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Images from a Parallel World (Second Life)
Hm... OK... true ... 😉
*processes pictures from blog part 1.*
*processes pictures from blog part 2.*
*processes external links..*

I suppose the art part is nice.. Still, I don't think I could seriously put a lot of time in this... Probably the same reason I don't play a lot of shoot-m-up games: The interface is too limited.. For me it's the experience of tying myself / somebody up that counts.. When it's done with one or two mouseclicks..

Is there truely no challenge in it?

As a programmer, I can admire the control sequences though. How one person can tie hirself or be tied by somebody else and there are restrictions on who / what unties them. But still. Mouseclicks.

(Mind you, In No way I intend to scoff at this or laugh. I can imagine that for many people this is an interesting way to make contact with likeminded people and play out fantasies. I suppose it's just not something for me..)
The thing is, I do not play computer games at all 😉 But the very idea of the "virtual life" sounds very interesting to me. Think of "The Matrix", for example. And since it's related to art, bondage and self-bondage, it does earn the right to be placed here.
Most definitly.
And I don't disagree with that in the least.

But you hit the nail on the head. The most important difference between 'Second Life' and 'The Matrix' is that 'Second Life' is controlled by a mouse pointer. Whereas 'The Matrix' is tuned into all your senses so well, it might as well be real.

"If real is what you see hear and smell, then real is just impulses travelling to your brain." - Morpheus -
If you think "The Matrix" has a good virtual reality idea, you should read what Stanislav Lem wrote about virtual reality a few decades earlier. He expected the main purpose of virtual reality to be sex and violence, and as it seems, he was right 😁

Two more images from SL, one because I just found it again and one since we were talking about mermaids elsewhere:

and these:


and the one who was the mermaid on these pictures:

(09 Feb 2010, 23:23 )Daemon Wrote: "If real is what you see hear and smell, then real is just impulses travelling to your brain." - Morpheus -
Exactly! This is exactly what happened if I imagine something. Chemistry and impulses. So what is real? If I see at a picture and imagine that it's me properly clad, bound and gagged, how real is it?

For some people even a wide loop of rope loosely put on both hands is more than enough to feel bound. But for some meters of rope and layers of latex is just the beginning. So, what is more real?

This thread is also related: .

It's all about our imagination and expectations.

But I agree, I prefer to wear latex and be bound and gagged in "our reality". And it is possible in "our reality". I have done that. But for many others - it's simply not possible. For many reasons. And Second Life provides some kind of a relief for imagination. Yes, very unreal and plastic, but still something and interactive.
Good example of "simply not possible". That underwater bound mermaid 😉
Some people think of at least six different impossible things before breakfast 😁

New picture, a bolero armbinder in SL:

I have had a SL account since 2005 and have checked up on the world of SL periodically throughout the years to see if there is anything worthwhile. The level of talent of the main portion of the SL community that creates content in respect to Texturing, Modeling, Programming, as well as erotic writing is actually quite high in some case. I've been on SL frequently in the past several weeks or so testing out various in game bondage situations, poses, and toys. Franky as Ra pointed out SL is for the most part a waste of time unless you plan to create new original content that the SL world has a demand for then you can actually make enough money to pay some bills if the SL exchange rate is right. I've noticed that I've gotten lots of selfbondage ideas from SL and while some are not entirely doable with my current experience and equipment. I have a folder of some SL bondage pictures somewhere, it could possibly be on my external. If I find the photos I will upload them to this thread.
[size=xx-small][b]~[/b]Self-Proclaimed Selfbondage Enthusiast, Lifelong Student, Computer Guru, Lover of [color=#006400]Herb[/color][b]~[/b][/size]
It is a while ago that I have written in this thread. SL to me is mostly inspiration. And since the avatar is my virtual me, it can sometimes be arousing too. It is a bit like dreaming on the screen. Some people have good ideas and it can be fun to look around. But most of the time, it is simply boring or ridiculous.

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