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Zipper ideas - collection - request for teamwork
Zippers are one of the most interesting and successful inventions of the 19th century (today's form patented in 1917 only). And they are so very useful in self bondage and fetish clothing! Unfortunately, zippers come in various qualities, and the ones, that you have to rely on most, will sooner or later break or fail to operate correctly. I had some trouble in the past and did some research. So first of all, I will summarize my knowledge:

Zipper-line openes underneath the position of the slider
Usually, the slider is too far open, it doesn't pull together both sides correctly. Use a pair of pliers and carefully squeeze the sides of the slider, where the zipper lines are lead together.

Zipper works, but has too much friction
Use a pencil (a real one, with carbonum based core) to lubricate the "teeth" of the zipper. Some people suggest a candle instead of the pencil, but i haven't tried it, might be a bit messy. Others claim, that using a candle creates more friction.

Zipper opens by itself
If there is a button at the end of the zipper, you can attach a short ring of string or rubber to the zipper and "button" it in. This is the quick-and-dirty solution.
Sometimes it helps to carefully squeeze the slider where it joins the two zipper lines.
If there are metal clamps at the upper side of the zipper, these might be too thick or too thin or in a bad position. I don't know exactly how this affects the self-opening behaviour, but I think, this is the part to change.

Slider came off
There are replacement sliders. You have to make sure to get the correct size (width and thickness) as well as the correct type. I think, there are three different types of zippers, which can be told by the type of teeth. Replacement sliders should come with an instruction.
But you can often put the original slider back on, or another one that you "borrow" from another zipper. If the zipper remained closed, you only have to open the first pair of teeth, perhaps several, then slide the slider back on. This is neither easy nor impossible. If the zipper has opened, you have to do it from the other side. If there is no metal clamp, this is the easiest way. If there is a metal clamp, you have to take it off and probably stitch toghethe the zipper there afterwards.

Zippers in self-bondage
Bad quality zippers can be hazardous in self-bondage. They can get stuck in the surrounding fabric, in hair or even in your skin. So, if your release relies on a zipper or if you want to operate a zipper while your hands are not available, you should be very careful. A zipper that simply opens, is not so bad, but will probably ruin the game. I think, the weakest part of a zipper, apart from the way it is attached to the garment, is the slider. A bad slider can be replaced and this can turn a horrible zipper into a mechanical wonder. Another bad feature is a flap over a zipper or a zipper that is sewn in so neatly, that the surrounding fabric joins on closing, or gets eaten by the slider. Especially soft fabrics, such as rubber, lycra or the outer "shell" of down jackets are prone to this. If possible, remove a flap. Better don't use such garments, if your safety relies on the zipper. Also be careful about anything you wear under a zippered garment, this could be caught in the zipper as well and make it impossible to open the zipper without violence.
Can you repost from the other thread? If I moved those posts here, they will be place above the 1st message (sorted by date).
(24 Nov 2012, 22:50 )Like Ra Wrote: Can you repost from the other thread? If I moved those posts here, they will be place above the 1st message (sorted by date).

I'll rather find the posts and make a link list here. By the way, I want to extend this subject to real zipper applications for self-bondage, such as manipulating zippers, making zippers temporarily unuseable etc. I think, it is important to know a bit about zippers and their troubles before (ab)using them in SB. This is not supposed to become a manual for zipper repair. I might copy sections from other threads, when I find it useful. So far, I only described two simple methods, putting a string to the handle of a zipper and tieing the zipper handle to your neck, which - the last one - even failed.

Here an old post, some info seems useful:


If a zipper cannot be opened or closed directly (manually), a string helps a lot. The string is tied to the handle of the zipper slider and the other end of the string goes to a hook on the wall, a door handle or anything else that can serve as a fixed point near you.

A zipper cannot be under too much stress when closing it. With bare hands, you can straighten the zipper line near the slider. If you can reach the upper part (swimsuit with back zipper for example), you can straighten it a bit by pulling there.

If a zipper ends at the top of a flexible collar or similar, pulling it down can be impossible, because the collar (or whatever) bends over. Supporting the zipper can help. For example, if you want to open the back zipper of a catsuit, you could lean your neck (where the zipper starts to open) against the back of a chair, then pull the string. Do not rely on this method without testing, it might even be impossible to reach the string, string might have to be longer or this method simply doesn't help.

Some sliders have a locking mechanism, you need to lift the handle a bit in order to slide it down (open). If you have such a zipper, consider this in your release planning.

Zipper sliders tend to get caught in anything that comes close to the zipper line.

Slider handles can break off.

Zippers might work better and more smoothly, if "lubricated" with an old-style pencil (containing graphite).
two more internal links:
To open or close a zipper, I use an gator clip connected to a strong string.
Works most of the time. However, the thin smooth zipper handles are the hardest. Try to unzip yourself when you need to take a crap.

Got a small paper clip? Replace the slider with the paper clip so a small hook can be used to pull the zipper open or close.

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