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High-security long term metal wrist restraints?
Hi all,

I’m looking to stay restrained on a long-term basis for around a week or so as part of a challenge. 

I’m looking for any suggestions of wrist restraints which have or can have a reasonable length of chain separating between them so most normal tasks are possible. 

Furthermore, they’ll need to be reasonably comfortable, so bigger is better rather than handcuff style which I find can cut into the skin.

Finally, they will need to be high security, as I have the unfortunate ability of a lock pick so I can escape out of most standard restraints! To give you an idea, these are the leg irons I use: - something similar in wrist form would be good!

Does anyone have any ideas?

A few years ago, you could get ankle and wrist cuffs that used the round barrel locks. They were stainless steel with a rubber lining.
Because it was a round barrel lock, it’s very hard to pick open.
Look at eBay, under chastity belt. You’ll see them there.
I've got very suitable Kub handcuffs. But one week...

And very welcome!!! Wink
The Kub handcuffs I meant: KUB handcuffs

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