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Petplay Self Training (with pictures)
Hello everyone. Here's another one of my idea. While I'm busy in Ultimate Torture Machine (see nearby thread), I do not intend this to be implemented. But I think my new idea is not bad. Please unsubscribe your opinion. The idea is to make you a lot of walking in puppygirl pose, feeling the pain and discomfort.

Look at the picture 1. You need a wooden Board and a sharp screws(nails). Mix them in evenly, as shown in the figure. Fix it just above your feet

piernas-femeninas-atractivas-en-tacones-altos-rojos-35043813.jpg thumbnail   

Look at picture 2.
A - handcuffs locked to the collar
B - dog collar (also locked)
C - belt connected to the collar
D - feet locked to the belt (you can't drop down).
E - wooden board and a sharp screws(pic 1). Every step they cut your ass
F - softening cushions glued to the elbows and knees
G - anal tail
H - a piece of construction armature. d=8mm l~2m tipped of the armature is bent into a ring

The order of bondage: F=>C=>B=>E=>G=>H=>D=>A

2.png thumbnail   

Look at picture 3.
I - anchor bolt with ring
H - tsang hammered into the floor
K - key in the center of the room

So you have to walk yourself around the room until the anchor will not get out. Then you will be able to approach the center of the room and take the key.

USE EXTRA KEY. In this case, it is very good to use the paint bucket as a repository for additional key.

папи.png thumbnail   

If you have some familiarity with mathematics, it is easy to calculate in advance the length of your "walk": length armature*6,26*number of revolutions of the anchor in the collet. If you armature lenght is 2 m, so 2*6.24*50=624 meters. So long! Big Grin

And of course don't forget to use anal hook instead of a plug, bitch suit, clamps on nipples, the clamps on the genitals, gag, harness, and other attributes of selfbondage and pet/pony/puppy play. Big GrinHeart

Please comment this! Good of bad?
2m lever will break anything in the center, unless the bolt/nut diameter is at least 15mm. The rod should definitely be thicker than 8mm - 8mm steel rod can be easily bent.

Another (not sure if it's safer?) idea is to wind a rope onto the center rod (or pillar) and place the key/knife far from that pillar, so you have to walk/crawl around the center to unwind the rope while keeping a good tension to prevent tangling.

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