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Latex Climb In Balloon
This morning, before leaving to work, I had a quick look, the balloon was almost empty again.

Ok, new start, I did 150 strokes, taking a small break now.

I made a photo of the tested balloon next to the second one. It has expanded quite a bit (empty). I will upload it later.


One hour later. I have inflated the balloon to 600 strokes, which is 2400 l. It looks pretty huge now, so I will give it a try. Maximum is 3000 l, but perhaps this will do.

First success, I got into the balloon completely and managed to turn around and stick my head out. By that time, all air was gone, so I was reduced to a ball.
Here is, step by step, what I did:

After clearing out the area best I could, I losened the rope around the balloon valve and held it tight with one hand. Some air got out, I didn't see a change in diameter. When I pulled out the valve, more air escaped, but I grabbed the balloon valve and kept the rest in. Still no visible change to the size. Then I put away the pump and chair (see photos later) and looked for the best way to hold the balloon valve, in order to pull it over my head.
Next I put my head in and pulled the valve/flap firmly to my shoulders. Air got out, but the flow stopped right away then. It was quite a view from inside, heavy latex smelll and some odd feeling, which probably was because of the air pressure.
Deep breath, breathe out, then I put my right arm in. Air doesn't stop, so the other arm too. Now I was inside the balloon up to right under my armpits and the opening was pretty tight. I could almost touch the "ceiling" of the balloon, I had lost a lot of air aeady. Because the ceiling of my room is pretty low, 2,20 m only, I was kneeling now, while considering, how to get the legs in. But first, I slowly worked the balloon down to my hips, which was quite a task.
Another deep breath, squat position, then I pushed the balloon down, pulled one leg in, then the other. At this stage, I didn't need to close the balloon anymore, all excess air hat escaped. I had enough air to breathe and I could see the floor through the opening between my feet.
It was a bit difficult to rotate iside the balloon to get my head to the opening. Once I had my head out, I stood there for a while, just enjoying the moment and my success. Later I went to the middle of my room, let myself fall over and rolled around, etc.
Eventually, I pulled my arms out. and sat back against my sofa. Then I decided to try to stand up, which was not really possible (perhaps it was, but there was so much tension, that I stopped. And then, finally, I noticed, that my feet weren't at the center of the balloon. On my back, the balloon was almost lose, while in front, it was very tense. It wasn't possible to do anything about this while my arms and torso were in the balloon, so I pulled it down to my hips. Then I was able to stand up and adjust the balloon.

Right now, I am sitting at my computer, dressed only with the balloon to the hips. After posting, I will try to get my torso back in.

Fotos later, I am still in the process of testing...

Quick edit, before I take a shower and finish this report.

I successfully got my arms back in, and I was able to stretch out too. While slowly stretching the balloon, I tried to find the exact spot where to put my feet and move more of the material down to my legs. Being exhausted and more in a technical brain zone, I only rested a little while, then got out. After turning the balloon inside out, I put it flat onto the floor and the unused one right next to it.

Here are the measurements before and after:

width 71 / 51
length 83 / 63
opening width 19 / 17
opening length 9 / 13

By the way, at no stage, I had the impression to stretch the balloon too much. I remember when tearing a rubber band, there is a hard stop before it breaks, I didn't even get near that spot. Anyway, latex is supposed to stretch to 6 times its original length (others say 3 times, but that seems a bit too low).

I think, it will take some time to get used to the balloon and feel more confident about not breaking it.

First conclusion, since I am writing anyway:

Without an electrical pump, it takes about 20 minutes to get the balloon inflated, plus the resting time in between and after. I think, the balloon can be ready within an hour. That is quite an effort, but it is possible to convert this into some sort of foreplay.

When you want to stay completely inside the balloon (or perhaps just torso, arms and head), get a transparent one. I could not make out anything through the latex, when only my head was in and the balloon was still pretty large. Some light gets through, but you are basically blind in a plain colour balloon.

I need to get more confident. Being careful, while entering the balloon, causes a lot of air loss. Down to the hips is easier, and next time I know, that I have to get my arms inside one right after the other. The connection to the pump could be improved, but this is a minor issue compared to preserving the air while entering the balloon. Some air loss can be compensated for by inflating the balloon more. I had 2400 l inside, 3000 is possible. the hardest part was getting the legs in. I actually lost all remaining air, when I did that. I shouldn't have tried to seal the ballon with my legs half-way in only, it isn't possible. It probably requires some practise, until I can do it as well as the guy in the third (I think, it was the third one) video.

Was there any kinky feelings coming up? No, I was too busy this time. This was a technical session only. But I think, the balloon is useful, when there is enough time.
First pictures. I will update this post later, taking more pictures.

size comparision of unused and almost fully inflated balloon:
I was quite astonished to see, that the balloon has preserved its original shape. On most videos, the balloons have very irregular shapes after being inflated. I suppose, that is due to the speed of inflation with a leaf blower. But perhaps, European balloons are simply better quality than Americans - who knows...

How I sealed the balloon to the valve:
I found out, that this seal is leaking, must be improved, so I can prepare the balloon over longer time without losing air.

the manual leaf blower:
I have seen this pump again, it costs about 20 Euro in a DIY shop (without the grey tube etc. of course)

DIY-components of the above:
Total cost below 10 Euro
I recommend to smoothen the end of the grey tube, that goes into the balloon. Sandpaper will do the trick. If you only have 250 grit sandpaper, simply use less pressure, while finishing and it will leave less striation, still uneven, but smooth enough. 1000 grit sandpaper leaves a perfect finish that you can sit on.

Detail of the connection to the pump:
There is an end-piece on the hose, which fits almost exactly into the rubber seal. I pushed it completely through the seal, and this is air-tight.

When I got out of the balloon, it was wet with sweat, so I had to clean it on the inside. After drying, it was very sticky, so I treated it with some talcum. Actually, quite a lot of talcum, it was absorbed so fast, that there was none left to dust my carpet. I wonder, if the talcum will make the entrance easier. And I hope, the tube won't just slip out now...
You know, if you cut an old bicycle inertube and you can use that to seal the balloon instead of rope like I see in one of your pictures.
The rope works pretty well, the opening flap has to be wrapped carefully first, then it is almost airtight. The only trouble I have, is the friction between the tube and the latex. It is difficult to get the tube out and not lose air, but that is a minor problem. Most air, or rather any remaining excess air, gets out, when I pull my legs into the balloon.

Tonight, I had another try. The balloon was much bigger than yesterday, when I got my arms in. But I have to find another way to get the legs in. People usually do it, while standing upright, but I can't, because the ceiling is in the way. I have ideas and will report, once I have tried them.

Streched out on the floor, I managed to breathe in the air inside the balloon and exhale it to the outside. This created an effective and stable vacuum. which was quite an extraordinary feeling! Without the vacuum, the balloon isn't tight and it pulls your body in every possible direction, trying to fold your body. Imagine a rubber band around the length of a chopstick, then cut the chopstick in half and try to keep both halves in a straight line...

Anyway, this is fun and, with every bit of complication mastered, more kinky! And there is another use for the balloon: With just a little bit of air, it can be used as cushion. I might sleep with it tonight (or rather with the other one, because the purple one has to dry).
Quick summary for those, who don't like to read the entire thread:
One balloon costs around 20 Euro plus shipping (in that shop in NL/Europe, online). Pump and accessories from a DIY shop amount to less than 30 Euro. So, for less than 100 Euro, you get one toy, and an almost silent pump with various adapters, that can be used for both inflating and deflating.
I got in completely at the first try, and this wasn't even difficult. But I still need to find out, how to get the legs in without losing all air.
It is not really self-bondage, it isn't exactly mummyfication either, but it is on the same line, pretty cool, fun, and I am sure, there are other uses for the balloon, that I cannot yet think of.
The balloon gets bigger, once it has been inflated. Therefore it might be possible to get in without inflating it first. Once the legs are covered and the opening is at the waist, it is definitely possible to get the arms in too.

I haven't had time to play with the balloon since the last post. But I wonder, is anyone else going to try this?
I found another shop, apparently in Germany:

The balloons are a bit cheaper even, no idea, if the quality is the same. You can switch to English, if that language suits you more. And they have various pumps and valve adapters. finally, they have a fetish blog for balloon fetishists!
(20 Jun 2019, 18:26 )Strappado Wrote: The balloons are a bit cheaper even
Considering the shipping price from DE to NL, I will stick with the shop in your original post. I wonder why our friends from China do not have anything cheaper on Ali.
(20 Jun 2019, 18:51 )Like Ra Wrote: I wonder why our friends from China do not have anything cheaper on Ali.
Ha! Here we go: Climb-in balloons
It might be interesting to get into two balloons and only inflate the outer one.

By the way, I managed to get into the non-inflated balloon. With lube, it should be even easier. I wonder, if I could enter the new balloon, which has no stretch yet. But I want to find out more about the material mechanics first. Apparently, latex can be conditioned by stretching and then is less vulnerable to tear, but I might have gotten that wrong.
(21 Jun 2019, 14:57 )Strappado Wrote: It might be interesting to get into two balloons
That's what I was thinking about. Put one balloon inside another and get in without inflation. Would that be possible?

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