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Creating my own Website?
Hi out there.

I am thinking for a long long time about creating my own Selfbondage / Casty website. I have only one Problem: The regulations in my home county.

I want to crate a site which is open for everyone and free to use. It will contain more or less sexual material. But if I am hosting this site on a "normal" web server in my home country there will be a risk of being imprisoned because I have made sexual explicit material accessible for minors. So that is not a good idea.
I can use some kind of youth protection, but all of these systems are A expensive, and B they will restrict the amount of users tremendously. So both of these ideas are not possible.

The next possibility is to rent a Server in some other country. But legally that is not a option. Because that will not solve the problem. I am living in this country, so the rules of this country will apply, no matter where the website is hosted.

The only way I can think of is to find someone who will host the site, or will rent a server for me. And I will communicate only "anonymously" with the server.

I know that this idea will cost me money. And that is not the problem. But I do not want to do something illegal. Is there any other way I can do this?

Do you have any idea how to handle this?

o- Anonymity in the Internet is a myth.
o- Proper hosting is, indeed, expensive (see )
o- If there is nothing illegal, you can post on this site.
1 - No. Anonymity is possible, but (very) hard to archive.
2 - I dont care about the price per year. 500$ p.a is not a problem.
3 - The idea is to create a special website (Bondage / SM enhanced wight loss) So it will be much more than just a few "extra posts" I would need at least a subdomain, and the possibiliy to use ROR on the webspace. 25 MB of webspace should be enought to start with.
If someone want to contact me, please send me a PM. Not a email.
How are you going to manage the website? Directly? Or you want to give instructions via PM's? What about images? Why ROR? (Ruby on Rails?)

Subdomains is not a problem (as many as you want and free). Webspace is also not an issue. The memory is an issue. The cPanel/WHS (web-admin) stuff takes helluva memory. But it's possible to upgrade to 2GB + 4cores + 80GB + unlim traffic = $70pm (if paid for the whole year). 2GB should be enough for peaks even without stopping extra daemons (this is what my monitoring script does).

(04 Feb 2011, 10:47 )online_slave Wrote: 1 - No. Anonymity is possible, but (very) hard to archive.

Theoretically possible, but not practically. There are no 100% flawless designs. It's an oxymoron...
(04 Feb 2011, 14:24 )Like Ra Wrote:
(04 Feb 2011, 10:47 )online_slave Wrote: 1 - No. Anonymity is possible, but (very) hard to archive.

Theoretically possible, but not practically. There are no 100% flawless designs. It's an oxymoron...

Ra is spot on - don't kid yourself that anonymity can be achieved. You can do many things to try to hide yourself, but never totally.

Unless you wish to live in a cave somewhere, so far from humanity that you only have a video camera....😉

What do you exactly need it for?

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