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First Latex suit
Hello everyone 
I ordered the following latex suit from AliExpress the day before yesterday. As I am a newcomer to latex clothing, I have the following question
Can you actually get this suit wet in the bathtub or in the shower ???

Here is the link to the AliExpress website:$7703f5b663e54bb18f9cb4ad1d2c82da&ck=in_edm_other

I hope for  Postings
It's a link to you "Order history" not to the item page.
(03 Sep 2021, 17:31 )Lycravolli Wrote: Can you actually get this suit wet in the bathtub or in the shower ???

I'm pretty sure anything can be made wet in the bathtub or shower.  /s

If it's actual latex, it will certainly not be ruined by water.  If it's PVC or PU (polyurethane) that has been labelled as latex, then it can get wet also but you should be careful with it if you remove it when it's wet because it won't slide off as easily as it does when it's dry.  Pulling and tugging harshly could start to delaminate the material if you're not careful.  For all the materials (latex included) when you're wearing them, be careful not to rub too hard or slide around on your butt too much on abrasive surfaces or sharp edges.
Halloevery Body

Her Pictures from my Suit.

[Image: H75b60f8a4a33402b9fd44a542edf0081i.jpg]
[Image: H86ad051a3db74f3fb422ad19b61eaf86p.jpg]
I hope you like the two pictures.

I have another question. Where can you get inexpensive latex hoods with eyes, noses and mouth openings? I looked at Aliexpress because you only get neoprene hoods.

Are you sure this is latex?
Pretty sure that isn’t latex. It’s got stitching on the cuffs which would point more towards PVC.
Typical PVC.
(04 Sep 2021, 06:45 )Lycravolli Wrote: Where can you get inexpensive latex hoods with eyes, noses and mouth openings?
It's all just the basic problem at the root of AliExpress, everything there is a knock-off tagged with so many keywords that nothing means anything to anyone. And their photos are more than often stolen, that's why I never use it.

I'd rather bite the bullet and pay a fair price to a company I've actually heard of so I can be sure what I order is what I get.
do not buy latex from china, and therefore from ali. they use latex that is suffocating and can even be hazardous to your health! buy from shops that radical rubber comes from england. I manage the webshop myself,

but that's just an example of shops selling good safe quality latex

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