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Did anybody feel your staring?
Just curious. I noticed that many times. When I look at girls, wearing something interesting (e.g. shiny leggings, tight mini-shorts, pantyhose, etc), even from a distance, so they can't see me, they begin to fiddle with their clothes, tiding them up, or checking their legs (for example, if the nylons are not laddered).

Note to the girls: no, I do not have anything dirty in my mind, I just love your look 😊
I suspect some women wear such impractical clothes that they have to constantly fiddle, whether anyone's looking or not.
I recall one instance when I was totally distracted by the sheer nylon clad legs of a senior manager in an office I was visiting; when I realised that I'd been staring at her legs for some time I quickly glanced up, only to discover she was looking directly at me (Oh-oh, busted!) - she smiled, stretched her legs out some more (such a short skirt too) and then turned back to her desk.

Sadly I never had the chance to see her, or her legs, again as she moved on to another part of the business.

(13 Jul 2018, 15:19 )Like Ra Wrote: Inadequate behaviour of the celebrities is also partly caused by focusing of millions of people onto them. Have you ever noticed someone's stare?

O.o so everytime I checked my clothes mean someone was staring!!! I better remember to look around first might catch someone and prove this theory.
(13 Jul 2018, 16:12 )Miamiku Wrote: O.o so everytime I checked my clothes mean someone was staring!!!

Could be, yes 😉
(13 Jul 2018, 16:14 )Like Ra Wrote:
(13 Jul 2018, 16:12 )Miamiku Wrote: O.o so everytime I checked my clothes mean someone was staring!!!

Could be, yes 😉

I have never been so aware of people around me as much as now! It happened twice today when I got "the urge" to fix my clothes or even etch my head apparently! I looked around and laughed like an idiot xD
Was someone indeed staring at you? 😁
(15 Jul 2018, 13:18 )Like Ra Wrote: Was someone indeed staring at you? 😁


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