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Looking for a garter belt like this
I don't even remember where I got the video from, but I keep coming back to a particular clip featuring Eden Wells, where she is wearing a garter belt, which seems to be unusally long. I attached a few pictures, which hopefully show what I mean. Have any of you seen a garter belt like this before and would know where I could buy something similar? I tried looking through listings in the shopping-section of Google and on AliExpress, but thus far all I can find are "regular" length garter belts.

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I don't know what they're called, but I know the shapewear brand Rago sells some
Google 'roll-on girdle'.
Or "open bottom girdle". /OBG

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Thanks guys! Looking for girdles instead of garter belts did the trick and I now already have a small list of potential future purchases.
Here are some links for you:

Which one do you like most? 😉
The third one looks really nice! Guess, I'll have to order some different ones and try them out. 😊
Rago- Try the Secrets in Lace website.
On the subject of corsets and garter belts and gurtles, I saw this on an on line game and want to put this together. And because it has a garter belt, I’m posting it here.

Stockings, mask and bow are easy. 
It’s the dress, garters and collar is hard to fine in MY size.
But I like the outfit.

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Try Alibaba website. There's all sorts of garments that may be suitable with a little modification. You might also try their cosplay/showgirl sellers, whom have so many interesting clothes that you could spend a lot of time as well as money on. Its almost addictive viewing. Garter-wise- why not up the ante and go for a 10-12 strap belt- these are such a showstopper. I know, because each time I've worn my 12-strap, the attention is overwhelming.

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