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Mittens, handcuffs, and perhaps even a straitjacket from socks
I don't know whether this has been mentioned, but here's something that I've done a few times.
I know that there are stores that sell bondage mittens, but so far I try to avoid purchasing items that are only used for bondage hobby.

You need:
- A pair of socks (or toddler size pantyhose)
- A pair of thick shoelaces or other rope. Cable ties also work, but they can chafe a lot, causing long-lasting markings in the wrists. Wrist-size belts would be ideal, but they are not usual house-hold items.
Ideally, the size of the socks is such that they fit tightly around your arms and are about the length of your arm, and they are of a material that does not cause burns if it rubs against the skin. If you are going to use other layers of bondage, you might also want to consider material that has less or more friction depending on your preference.

Pull a sock tightly around your left arm, or whichever arm you prefer to tie first, making a fist of that hand to get the sock as far up your arm as possible. With the remaining hand, tie a shoelace around that wrist. Depending on the lace material, it might be just enough to loop it a few times, and occasionally cross it. Do not make a knot unless it comes undone too easily by itself.
Now do the same for the remaining hand, using your teeth when necessary to tie the lae.
Now you have mittens for your hands. To make the mittens more difficult to undo, pull the ends of the socks around your hands, so that the hand is completely enclosed in the sock and the sock openings are hanging free. If the hands are tightly wrapped in fist shape and the socks themselves are not loose, it will be very difficult pulling the sock ends around the arm again enough to untie the laces.

To go a step further (handcuffs), tie the free-hanging sock ends together with a reef knot or a granny knot. It will be completely impossible to untie the laces before untying the sock ends, because the laces are now on the inside. Even untying the sock ends is tricky at best. To get a straitjacket of sorts, if you are agile enough and the socks are long enough (or you used a pantyhose), step through the loop formed by the sock ends (so that your arms are on your backside), and try looping it around your waist so that your left hand is forced on your right side and vice versa. Do note that when you do this, the laces will press against your wrists very strongly even through the sock. Be careful to not block your circulation.
Ancient thread I know, but I wanted to say thank you for this 😊 Worked perfectly on the first try.

I followed all your instructions to the end. After confirming I could get out using a knife, I used a hook attached to a wall (for the purpose of tucking back curtains) to help get the second mitten on tight. Then I used my mitten'd hands to turn the socks inside out so they would hang off my hands. At first I thought there was no way I could tie the loose ends together, but somehow eventually I managed to do it, using my mittens and my teeth (I used long-ish socks so there was barely enough slack to tie). The reef knot got REALLY tight when pulled on 😊 Now I was able to do your "straitjacket" configuration (the wording of your instructions didn't make sense to me; you have to make a loop with the handcuffs and then put your legs through it). You can also form a loop with your hands BEHIND your back and then put your legs through it, making it even harder (though still easy) to get free.

The only issue is that you can't struggle too much to pull your hands apart or the shoelaces ride up on your hands, and you can't get them off that painful position. At first it really felt like I could easily wiggle my hands out of the mittens, so I earnestly tried to do so, thinking next time I would have to wrap the shoelaces tighter, but the shoelaces ended up painfully constricting my hands around the base of my thumbs. Fortunately I was able to use the hook on the wall to get the shoelaces back to my wrists. I must have pinched a nerve because I'm still feeling some needles in my left hand (oddly, the one on which the shoelaces were looser) several hours later.

You can definitely enjoy struggling to open your hands though. I kind of wish I used less elastic socks so that I wouldn't be able to open my fists AT ALL, but then again without the ability to open your hands a little bit you probably can't tie the socks together later.
(17 Jul 2018, 00:19 )brandondoss Wrote: Ancient thread I know
We have no ancient threads here 😉 And very welcome!
(17 Jul 2018, 00:19 )brandondoss Wrote: You can definitely enjoy struggling to open your hands though. I kind of wish I used less elastic socks so that I wouldn't be able to open my fists AT ALL, but then again without the ability to open your hands a little bit you probably can't tie the socks together later.

I just thought of something, what if you used compression socks? Diabetic socks? That's getting to be more expensive though.

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