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Do-It-Yourself diving helmet.
Can you imagine the law suits if a magazine suggested making a diving helmet out of a biscuit tin today? 'Modern Mechanics and Inventions' advice was 'you are in no particular danger' if you don't go deeper than about ten meters 'for most of your dives' Confused all sounds like an unnecessarily complicated method of drowning yourself to me...

'Be sure to pick helpers at the pump who don't think it "funny" to quit while you are down below'. Excellent advice, that.
When was it published? The year I mean?

On page 142 there is a shot repeater ad. My first thought: a link to a "How to make a gun" DIY manual.
I'm not sure but the early nineteen-thirties I think. The whole thing looks like an accident waiting to happen.
Oh yeah, no doubts. Just add lead shoes ...
Without lead boots or a weight-belt I have no idea how the guy on the first page is walking around on the seabed, he should be bobbing about on the surface like a cork. The apparent lack of understanding of elementary physics doesn't fill me with much confidence in the project.
Apparently they were going to added a funny twist to the old good cement shoes method