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Do you cum at work?
Do you cum while at work?

If so, how often and by what means?

Have you ever gotten caught?
It happened once. I should have a couple of posts about it somewhere, so far I found only this one:
It’s happened a couple of times. Most recently last Friday.

I’ve taken to wearing layers of pantyhose under my trousers on Friday’s as a little treat for myself. I had also wrapped my cock in some knee-high nylons for extra padding and increased tightness.

I was working at my desk and started bouncing my leg up and down (you know when you can make your muscles repeat semi-involuntarily). As I bounced my leg, I slid forward in my seat which really snugged everything extra tight around my cock. I felt a stirring of pleasure and decided concentrate and see if I could make it all the way (so to speak). Through the entire ordeal I kept my hands on my keyboard and I’m pretty sure my facial expression was very distant.

It took a couple of minutes of sweet build-up without touching myself, but I finally got it to let go and felt a wet warmth spread across my front.

I felt a little ashamed afterward as I carefully walked to the bathroom to see if I needed any extra cleaning up. Fortunately, I’d only spoiled the inside few layers of hose and it was a quick clean up.
I masturbated three times at work, three different jobs:

First time I was sorting documents and got bored so I started jerking off (knowing I could get caught which added to the excitement) and came in my underwear/jeans.
Second time I was in the office/warehouse alone while the boss was out (knowing he would be out that day I wore pantyhose under my jeans) so I stripped nude except for pantyhose, shut myself in a closet and masturbated with my satin "jerk-off" pillowcase.
Lastly I worked in a call centre and was super horny one day so I went to the washroom and jerked off into a bunch of wadded up toilet paper.
Who could have known that pantyhose could be so very important, three or four pairs at a time? I never imagined that I would rejoice at the pantyhose being laid out on the bed by wardrobe every morning. -Renee Zellweger

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