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Latex Climb In Balloon
as mentioned elsewhere, I got two latex balloons from They arrived today, which means instant delivery with a postage delay of two days from the Netherlands to Germany. Pretty good, I had to wait longer for items from Germany.

Colours are blue and purple.

I found some additional instructions here: . Some facts are quite interesting:
- inflate slowly, because this allows the material to stretch evenly.
- let it rest for about 45 minutes to 1 hour before getting in. I suppose, this will let the material set even more.
- after use, you can heat-treat the balloon in a dryer, which makes it shrink back (which apparently is good for the material).
- "certain chemicals", fuel, solvents and duct-tape-glue will dagame the material and the balloon will pop.

A first attempt to inflate the balloon failed, because the pump was too small and it required a lot of strength to keep the balloon opening tight onto the valve. So I had to find my bilge pump, that I had bought in a DIY market a few years ago, to inflate an inflatable latex sleeping bag and try some manual vacuum ideas. It is manual too, but it has a piston of about 2 litres, which is at least 5 times the size of the other pump. I tried it and it will do the trick. However, I need a more suitable valve and find the clip that came with a stretch band, to close the balloon after inflating. The valves that come with the bilge pump are too small of course, and they have sharp edges, as well as the adapter on the end of the tube. So I need another solution. I am glad, that they warned about the duct-tape-glue, because, it is quite an obvious idea to tape the balloon to the valve until it is inflated.

Ideas for a valve - brainstorming:

-Coke bottle with bottom cut off and edges carefully rounded. 1 litre Coke bottles are the strongest plastic bottles I know, perhaps strong enough not to collapse during the pumping (it is air pressure against rubber pressure plus the pressure of my hand to keep things tight). I can then use epoxy to glue a suitable valve into the original opening.
- Fat candle with a hole in the center. I could perhaps even seal the valve with wax.
- A plastic water conduct with an adapter to a much smaller pipe, where I could attach the valve.

I think, I will use a reasonably big plastic pipe that can be pulled out of the balloon smoothly. Perhaps I can use the upper half of a coke bottle to reduce the diameter, then glue the valve to the screw cap (which apparently needs to have a hole). As a side effect, I will have the basic hardware for a water-rocket-launcher 😁

In order to close the balloon temporarily (until I get in), I have a large clip that came with a rubber stretch band. It should work. But I have to make sure, the edges are smooth.

Well, that's all for tonight. I won't make any progress until Friday or even Saturday, so stay tuned, if you are interested.

If you have any ideas, suggestions or questions, let me know here.
I think, I got a suitable tube. Smaller in diameter than the balloon valve, but it can be sealed off with a strap. Now I need to find a way to fit the valve from the pump on the other side. I'll have a look at the DIY shop tomorrow.

I also tested another method, not too bad, but it won't last very long, I think: I simply wrapped the valve of the pump with bondage tape, until I got a thingy about 4 cm in diameter. It was easier to hold that inside the balloon opening and I inflated the balloon to half it's final diameter (which is probably about 1/4 of the full capacity, even less, considering, that the air inside will be compressed a bit). The main problem is to pull the construction out including the bondage tape.

And I still need to find that clamp, or an alternative. I could order one from the shop, but not yet!

In the meantime, I have watched a couple of videos on youtube, which was quite entertaining and gave me new ideas and insights.

1. You can use a normal size balloon to seal the valve, once you are inside the balloon. It only needs to be inflated to be a bit larger than the valve.
2. Apparently, these balloons are way stronger than one might think. Street performers are using them on the street - without a blanket, some people are hopping about in them while wearing shoes, etc. However, in most private videos, a balloon pops sooner or later.
3. These balloons really stretch during use, meaning, they don't get back to the original shape. As mentioned on the website of the shop, the shape can be (partially?) restored in a clothes dryer. On the other side, the new shape might make it easier to get in without inflating the balloon first.

I will play on over the next few days and keep you posted. I won't touch the second balloon yet, because I have learned aeady, that a used balloon is different from a new one.
(05 Jun 2019, 21:30 )Strappado Wrote: 1. You can use a normal size balloon to seal the valve, once you are inside the balloon. It only needs to be inflated to be a bit larger than the valve.
Very smart!

I wonder if it's possible to deflate the balloon after climbing inside (head out, of course). To create a vacuum bag.
That is definitely possible, I have seen it a lot in videos. It won't be as tight as the original unused one, but still pretty tight, I guess. And, after all, that's what I am after 😁
(05 Jun 2019, 23:00 )Strappado Wrote: I have seen it a lot in videos.
Can you post the most interesting and/or instructive ones here?

nice video, two girls trying to get into one balloon each, good to see, what works and what doesn't

pretty cool performance, putting people from the audience into balloons, some interesting techniques

getting into the balloon, with quite little air-loss, then remove the air and get out

very cute video, she starts in a fully inflated balloon and slowly lets the air get out...

some general advise about climbing into a balloon

- fore the ones who are interested in background information - how a balloon is made

how to inflate a giant doll balloon

There are some very good performances on youtube as well, but hard to learn anything from then, and they aren't exactly kinky.

I noticed, that people are giving excessive warnings about the security of climb-in balloons.
This is, what I think:
- don't let children play with it unattended.
- ear protection might be a good idea, in case the balloon pops, but it will be in the way otherwise.
- in a closed balloon, you will eventually suffocate, so get out, if you feel strange, tired, drowsy...
- I think, the greatest danger is to fall, when standing in a fully inflated balloon with your head sticking out
- don't do bondage inside the balloon, if your head is inside
Apart from that, I don't think, climbing-in balloons are dangerous. All these comments ala "OMG, he almost died" or even "stuck in a balloon" are bullshit!
OK, I am close to solving the valve puzzle. Inflating the balloon is easy enough now:

I got a 50 long plastic tube, about 5 cm in diameter, an end-piece and a rubber cap that fits into that end piece. This is all part of a water drainage system widely used in Germany, so, if your country uses the same system, you can easily get it at any DIY shop.The tube of the pump has a bajonett-style locking ring to attach various end pieces. It fits into the rubber cap perfectly and this seems to be air-tight. So the end piece into the tube, the rubber cap into the end piece and the pump hose end into the rubber cap. Then I stick the tube into the balloon and tie it off with rope, that I wrap around several times.

Now some numbers:

The capacity of the balloon is 3000 l.
A sphere of 3000 l will have a diameter of about 1,80 m.
The pump does 2x2 l, which is 2 l up and 2l down.
In order to fill the balloon completely, I will have to do 750 pump movements (up + down is one movement).
I pumped 40 ups and downs and got to a diameter of 60 to 70 cm, which is pretty close to 160 l, which means, the entire air gets in the balloon and stays there.
I will do another 40, measure again and then do more measuring until tomorrow. I don#t want to leave the balloon alone when it is fully inflated, so I just do 10% right now. There is more time on the weekend anyway. I want to see, how tight the seal is. I do know, that latex is not 100% airtight. Bicycle tubes made from latex have to be inflated every day, sometimes several times during a race, to keep the full pressure of 13 bar. The balloon won't have 13 bar, so the air should stay in much longer πŸ˜‰
4011739246016 is the EAN number of the pump. If you google this number, you should find the pump. alternatively, here a picture:


I will add photos later on. At the moment, I don't know, where I left my camera.

In case you want to check my numbers:

V = 4/3 * pi * rΒ³
V is the volume
pi is about 3,14
r is the radius, rΒ³is radius*radius*radius, and radius is half the diameter.

I pumped 50 more and the diameter is a little over 80 cm or 260 l, while in theory, it should be at 360 l. I had noticed, that the balloon had lost some air, but 100l??? Well, the difference between a diameter of 70 and 60 cm is 67 l. AND the balloon is not a perfect sphere, which means, the actual volume is less. I am not doing science here, so I take the numbers as they are - my estimate of 40 minutes pumping might still be about right.

At the moment, I have removed the valve and tied the balloon off with a piece of rope. It lost some air, but not much, I still measure diameters of about 80 cm. I will have dinner now and check back later. I want to know, how the balloon keeps the air, because this is part of the preparation - step-wise inflating of the balloon... And I have to think about a way to get the valve out easier, the latex doesn't slide on the tube.
What about air-pumps for air-mattresses? Inflating manually might be good for body condition, but it takes too long.
Electrical pumps are too loud, so I have to do it manually. It is good excercise, I can feel it aeady - added another 40 strokes and don't feel like doing the next ones... By the way, if I start slowly, I can increase pumping speed to 60 strokes per minute, once I get warm. So, my estimate of total pumping time should be considered a maximum rather than the typical time. Perhaps, I can do 150 strokes in ten minutes for warm-up, then, after a break, the rest of 600 strokes, probably in three steps of 200. The total time pumping will be about 20 minutes then, which is acceptable. After all, you can spice up the action with fetish wear and other ideas. And you spend all the time with a big latex ball emitting its typical smell.

And there is the possibility of self-disciplination. For example, you have to wear a certain item, until you have finished the current pumping task, or you have to spend the rests in bondage, but are not allowed to come...

Or you lock something onto yourself and put the key into the balloon before starting to inflate it. Meaning, that you either have to get in, or lose all progress, if you want to unlock that item. It should probably not be a spike-collar 😁

Ok, I have to keep count. After untying the balloon, I started over - aeady long before this post. In the meantime, I did 160 strokes, then 40 strokes, then another 40 strokes. I will leave it like that until tomorrow and see, how much air went out. Size right now: 102 cm high, 102 cm long, 120 cm wide. This should be about 600 l, 1/5th of the final volume. (I am not sure, if this is mathemaically correct, but to make up for the different dimensions, I calculated "0.51 x 0.51 x 0.55 x 4/3 x pi". Instead, I could have calculated the average of the sizes, i.e. 0,523Β³ x 4/3 x pi, which is actually the same... As a matter of fact, it should be 900 l though, so the balloon is definitely losing air, when connected to the pump. I wonder, if it goes through the pump or through the latex. Update to latex air-tightness: I now remember: A tyre inflated to 9 bar will be at 7 bar after 2 hours, which is too low for a racing bicycle. It is one reason, why I never tried latex tubes for my bike. The standard butyl tubes will stay nearly the same for days!
(06 Jun 2019, 22:03 )Strappado Wrote: Or you lock something onto yourself and put the key into the balloon before starting to inflate it.
This one is fun! πŸ˜‰

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