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Latex climb in balloon non-technical thread
There were a lot of technical details in my previous thread about giant climb-in balloons. Here, I try to stick to the emotional and erotic side of these toys.

One more technical detail though: Once the ballon has been inflated for a while, it is wide enough to get in without inflating it first. Even with your entire body inside, the balloon is so flexible, that it will be difficult to break. Full inflation corresponds to a flat width and length of more than 2.8 m! So, there is no need to inflate the ballon each time you want to play!

When I initially pulled the brand new non-inflated balloon over my head - I simply had to try it, it was very intense. Very snug fit around the neck, you only get to breathe the air, that is inside. The view was zero, the sound of rubber very loud. I am not into breath play, so this was only a short test.

After inflating the balloon to almost 2000 l, sticking the head inside was quite different. It is another world. I could see the light sources (lamp and bright walls reflecting the light), and a purple and very finite (about 1 m) world. Even though my body was outside, I felt mostly inside the balloon, pretty much reduced to my head and hands (which were holding the balloon). If it weren't problematic for breathing, I would like to have a small balloon, just twice the size of my head. It is not the same as a mask. Perhaps breathing could be solved with some clever piping and perhaps a "breathing gag". I like gags anyway, so that sounds like a cool combination.

Inside head to hips: This is very special too. enough air to breathe for perhaps an hour (let's say 30 minutes for security's sake), again, another universe. I want to try this with less air. With a breathing device (see above), I would like to have most air out as well. Vacuum could be very intense like this, but a bit too risky, I think. On the other hand, the balloon is natural latex, it should be possible to glue in a hose for the mouth. I might try that later. It will probably destroy the ability to fully inflate the balloon, but that doesn't matter so much. Sticking your head out of a fully inflated balloon looks much nicer than it feels.

Completely inside with all air escaped, feet near the opening. Less confining than one might think. It is a bit like being under the bedsheets (for hidden reading or whatever). I suppose, crocodiles have less space in their eggs before they hatch.

The fetal position, head out: This is my preferred position so far. You can roll about, suck out air and get almost immobile. I want to get a flexible tube to suck out air, while my head is completely outside, so I can create a vaccum with my hands far away from the opening (and escape much harder, as I hope). Apart from the fetal position, you can sit up in various postures, just a matter of stretching and moving parts of the balloon accordingly. Eventually, you might have to let some air in or out.

Stretched out, head out: Nice, but heave weight on the shoulders. I think, a tight sleeping bag is much nicer. Without vacuum, there is enough space near the hands, so you could tie yourself up, then use a tube to vacuumise yourself in. Not sure, if the final step would include breaking the balloon, if the tube has a one-way valve...

And there is one more way to "wear" the balloon: Feet to hips (or higher). No more walking, You can vacuum the balloon easily too. In the bath, you could even fill it with water and then try to get the rest of the body in. I might try that...

Ok, these are the main ideas, I have come up with so far. Remember the re-breathing issues, when the head is inside.
And another nice experience, even though it ended with balloon failure:
Yesterday, I took a hot bath with my purple balloon. I was a bit afraid of falling over or slipping, because there is almost no friction between the balloon and the bottom of the bath tub. So I only entered to the hips first and tried to use the water pressure to remove all air. This didn't work too well, so I let water in instead. Then I noticed, that water works pretty well as lube and it was easy to pull the balloon over my shoulders as well. I had to struggle with my balance but managed to sit up and let a lot of water get out again. Then the fun started, with the remaining water around the legs and almost no air anywhere else. With some tricky movements, I got my forearms under my lower legs, where they sort of got trapped, until I reversed the "tricky movements". Above the water level, the balloon was very loud, amplified by the bathroom sound, but under water almost noiseless. After a while, I stretched out, my feet resting against the end of the bath tub, my body snugly covered in latex. I was in the right mood to wank, when suddenly the balloon part under my feet separated from the rest of the balloon and the lower end of the balloon slipped up to my hips. It was a very gentle failure, hard to explain. Sort of slow-motion and completely noiseless. Of course, I didn't wank then, but mostly, because I was curious to see, what had happened. When I stood up, I was wearing the balloon like a poncho, that is gathered at the lower end. Actually, only a circle of 15 cm diameter is missing from the tip of the balloon, so it is still useful for something!
Right now, I am wearing the broken balloon as a shoulder-free dress, cute Big Grin
The original opening keeps it up on the chest, the new opening is on the waist, while part of the balloon is hanging down over the hips like a mini skirt. Now I know, why some skirts are called "balloon skirts" Big Grin
By the way, I can make it a bit more modest by moving the lower opening down to the legs.
As this balloon is still much larger than originally, I wonder, what would happen, if I took a hot shower while wearing it...
One thing needs to be changed: The opening is rolled up a bit and tends to roll down my chest. So I have to wear the balloon inside out.
I can't possibly get my camera while dressed like this, but I will take photo later.

It can also be worn as a scarf, both openings over the neck. It also covers the shoulders then. As a headscarf, I have to put the new opening around my face, because the original one is too small and slips.
Apparently, even broken balloons still have many uses!

As mentioned elsewhere, I have a second balloon, that I have never used until today. I had inflated it once and it had stayed quite big. Then I have immersed it in hot water and it shrank back to almost the original size. Tonight, I tried to enter it without inflation, and it was possible. This is quite a workout. First, I pulled it over my feet and knees, then up to the hips. The next part is a bit hard to describe, but I will try my best: I was squatting, kind of sitting on my heels, and tried to move the material up my back. In order to do so, I needed to move some material to get even tension and some slack (rather less tension) on my back to get my arms in and the opening up to my neck. With the other balloon, I simply pulled in one arm and shoulder, then the other. This was not possible here, I had to move both arms in and then shove the material up my back. Then I had to move some material to my front again, i.e. from the back, over the feet, because there was too much pressure on the front of my neck.

Compared to the pre-stretched balloon, this one felt tiny. I didn't even consider stretching out, and it felt like I couldn't anyway. Remember, latex gets thinner, when stretched, and then it is easier to stretch. This balloon offers much more resistance to stretching.

I then rolled up as much as possible and vaccuum-breathed the balloon. The opening is still near the original shape, fairly long and less in diameter than the one from the other balloon. And so it is very very airtight. When I breathed in the air from the balloon, I had both my hands on the rim, holding it over my mouth. Once it was too hard to breathe in, I carefully let go of the rim and it slowly shifted down over the neck again, creating a collar sort of. And this collar and the vacuum kept my hands away from the rim. I had to work one hand up slowly to get air in again. I suppose, if you manage to vacuum the balloon while the arms and hands are not close to the opening, you are stuck.

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