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Have you ever try asp TRAINING handcuff
I bought a asp TRAINING handcuff, and it is very suitable in self bondage.

It is red in color, it is as same as the ordinary handcuffs has double lock, and hinged.
and the wonderful thing are two.

1. There are two key holes on both side of handcuffs, it means you don`t need to worry about the way of key holes.

2.You can force open it with some addition strength while it is not double locked without key, it can be considered as a safety measure.

PS: check this link the lock inside can be replaced with high security lock to become a real work handcuff.

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Well, I practised opening my handcuffs, before I tied myself up with them and never had issues. By practising, I even learned, what troubles my handcuffs could cause. I do not think, that "training hand cuffs" are really that much needed. And a bit of thinking before any self-bondage session - for example about where to have the key holes - can't ever hurt.

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