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Introducing your SO to a Vacbed
Any suggestions on introducing a SO to a vacbed? She would look pretty hot trapped in one. I just don't want to freak her out.
Depends on what she knows, likes, hates, aeady has experience with.
(05 Mar 2011, 01:02 )Like Ra Wrote: Depends on what she knows, likes, hates, aeady has experience with.

She's never seen one, heard of one, but we do some light bondage aeady.
No latex? Gags? No fetish clothes?
(06 Mar 2011, 16:42 )Dworkin Wrote: Greetings there Tom.

"She's never seen one, heard of one, but we do some light bondage aeady."

Like Ra is correct, this is a whole different World, a little like driving a go cart or moped and getting into a Maserati or crotch rocket motorcycle. The mere fact you mention "freak out" is that which you need heed as that speaks volumes.

That's it! She'll probably never come around, but one can always hope. Baby steps of the nth degree are in order.
"Baby steps" is a very good definition of the process. I would probably begin with fetish art (photo and drawings). But that might not work for the women who are immediately going mad if their man looks on another woman even if it's a drawing 😉

There can be different approaches. See, for example, these threads:

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