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Images from a Parallel World (Second Life)
Second Life has a large BDSM community and there is even a special version of the client, that allows for extensive domination games including restriction of movement, chat, "hearing", blindfolding and much more. And unlike in real life, you can do that to your self as well (and get free by using the normal client software or with build in timers). Furthermore, it is possible to build stuff out of thin air (plus some textures that you either get in game or upload for a small fee) and this lead to some interesting and unfortunately many bad toys. There are wild bondage devices, fucking machines, andreas crosses, stocks, cages and much more. Actually, the easiest way to see all that is to register for free and explore with the built in search features (this is not advertising, Second Life has many annoying features and unless you have a clear goal, it is just a giant 3D chatroom). If you do that, also look for the "restrained life viewer" which allows you to enjoy some BDSM experiments for free.

I will upload some more screenshots later, today there is just a small start, showing a few torturing devices and a real nice set of shibari bondage ropes (and a ball gag with visible drooling):

Found this video:
The ropeworks in the movie is in fact the same one as the one I was using for the screenshots, it is the best looking bondage in SL as far as I know. There are several styles of arm and leg bondage you can select and they all come with suitable movement styles.

As a matter of fact, bondage was not the reason that I joined SL, but it was about publishing my own music (which wasn't so successful in the end). But I enjoyed this aspect of the world and only missed a device that would have allowed me to control my character while performing self-bondage in real life.

Here is another image with shibari in a red latex suit and another one of a suspension rack that I have built quite some time ago.


Great suit!

I did not join SL because the client is not supported on the platform I work 98% of the time. I like the concept, though.
See this post:

Here's some more images

Attached Files Thumbnail(s)
 second_life-16-bondage.jpg     second_life-17-bondage.jpg     second_life-18-bondage.jpg     second_life-27-bondage.jpg   
Bondage in SL (Second Life) is quite elaborate and yes, self-bondage is possible, and unlike in real life, it can be much more effective!

To give you an idea, I will describe, what is possible with the ropes that you can see in the movie and some of my pictures (thanks to Marine Kelly who created the "Shibari Arms" and "Shibari Legs" for very realistic rope play).

First of all, you have to "wear" all the items that belong to the ropeworks. This is easily done, you can wear groups of stuff with a simple right-click menu. Wearing the arms rope set, does nothing, but show a small rope ring on your right wrist. The legs rope set applies a similar ring to the right ankle. When you click the ring, you will see a menu that allows you to pick a bondage style and tie yourself up instantly. In order to get free, you simply click the "untie" button. Instead, you can click "more" and set a timer for the release. Once you did this, there is no "untie" button and many other options are disabled. You can only "tug", "squirm" and "struggle" now, which might eventually free you, or wait for the timer to run out. Also other people can tie you up by clicking on your wrist rope. This will instantly disable most options, especially the "untie" button. Only the person who triggered the bondage can free you. Others get a menu with a small game to solve, if they solve it, they can free you (and instantly tie you up again of course).

There is a second timer called "autobind". This one will trigger bondage after a set time, you can select a style and also set a timer for release here. Once autobind is activated, you can't control the ropes anymore but there is a nice feature that allows you to transfer the same settings to the set of leg ropes, a ball gag and a blindfold (which - of course - you have to buy separately from Marine Kelley). All these devices will then be triggered at the same time and let you go once the release timer has run out. If you set no release timer, you can untie yourself instantly.

This is nice aeady, however, you can always take off the items while bound. If you put them on again, they will remember the status and tie you up, timers will start running again etc. but there is a solution to that as well: You can download a special game client that will prevent you from taking off everything that is "locked" on you and compatible with the "Real Restraint System". It also comes with various other possibilities to enhance bondage and submission. In fact, it has been programmed for exactly these purposes. And the author is again Marine Kelley. There are other "alternative viewers" that do the same and all of them seem to have their pros and cons. I am using this original (it was the first one) and here is the link for downloading it:
This is Marine Kelleys Blog and you can read much more about the system there.
That can be quite exciting and work as a stimulant for a real self-bondage session. (Reference to this thread: )

A food for imagination. But still for a very virtual life: time spent, job not done (actually, exactly what I'm doing with the site: spending time in fruitless imaginations 😉
(26 Jan 2010, 01:17 )Like Ra Wrote: That can be quite exciting and work as a stimulant for a real self-bondage session. (Reference to this thread: )

A food for imagination. But still for a very virtual life: time spent, job not done (actually, exactly what I'm doing with the site: spending time in fruitless imaginations 😉

Is it really that fruitless?
95% of the time - yes, fruitless. I can play during very limited time during the year. And last year when I had the whole house just for myself I did not even have inspiration or the mood to play.

Also the site does not bring me money, but eats time and energy. Still fun, though ;-D
(26 Jan 2010, 22:22 )Like Ra Wrote: Also the site does not bring me money, but eats time and energy. Still fun, though ;-D

So, not exactly fruitless 😊

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