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Wrist-to-ankle cuffs - Are they effective?
So I found this on ebay randomly: wrist to ankle cuffs

wrist-ankle-cuffs-01.jpg thumbnail   

What I don't understand though is how this works for effective bondage of any kind...

I mean, these look like they can be taken off by the wearer. So its suitable for a pseudo bondage experience I guess, but it isn't "absolute".

I kind of want to get them still for the lolz or whatever because I can still have fun with the feeling of being restrained a bit, but still.
You can take them off easily. There is enough room to move your hands to loosen the little belts around your wrists or ankles.
These things are nice in the sense that you can put force and have the feeling of bondage, as long as you are mentally disciplined to do as if you cannot untie yourself.
I had cuffs of a similar design years ago and now they sit in a drawer somewhere, long forgotten. The 2 issues I had (and you may as well) are if your hands can reach any of your limbs you can remove them, and the comfort. Being made from a single piece of leather they can be a little stiff and coarse along the edges. The cuffs can dig in a little and possibly rip up your nylons.

When something is cheap there's a good reason why. My advice is save up some money and get a nice set of locking leather cuffs, possibly padded or fur-lined. I just bought a set from and have been very pleased with the comfort. I've even slept with them on, though not in bondage.
Make a set out of PVC pipe and hinges. Use rivets to fasten the hinges on the PVC cuffs and drill a half inch hole on each piece opposite the hinge for the padlock or even rope to secure the cuff closed. A nice padlock keeps them on and chained together for as long as you want. I took my time and made several sets for wrists, elbows and ankles. I was careful to round over all of the edges and make sure they were comfortable. Get spread eagle in those things and that is where you will stay at least until the ice melts and drops the keys. They are especially nice with a spreader bar between the ankles with your hands attached to each ankle as well. You can wiggle and you can rattle but you wont be getting out without the keys Tongue
The same (but inescapable) effect can be achieved by using the "standard" wrist-ankle rope loops and cinch-nooses.

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