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Ok. I’ve recently got my first pair of handcuffs. 
Makes things feel very much more committed when clicked in. 
Only tried to get the feel for them so far and practice undoing them. 
Simple enough from the front, but I’m needing to see what I’m doing still. 
Not tried locking them behind my back yet as I don’t think I know where to ‘feel’ for the lock is yet. 
Any tips on how to practice for behind the back unlocking without getting stuck?
What kind of cuffs? A photo would help Wink
Make sure that the hole for the key faces your palms.
If you get them turned around, it will be 10 times harder or impossible to get free.
And be careful not to jam the key! I did this once with some ankle cuffs and ended up having to cut myself free with an angle grinder (fortunately said ankle cuff wasn't fastened to anything solid - just the other ankle via the chain connecting the two cuffs - so I could get dressed and go into my workshop and cut myself free... that wasn't easy as even with rags stuffed around the cuff to hold it still and protect from heat conductivity it was a delicate operation and I still burnt my ankle!). I've never trusted solid metal cuffs since, though it makes for an amusing story when a little drunk and in like-minded company!  Big Grin
The cuffs are you’re generic chain link style.
Ratchet shut key to release.
I've got a collection of KUB handcuffs. They are beautiful... See this thread

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