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Garter bumps under clothes
And the always hypnotic garter bumps 😋


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As far as I remember, garter bumps were aeady mentioned, but I don't remember if we have a separate thread for it. So, let's create one.
Here's something related.

My Favourite Outfit by Tightlatextights (
A very arresting feature, when occasionally they may be viewed. I prefer the metal versions as they're more substantial and the wearer is usually a serious femme fatale. The cheap plastic type are alluring too, but lack class. I'm a fan of "Secrets in Lace"- fabulous traditional garter wear.Thanks for sharing.
 SB01.JPG     SB02.JPG     SB03.JPG   
They are all men, right? 😋 Just curious.
(20 Aug 2021, 14:52 )Like Ra Wrote: They are all men, right? 😋 Just curious.

If you take a look on their hands , yes they are.

Слава Україні

"We who have seen war, will never stop seeing it. In the silence of the night, we will always hear the screams. So this is our story, for we were soldiers once, and young."

Joe Galloway

(20 Aug 2021, 17:18 )Vixien Wrote:
(20 Aug 2021, 14:52 )Like Ra Wrote: They are all men, right? 😋 Just curious.

If you take a look on their hands , yes they are.

I agree about the hands, specially the hairy forearms lol. However, those waist hip ratios are so enviable.
 SB04.JPG     SB05.JPG     SB06.JPG   

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