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Danskin tights
See this post:

55% lycra? is it possible? Off to check Danskin web-site...
As expected: 68% nylon 32% Lycra® spandex. The backseam model (I also prefer) contains 20% of lycra. Found them on eBay here. A bit cheaper than on their website.
Oh yeah, the heels. I can't say I like the look of 7"+ ballet high heels (it's too unnatural), but I do respect the ability to stand and walk on such monsters. 5" is maximum I can stand on.
Probably not the best place to post these pics but black seamed netskins worn over Danskin ultrashimmers...

netskins1.jpg thumbnail    netskins2.jpg thumbnail    netskins3.jpg thumbnail   

and the 'toast' versions...

netskins4.jpg thumbnail   

The lycra in this pair of netskins was starting to perish when I took these pics, hence the 'wiggly worm' problem:

netskins5.jpg thumbnail   

The end result:
Just a heads up to all the fans of Danskin Ultra Shimmery Tights. They are back in stock. Looks like they have black, toast, light toast, classic light toast and white although not in every size yet. Hopefully the plus sizes will be availble shortly for us bigger people. Still its looking like they are coming though.