforce my bondage and remove any chance of an easy escape – time to bring out the ice-cubes! 

x2 Tan pantyhose suits (with penis sheath, but without hood or gloves)
Shiny tan control top tights
Body shaper mini-dress
Largest butt plug
Silicon breasts and bra
Cock cage
High heels
Rope ratchet and ice-cube bag (with ice cubes!)
Hood with penis gag
Assorted collars/straps

The session:
Dressing was almost as before; I used my biggest butt-plug, which I had no problems sliding inside. Two of my gloveless/hoodless bodysuits came next, with my cock sheathed and then locked inside a cage, locked straps around my encased balls and cock holding it in place. Over these went my breasts, sitting in the bra I’d repurposed after a clear-out by my GF (if only she knew…).  I put a pair of control top tights on, pulling my caged cock through a hole in the gusset. These tights fulfil two roles; they look fabulous (vanity, I know!) and the control top helps hold my butt-plug in place (also pushing it back in if I ever manage to move it slightly out during my struggling… which is a very nice sensation).
I squeezed into the body shaper mini-dress and laced on my corset as tightly as I could, then donned my hood, making sure the buckles and laces where nice and snug. Finally I slid on my high heels – quite why I love wearing heels when lying down and bound to a bed is a bit of a mystery to me, but I miss them if they’re not on my feet and so I wanted to be wearing them for this session.
– I’d laid out my gear on the bed, with a large carabiner fixed to one corner of the bed for my ankles. I’d set up my ice-release in the other corner, using a laundry bag with ice cubes, which passed through the D-ring of a dog collar, as my rope-ratchet tether point – only when the ice melted would I be free.

– I always start with binding my ankles, I assume everyone does the same but I’d be interested to know. What I do a lot these days is include loops and cinches around my shoes/boots so that my feet are also comprehensively bound together with no movement apart possible.

– with ankles and feet tightly tied and linked to the D-ring attached to the bottom corner of the bed, I start to work up my legs.

– rope tightly cinched above and below my knees effectively weld my legs together

– a final check of the rope assembly that will bind my wrists, in hindsight I wish I’d been a lot neater with securing the rope around my legs, it looks untidy in this picture.

– time to strap the penis gag in my mouth. I buckled it as tight as I could manage, praying that I could manage the length of silicon cock now pushing deep into my mouth for the duration of my session. You might notice that my encased and caged cock doesn’t seem to object to what is happening to me.

– Gloves on. These serve multiple purposes; they complete my encasement (which is always nice) they protect my wrists from rope burn (a benefit when hiding the marks left by my ‘hobby’ from curious friends and workmates) and they make escaping any bondage a little bit harder due to my slippery and desensitised fingers.

– I’ve slipped a ‘noose’ of rope down my right arm; this is attached to the rope ratchet and will used to cinch my wrists tight. I bind my wrists with a separate rope, using the ‘figure of eight’ method. The black rope, lying on the bed, is what I will use to pull the ratchet tight.

– The rope through the ratchet is now tight, cinching my wrists tightly and inescapably together. I’m trapped now until the ice melts…

 bice7.JPG     bice7a.JPG     bice7b.JPG   
– No matter how much I struggle and twist there is no escape from my self-bondage. I’m aeady starting the journey into my ‘sub-zone’ space; my mind is fantasising about all kinds on kinky things and even my futile efforts to free myself are stimulating me in the nicest way.
 bice8.JPG     bice8a.JPG   
– I wasn’t able to see this until I downloaded the photos, but I think it’s safe to say I was enjoying my bondage!

– My wrist bondage was the tightest I’ve ever managed in a self-bondage session, but it was also comfortable and very inescapable.

– finally the ice has melted, but my first thoughts aren’t focused on freeing myself from bondage – I’m seeking (but failing) to achieve a different kind of release!

– frustrated at being ‘frustrated’ I finally try to undo the rope around my wrists. This proved to be very difficult and took a long time for me to loosen the cinch enough to be able to start easing the loops apart.


What went well?
This was the first time I’d tried the ‘figure of eight’ wrist bondage, with a cinch loop and a proper ice-release - it worked brilliantly well, was very secure and also comfortable. 

Being tied diagonally across the bed – another simple, but effective, position I’d not used often enough in the past. I found the position very comfortable, but also nicely sexy in a relaxed way. I could struggle if I wanted (and I did struggle, as you can see from how I’ve twisted around in the photos) but I could also relax and recover without being in discomfort.

The gag worked delightfully – I was a little nervous that the penis gag would prove too much for me in a longer session, but in fact it was almost perfect. I found that I could just about move the silicon ‘cock’ around in my mouth, varying the position from a ‘deep throat’ (well, deep enough for me!) to an angled mouth-full. My mouth was constantly filling with saliva, but I could swallow (that was incredibly erotic at times, especially when my fantasising was going at full kinkiness!) and the way the cock would slip and slide around in my mouth was very arousing.

The real struggle to free my wrists after the ice-release worked – I’d pulled the cinch loop very tight and it was genuinely difficult to free myself even when the tension was released. I found the ‘real’ bondage an helplessness to be incredibly sexy and despite my desire to be free I was enjoying still being bound, along with the thrill of trying to work out how to free myself (I had an emergency knife on the floor), I might not have been so excited if I’d worn a blindfold, but now I think about it….

The big butt plug and cock cage – Ok, so I guess you can see the cock cage and how, once I was aroused, it kept me nicely firm during my session, but what you can’t see is how that large butt-plug also stimulated me during my struggles. I guess it was as a result of my previous sessions, but my well lubricated ass was very ‘relaxed’ and as I struggled the plug would occasionally slide out a little, before being forced back in by a combination of the ‘neck’ and also my control top tights. This action was a very welcome distraction!
What could be improved?
In truth, not a lot! This was one of the best self-bondage sessions I’ve had for years and I wouldn’t really want to change very much at all, but there are a few tweaks I might consider…

A longer delayed release - at one point I was wishing I’d added a LOT more ice cubes to the release, even imagining that I would stay bound for an entire night. This is a position I think I’ll have to try for a much longer session.

Adding a blindfold – I’m in such a dilemma about this! During the session (before the ice melted) I wished I’d included a blindfold to add to my feelings of helplessness, but when I was struggling to free my wrists from the cinch loops, I was glad I could see what I was doing. Even so, there is a part of me that still wanted that blindfold, making it even harder to escape my bondage and adding to my challenge. I’m going to experiment and see if it is possible to remove the hood blindfold with my wrists tightly bound and gloved: if I can, even if it’s very difficult, then I might be tempted to try it next time.
Another self-bondage session completed and a very enjoyable one too! I hope you enjoyed my post and maybe feel inspired to have a go yourselves, and possibly even share your adventure on the forum.
Play safe
(16 Sep 2019, 16:28 )madjack Wrote: Tan pantyhose
Largest butt plug
High heels
Hood with penis gag
Sounds like music 😋
(16 Sep 2019, 22:47 )Like Ra Wrote:
(16 Sep 2019, 16:28 )madjack Wrote: Tan pantyhose
Largest butt plug
High heels
Hood with penis gag
Sounds like music 😋

And it was such sweet, sweet music!  😁

A definitely "yes" to blindfolds! And, possibly, ear-plugs or ear-phones with some ASMR (or hypno) stuff. Being unable to hear what's going on and being fed a distracting audio track add A LOT to the helplessness, meditativeness, disconnectness, dreamness, some other -nesses, and fun during the bondage.
BTW, I played with the post layout and format a bit. It required some manual work, but I hope it added a bit of visual "easiness" to an aeady brilliant post!
(18 Sep 2019, 00:13 )Like Ra Wrote: A definitely "yes" to blindfolds! And, possibly, ear-plugs or ear-phones with some ASMR (or hypno) stuff. Being unable to hear what's going on and being fed a distracting audio track add A LOT to the helplessness, meditativeness, disconnectness, dreamness, some other -nesses, and fun during the bondage.

The blindfold was a conscious decision and, as I've mentioned, I'm glad and disappointed at the same time that I didn't use one. Pending the outcome of my tests (whenever I get the chance to do some) I'm hopeful to include one in the next session (whenever I get to do THAT!). The hood and blindfold (and gag) combination is very intense, with zero chance of dislodging the anything once fitted and buckled in place - I'm excited and a little frightened by the prospect of using them in a scene like this.

Ear-plugs! What an idiot I am!! I forgot to add my ear-plugs, leaving them next to one of the cameras, and only thought about them as I lay helpless on the bed! But, to be fair, the hood muffles the noises from outside quite a bit so it wasn't a total disaster. Next time though, ear-plug will be inserted at the very start... unless I forget again!

(18 Sep 2019, 00:14 )Like Ra Wrote: BTW, I played with the post layout and format a bit. It required some manual work, but I hope it added a bit of visual "easiness" to an aeady brilliant post!

Thank you - that looks much better!

Very impressive and sexy MJ, especially that penis gag! I also really like the hood you're using, the eye grommets give it a kind of steampunk-ish look. Another fantastic session. Thank you for posting the pics!

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