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Latex shorts with penis&balls sheath + cocksling
This is what I bought two days ago at Mr.B in Amsterdam:

img__014652.jpg thumbnail    img__014654.jpg thumbnail    img__014655.jpg thumbnail    img__014656.jpg thumbnail   

High-waisted shorts with penis and balls sheath and silicone Oxballs cocksling.

Strange feeling - the sheath pushes the balls forward, so the cock looks very small, and there's good 2" of unused space. If I pull the balls in place with my hand - the cock properly fills all the space and looks "as it should".
(27 Jul 2010, 06:31 )Dworkin Wrote: [color=#2F4F4F]Greetings there Ra.
Interesting shorts. The legs look like they are "rolled" (or "cuffed" as with say surgeons gloves) and I'll assume that is the design?
No, they simply rolled up and down. So, indeed, by design of the shorts and my thighs, but not intentionally ;-) Probably, they are simply too small, but I liked the fit when I tried them on in the shop.

(27 Jul 2010, 06:31 )Dworkin Wrote: These appear to be "high waisted" as the top is not included in the pics.
Yes, they are (I've updated the description). The top also rolled down. I did not include it because I was not wearing anything except the shorts and pantyhose.

(27 Jul 2010, 06:31 )Dworkin Wrote: Not sure what you mean by the two inches as they appear to appear alright and fit (you) rather well.
On the first photo the top 5cm are empty.

(27 Jul 2010, 06:31 )Dworkin Wrote: The external addition also seems to work and looks to be of silicone.
Yes, this is the superstretchy silicone Oxballs cocksling.

(27 Jul 2010, 06:31 )Dworkin Wrote: Don't keep all in limbo and tell where they were procured from, unless it is of course a State Secret...

Updated the original post. It was too late (or already "early" should I say), just forgot to mention all the details.

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