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Leather shopping - interesting finds
Please post your interesting findings here.
I've never seen and never thought about leather bedding (I do use latex and PVC from time to time). But it looks really cool! Leather bedding

leather-bed-01.jpg thumbnail    leather-bedding-02.jpg thumbnail    leather-bedding-03.jpg thumbnail   

From the description:

Quote:The bedding composed of leather- plumeau case and is so velvety soft that it’s not comparable to other beddings. As the bedding is temperature-regulating, it doesn’t only warm in the winter, but also cools in the summer in a pleasant way. Through the breathability of the leather there is no freezing as well as no sweating. Because of its easy maintenance you can use the bedding throughout the whole year. Its easy maintenance further enables you to use it hygienically. The fitted sheet adapts itself to the mattress in an optimal way as especially elastic rubber band has been used. Plumeau case and pillow case are closed with a zip.

DE Store: glordstyle
Ouch on the price though!!!
Yeah, good quality leather ( Smile ) must have a corresponding price tag ( Sad )...
I shop leather lingerie here from time to time.

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