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Feminization and sissification hypnosis (Warning: dangerous!)
WARNING: All files in this thread are very addictive and may cause permanent damage to your health and behaviour. If you listen long enough, the effect might be irreversible! Listen at your own risk and only if the effects are desirable!

I've just found some audio files that are claimed to be for sissification and feminization. I can't listen to them at the moment, but if you have some time & quiet place to lay down, put something interesting on, tie yourself up and listen to these files.

I do not know what the correct sequence is.

.mp3   Ultimate Sissy Princess Maker.mp3 (Size: 69.28 MB / Downloads: 692)
.mp3   LMS - Cure.mp3 (Size: 34.48 MB / Downloads: 361)

.mp3   1 - Little Cocksucker Girl.mp3 (Size: 30.68 MB / Downloads: 378)

.mp3   2 - Limp Clitty.mp3 (Size: 37.55 MB / Downloads: 280)

.mp3   3 - Panties for Girl.mp3 (Size: 43.72 MB / Downloads: 317)

.mp3   4 - Bimbofication.mp3 (Size: 48.43 MB / Downloads: 327)

.mp3   5 - Suck.mp3 (Size: 44.81 MB / Downloads: 322)
Whoa, those audio-files are very addictive. Very "heavy". I immediately feel the words on my cock. Only after a couple of minutes listening my heart is pounding,  my arms are shaking and my cock is trembling. These files can be an ideal entertainment and sensory-deprivation for long self-bondage session. But, guys, you've been warned...

Some more fun for you:

.mp3   MsJ - Cumslut Happy Orgasms.MP3 (Size: 38.11 MB / Downloads: 213)

.mp3   Birth of a serving girl.mp3 (Size: 40.22 MB / Downloads: 258)

.mp3   Birth of a serving girl - Reinforcement Excercise.mp3 (Size: 16.51 MB / Downloads: 172)

.mp3   Feminine Foundations - First Steps.mp3 (Size: 42.42 MB / Downloads: 270)
So, what do you think? Do the audio tracks "work" for anybody?
WARNING: This file is a curse and VERY addictive! The effects of listening to this file might be permanent! Listen at your own risk and only if the effects are desirable!

Listening to this one: mmmm.. interesting....

.mp3   Serenity (MP3).mp3 (Size: 93.27 MB / Downloads: 758)
These do nothing for me.
But very interesting videos.
Yesterday I tried a couple of more things:
Quote:Horny French Maid
This file takes you deep down and turns you into a sexy woman. When you wake up you find that you are dressed like a French maid, and you are holding a feather duster in your hand, and that the handle of the duster is formed as a dildo. It is impossible to put the duster away, you will hold it in your hand all the time. You also realize that you NEED to clean up the place where you are, and that you can't resist that need. When you start the cleaning you find that cleaning makes you horny, the cleaner the place gets, the hornier you get, until after approx. 20-30 minutes you are so horny that you can't stop yourself from using the handle of the feather duster in your hand as the dildo it looks like, and work yourself up to a massive orgasm. When you rest after this experience you find that you are transformed back to your old self, and that the duster is gone.

It worked but not fully according the description. I specifically imagined that the girl should be wearing high-heels, a corset, latex stockings and gloves. When I "woke up" I did feel something in my left hand. Then I danced around on tiptoes (high-heels Wink ) waving the feather-duster around me, like it was a ribbon, my abdomen was squeezed by the corset, and my hips were swaying in a very feminine way. The arousal did not build (but I like total feeling anyway), and after several minutes I deep-throated and f*d myself with that dildo-duster. No orgasm. So, fun! Wink
Here's a different style of hypnosis, some of you might like it more:

BTW, are there any alternatives to soundcloud? I've heard it's closing...
Ah, SoundCloud does not allow more than 3hours or audio. And the Serenity file was removed :/ Hm... Anyway, here's another one:
The last one from the same series:
I work away from home and my network connection here is terrible, I'm really looking forward to getting home in a few weeks to try these out, here’s hoping they live up to the warnings.


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