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Diana Moran, the Green Goddess.
Those of you who aren't from the UK or not of a certain age might not remember Diana Moran, the Green Goddess. Basically, in the early eighties she appeared on BBC Breakfast TV every weekday morning. She would be in a different location each day but she always dressed in a shiny emerald-green leotard and tights trying to persuade the public to exercise more. She had several spin-off books, here are some pics from one of them:

. . .

More pics can follow if anyone wants to see them.

Also, here's a you-tube link to Diana exercising with the salty seamen of HMS Brazen, there's something very, very English about it...


Sadly, she later contracted breast cancer but still teaches health and fitness classes as far as I know. My best wishes go to her.
Here a few more pics of Diana:


I checked and yes, she is still teaching fitness at seventy. Even more amazing, she's still doing it in her trademark outfit!

. . .

She's an inspiration for my own New Year weight loss and exercise resolution πŸ˜‰

. . .
Was it a unitard instead of a leotard + tights in the first set?

I should've expected from the first post that you bought this outfit ;-D BTW, why not footed tights?
Quote:Was it a unitard instead of a leotard + tights in the first set?
No, Diana always wore a leotard and stirrup tights.

Quote:...BTW, why not footed tights?
Accuracy. Anyway I have several footed tights/leotard outfits in the 'Lyn Marshall' retro-yoga style...but that's for another post, more Green Goddess to come before that...

But here's a teaser for Lyn:
Accuracy? Why? Actually I know why she wears stirrup tights, but you could have bought footed tights πŸ˜‰ Just for the sake of fetish. On the other hand - the original suit is the original suit.
(01 Jan 2010, 04:44 )Like Ra Wrote: ...but you could have bought footed tights πŸ˜‰
But then it wouldn't be a 'Green Goddess' outfit, just as this one isn't (that's not me commenting though πŸ˜‰ )

Here's my last set of Green Goddess pictures. A few I've posted before, but these should be bigger and clearer.
Yeah, I know. Just what I said: fetishism vs authenticity. OTOH, it's the authenticity what excites.
It was because of diana moran i got into spandex in the first place, i'll be getting her outfit from very soon 😊
Any more pics of diana in her green outfit culmor? 😊
(31 Dec 2009, 20:31 )culmor Wrote: Here a few more pics of Diana:

She's an inspiration for my own New Year weight loss and exercise resolution πŸ˜‰

Where did you get the green leotard and tights from culmor ? 😊
Spandex lovers of the world unite 😊
Hi Lurch667, welcome to the forum!

Quote:Any more pics of diana in her green outfit culmor?

Sadly no, there seem to be surprisingly few pics of her on the web. The ones in my last post are taken from her book 'Get Fit with the Green Goddess' which you should be able to find second-hand on ebay for two or three pounds: there are a handful more tiny pics in it that I didn't think worth posting. Diana released a video with the same title (AFAIK) too although I don't imagine it was ever converted to DVD.

Quote:Where did you get the green leotard and tights from culmor ?

My 'Green Goddess' outfit is a 'Martene' leotard and stirrup tights made by 'Roch Valley Dancewear'. Their 'Julie' leotard is very similar but without the slightly gathered bust, so as Diana wore both styles you'll have to decide for yourself which you prefer. Roch Valley Dancewear itself is a wholesale-only business (AFAIK) but Google it and you'll find many online dancewear shops in the UK stocking their clothes. Expect to pay around Β£25 for the complete outfit.

The green colour nylon/lycra Roch Valley Dancewear is made in is called 'vert' and as you can see it's close to 'Green Goddess green' but not quite identical. If you wanted to be super-accurate I suppose you could buy the outfit in white and use emerald-green 'Dylon' to dye it yourself.

Edit, I did find one more image of Diana on my hard drive. I have no idea who Graham is but I envy him...
If you come across anymore pics of diana culmor mate, please post them 😊 Do you have any pics of Lizzie Webb (another thread perhaps?) 😊
Spandex lovers of the world unite 😊

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