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Capacity Eight – Tough-and-unfair- a week of pain
written by a sick mind, 2020/2021

Actually, Vera didn't stand a chance, only that she didn't know that. Worse, she didn't know about the hardcore scene. Vera was in a happy liaison with her boyfriend Markus. Having just moved out of her parents' apartment at the age of seventeen, she lived as a mathematics student in a shared flat, where she met Markus. Now the two have been together for two years and Vera is in her fifth semester.
Vera is a slim young lady and the 90-60-90 rule doesn't quite fit, but she can show herself! She wore long golden blonde hair tied back in a long tail. With her long, slender legs, she reached 1.92 meters without taking off her shoes. She loved high heels, and they put her above most people without bothering to stand on the toes.
Vera was working part-time as a secretary in a consulting firm when a young, handsome engineer joined the consulting team. He introduced himself to the secretariat as Peter Ålson. He said that he was originally from Sweden but moved to Germany with his parents at an early age.
Vera wasn't usually shy, but Peter left her speechless. His deep blue eyes and blond hair combed back, his long, slender figure of more than six feet, Vera fell in love instantly! Peter, of course, immediately noticed her reaction to him and unceremoniously invited Vera to his birthday party at his house next weekend. What Vera didn't know was that Peter celebrated his birthday almost every weekend!
Markus was supposed to go fishing with friends that weekend, so it fitted perfectly! Vera had actually agreed with Markus to go on vacation at the Baltic Sea for a week, but now Vera is blown away by Peter and Markus has told her that he won't be back until the end of the week. "Oh, what's the point!" Vera thinks, "Maybe there will still be fun and sex! “ and laughed to herself.
Vera didn't know that Markus and Peter knew each other from before and that the two had hatched "something" for Vera! Fishing!? Ha, Markus laughed when he said that to Vera!
If only Vera knew what was waiting for her!

That weekend, Vera put on a thin, almost see-through blouse and skipped the bra. Her nipples shimmered slightly through the fabric, but that didn't bother her. Briefly, she doubted between her jeans or a long skirt with a split. Then the skirt, that would be much more exciting, and the material was also thinner, so that touching it was immediately noticeable. "And I'll do without the panties!" Vera said! It's a good thing that her skirt was so long, she could feel her excitement, which was evident in the slight moisture between her legs. In addition, her high heels, perfect! She would steal the show, she thought to herself. Just get there, to Peter's parents' property!

It wasn't just men who couldn't take their eyes off Vera on the tram. It didn't bother her, it even honored her. It was only a few meters from the tram stop to the property. Vera aeady heard music and voices and quickly found her way to the gate. A large, tall cast iron gate stood open, inviting the white gravel path to the house. Beside the path there was a narrow-paved strip on both sides, so that Vera didn't have to fight her heels through the gravel.

Actually, a castle, as it looked! Then she saw where the party was going! A large table with bowls presented by the catering service and an area with drinks invited to celebrate.

And Peter was aeady approaching her. With an admiring "Wow!" he made Vera blush slightly. "Hello Peter, I thought you might be happy about a little wine tasting from my parents!" Vera said and gave Peter the gift. Peter laughed and took her arm and led her to a larger group to be introduced. "Dear people," he said, "I would like to introduce you to Vera, my new playmate!". Vera was even more embarrassed; she hadn't expected to be introduced as a playmate right away! Her heart started beating a lot faster, what kind of evening would that be!?

"I think our evening will be very exciting!" Peter whispered in Vera's ear. "Come on, I'll pour you something to drink!", he said louder and took her to the drinks table. "You are dressed exactly as I imagined in my wildest dreams," Peter continued and then asked for her favorite drink. "I think I need something strong," Vera said hotly. "I'd appreciate a cocktail with lots of whiskey!" she laughed. She's calmed down a bit now, but being around Peter was exciting!

"Unfortunately, I have to leave you alone, make acquaintance with my friends!" said Peter and aeady handed her her cocktail. "Everything's fine," Vera said and ran to the group where she had been introduced earlier. "So, so, you're a new one from Peter?", asked a good-looking woman, "I'm Anja, Peter's sister." "Did Peter tell you how he wants to celebrate his birthday?", Then another woman asked and held out her hand, "I'm Jeannette, but everyone calls me Jeannie," she then said, laughing. “Uh, no, Peter just asked me to come to his party. Why?” asked Vera. Some started laughing at her question, others grimaced and made indefinite snorts. "Oh my!" Says Anja, "I'll talk to Peter," and immediately walks in the direction of the drinks-tables.

"It's supposed to be a surprise!" Jeannie's obvious partner said with a laugh, "I'm Harald!" he introduces himself. "Or he didn't dare," said another. Laughter erupts again. Vera didn't know how to deal with the reactions but got a little nervous. "What do you mean!?" she asked nervously. "Peter has to tell you that himself," said a man who introduced himself as Carlos. "But I'm asking you, how do you feel about group sex!?" Vera blushed slightly again, but answered hesitantly, "I haven't had the pleasure yet." Jeannie says to Vera, laughing, "don't worry, don't let them drive hot men crazy! You will see. If you are not completely averse, you will experience a great evening! We're all in!

Somehow that didn't calm Vera down at all, but she didn't dare to say it, and with a bit of grim face, she took a big sip of her cocktail and laughed a little mock. "I think I need another one like this, but with more whiskey!" she said with a deep breath. Carlos says, "I'll get you one, you'll calm down a bit!" and ran to the drinks table. Peter and Anja came towards him and stopped briefly to talk something with each other. Carlos shook his head and then walked on to the table. Peter and Anja joined the group and Peter began, "Vera, I have to confess something to you...!", but then Vera took the floor. "No problem, Peter, I've aeady been enlightened! I look forward to the unknown!”

Peter looked around in amazement and was laughed at by the others. "Yes, Peter, we asked her if she wanted to join our games! And I think... she will! Isn’t it, Vera?” Carlos said. Vera nodded embarrassed, "Well, I don't know yet, I've never done anything like this, I..." Peter interrupted her, "Everything has a beginning, at some point. You'll have fun, we'll all take care of that!” and laughs disarmingly. Vera breathed deeply and took a big sip of the cocktail that Carlos is handing her and coughs, "Oh my God! That's almost pure!” and then laughs along with the others. "Come on!" says Peter, "The grill is hot, let's eat something!"

All flock to the tables and grills. Immediately Carlos was with her to hold up a plate with a delicious steak. "You'll need the energy if the men want to attack you afterwards!" he says, laughing. Vera isn't quite sure if that would correspond to her dream of group sex, but "What the hell! I am now happily drunk! Nothing can shock me now!”

No sooner have the steaks been eaten than Peter calls out, "Guys, the fun is on! The door is open!” And they all move to a side staircase that leads to a basement or basement. Vera still wants to hold back, but apparently several people were careful and Carlos, Jeannie, Anja, and two other men are aeady taking Vera by the hand, almost surrounding her and literally urging her to go with them.
Carlos tries to calm her down and puts his arm around Vera's waist. "Oh wow! A split skirt! I hadn't noticed that before!” And immediately his hand slides through the split fold under Vera's skirt.
Vera shudders slightly as she slides his hand over her bottom, which is bare under her skirt. Slightly drunk, she smiles happily at Carlos. Carlos immediately noticed that Vera wasn't even wearing panties! He also laughs back happily and stands behind Vera, sliding his hand forwards from her buttocks. Then Anja and Jeannie and the other men urge the two to go on.

Slowly it goes down the basement stairs and through a thick oak door into a basement vestibule. Vera sees a bar set into the anteroom and thick carpets hanging on the walls. The noise from the excitedly chattering people is heavily muffled and then she sees that the anteroom leads through an even thicker, heavily padded door into a huge second room. The room measures at least 20x20 meters! The light in the room is much less harsh and pleasantly rosy, yellow. It seems to come from everywhere. There is some kind of parquet flooring in the hallway, and there is a beautiful shag carpet in the middle.
Then she notices that there are a lot of different devices in the room. Vera's first thought is that it's sports equipment, but then she sees the big wooden cross on the wall with lots of fastening straps, as if you want to put plant pots in there! Next to it are chains and... handcuffs! And clearly: whips! Vera's heart is beating faster! A shudder goes through her body and Anja puts an arm around her. "We're not going to try everything on you right away!" she says in a whisper. "We will give many pleasures to our today's princess, so that she will join our club out of passion and free will!", calls Peter in the group and at the same time strokes the head of a large German Shepherd, which has laid down next to Peter on the ground.

"You're the princess!", Anja whispers in her ear and walks with her right hand under Vera's skirt and with one finger between Vera's wet labia. "Ohoho!", Anja whispers in Vera's ear, "completely ready for something bigger!"
"Each of you got a number! Now comes the drawing of the first winners!” says Peter and runs to a wheel of fortune that is on the wall. With a big swing, Peter sets the wheel in motion.

"Ticketicketicketicketicke ...", the wheel runs past the pins and slower and slower, it stops at "19". "Who has the '19'?" calls Peter and a woman comes forward "Me!" she calls happily, shows Peter and the others her number and immediately runs towards Vera. "I can undress you!", she says and immediately kisses the excited Vera on the mouth and starts to unbutton her blouse. Vera makes slight defensive movements, but her assigned partner does not give up.
In the meantime, the wheel is turning again and everyone is talking excitedly at once. “The 14”, calls Peter and a slender man steps forward and immediately approaches the two women, who are meanwhile busy with each other in the middle of an enthusiastic pack. Then Vera's blouse falls to the ground and Vera, slightly dizzy, is also motivated by the lively hands of her partner to open her clothes. The lucky bird with the "14" is aeady taking off his pants and takes Vera's breasts from behind in his hands and rubs his good piece of Vera against her skirt. Then his hands slide down and while Vera is engaged in a tongue fight by her partner, two hands slip under Vera's skirt and notice the lack of panties. Vera can't help but happily let out a deep "Oooh!" as she feels a hand on her aeady wet pussy and a finger starts pushing inside her!

The wheel of fortune spins and spins, but now the others are being forged into random pairs and the merry shouts and shouts rise up everywhere. Vera is now lifted out of her shoes and her partner ties a blindfold over her eyes. Again, Vera makes defensive motions with her hands, but when she tries to remove her blindfold, her hands are roughly twisted behind her back and with two quick clicks, she's handcuffed. Now Vera protests, "I don't know, I...mmmpf."

Even as she protests, a ball gag is shoved in her mouth and strapped behind her head. The man is now forcing her against the wall and instinctively Vera knows that she is standing in front of the cross she had seen on the wall before. She tries to defend herself, but soon two more people are there and Vera's neck is strapped into a hanger. Then the handcuffs are taken off her again and although Vera is squirming, each hand is also put in a steel bracket. In the meantime, five or six men are busy with her and Vera feels that her skirt is being taken off her. Then she feels how women's hands push her legs apart and immediately she hears through the loud enthusiastic shouts that it clicks twice and she feels how she is spread and naked fixed on the cross!

Applause rang out and, judging by the noise level, the excitement increased significantly. Vera feels hands massaging her breasts, hands massaging her pussy, fingers penetrating her, someone kissing her neck passionately. Then she feels a tongue on her labia which is getting wilder and trying to penetrate her. The lips that belong to the tongue slowly move up and although it is pleasantly warm in the room, Vera's whole body trembles with excitement. She could scream with pleasure but the ball in her mouth only allows smacking noises. Deep grunts from her throat complete this. She tries to defend herself against her feelings, but it doesn't help, she doesn't have much freedom of movement.

In the meantime, several mouths are on their way to her body and her stiff, protruding nipples are aeady being nibbled and licked on both breasts. Again, a very large tongue licks her pussy! "Who can have such a big tongue!?", goes through Vera's head. She can't see a big German Shepherd pleasing her hotspot! She will probably only find out later!

Now Vera can't count how many people are taking care of her at the same time. She hears people gracefully, "In in, in, in, in, in..." and feels the tongue has now burst for a warm wet rod slowly entering her under the shouts. The orgasm that was aeady initiated by the dog's tongue now overwhelms her with full force and her body twitches in ecstasy! Wave after wave run through her body to the rhythm of the movements of her studs.

Then she feels and hears how the man gets his orgasm and feels how his juice shoots inside her! "He didn't use a condom!" Vera states with great shock! He withdraws and immediately someone penetrates her again! He cums almost at the same time as he's in her! Still three-four-five, Vera can no longer count, many others follow. The juice runs down her legs and again and again waves of orgasm follow through her body.

Then finally, completely exhausted, she is freed from the cross. "Now let's see how deep you can go!", she hears Anja say. She still hears moans everywhere, which makes her heart beat faster again and again. Without removing her blindfold, Vera is now strapped into some kind of seat. Her hands fastened behind her back again, but this time with a rope. Then someone takes the ball gag away from her. Mouth a bit stiff, Vera chews a little and gets a glass of water to drink.
Still panting slightly, she then feels that someone wets her face with his penis and presses it between her lips. Vera opens her mouth happily and the penis slowly slides in. She's enjoying it now! But what is that!? Something metallic presses her lips just as the penis is deep in her mouth! Then she feels the metallic thing enter between her lips and someone fastens a leather strap behind her head! The penis retracts, but now Vera can't close her mouth! "A ring gag!" shoots through her mind! "A ring gag! Oh help, what's happening now!?” She tries to protest again, but only throat sounds come out of her wide-open mouth.

Again, she hears the excitement from the group! She certainly has an audience! Then she feels a penis penetrating her mouth through the ring! "No, it's something artificial! A dildo! What did Anja want!? measure depth!? Oh no!". Immediately she realizes that this is going to be an ordeal! The dildo has a sweet taste, and she feels her salivation making her swallow while someone pushes the dildo deeper and deeper! "Ten centimetres!" she hears Peter calling! Vera retches slightly, but it's bearable. Then follows "Fifteen!", Vera chokes and tries to free herself. On "Twenty!", Vera chokes and coughs, writhing with her body, but strong male hands hold her tight. The dildo is briefly removed. Jeannie calls out to her, "You have to swallow like there's something to eat!", but Vera chokes and tears run down her cheeks from under the blindfold.

"Give her a grape!", she hears another woman shout and Vera feels the dildo being taken out of her mouth. Then Anja whispers in her ear, "swallow the grape without chewing and you'll see that you too can be a deep-throat princess!".
Vera wheezes and wheezes and cries tears. Then a grape is put in her mouth, immediately after that she gets a sip of water and immediately the dildo is pushed in! The grape swallows Vera reflexively, as if she were swallowing a pill and feeling the dildo penetrating her throat! She hears noises as if from afar, but then she hears Peter shouting happily, "She'll do it, she'll do it! Thirty centimeters! The dildo is in her throat! Look, you can see how far he's come! Yeh! Forty, forty-five, Anja, stick it all the way in!”. Vera can't breathe right now, but she feels the dildo sliding deeper and deeper down her throat! Suddenly she feels that the dildo has reached her stomach and is even being pushed further there!

Now there are no more tears, now pearls of sweat roll down her forehead and run down her head like a stream. She still can't breathe! Don't they notice that she's dying!? Then she feels like through a fog how the dildo slides out of her mouth again and she can breathe again immediately. "No, it won't slide out!", the dildo is held in her mouth and slides back in! Vera quickly takes a deep breath as she reflexively swallows the dildo. She hardly hears any noises anymore; she concentrates on staying alive. The sliding dildo excites her a lot, but there is no energy and air to experience an orgasm.

Finally, the dildo is taken out and immediately after that the ring gag too. Panting and crying, Vera regains consciousness when she is freed from her chair. "You're doing great!", she hears Anja say, "Now you'll get one last entrance exam! But first you have to say if you want to join our little sex club!”.
Still panting and exhausted, Vera says, "I think I'll go crazy if I have to do this more often!". "What do I have to do for sort of an exam?". "No, tell me if you'll take part, then you'll see what the exam will be! You'll pass, don't worry!” laughs Anja, and everyone in the room laughs too. But then Vera curtsies, "I don't know what kind of exam is coming, but, yes, okay, I want to! What do I have to do now?”.
Applause and cheers erupt. Then, without further explanation, Vera is brought to the center of the room and strapped to her back on a narrow bunk. Feet on front legs of cot, arms hanging down with hands strapped to rear legs of cot. Her head is hanging slightly in the air, her legs are spread as Vera feels a man enter her pussy and start fucking her. He holds her tight by her hips and thrusts and thrusts into her. Another man puts his cock in her mouth and grabs her breasts and also thrusts into her like an animal. With a double scream, both men come into her almost simultaneously and Vera swallows like a world champion.

As soon as both are out of her, the next man comes in her mouth. He is enthusiastically cheered on by his partner when Vera feels the long tongue on her pussy again! An orgasm wave forces itself on her! Then comes the man in her throat and Vera has to swallow again when she notices that the tongue is now licking her stomach, then coming up and licking her breasts! Jeannie takes off her blindfold and then Vera sees the owner of the long tongue for the first time! Before she can even say anything, she sees the German shepherd press his device against her labia and feels him slide in! "No no! Don't!”, but it's aeady too late and everyone is watching and shouting and cheering enthusiastically!
Vera feels the big dog pushing his equally large sex device in and out and in! Howling, she throws her head back and feels the pressure and the size of the dog's penis. Then another man grabs her head and presses his swollen prick between Vera's lips. She sobs and wheezes as he keeps penetrating her. Vera can hardly concentrate, but suddenly she feels her pussy getting more and more pressure! She had read that somewhere, the dog's penis gets a thickening just before the dog has its orgasm, so that the penis cannot slip out! The pressure on her pubic walls and the movement in her vagina cause her orgasm to flood her whole body!

Then she gets the man's semen on her face and a second man comes in and cums on her face too! A third and a fourth are helped by their wives to defecate on their faces. Now Peter comes and puts his device in her mouth. The cum is running down her face and in her eyes and up her nose while Peter now enjoys her. More men join them and cum all over her face. Anja has put a bowl under her head and catches everything that runs down. Vera suddenly feels warm juice in her vagina and could scream!

Then all the men have had their fun and Peter comes too, but in Vera's mouth. She has to swallow cum again, Peter doesn't let his device out until she swallows it all. The dog tries to free his device, but he is stuck. And with every attempt to break free, an orgasmic wave runs through Vera's body. Then with a 'plop!', the dog gets free, and Vera feels warm dog semen running down her legs from her vagina. Immediately one of the women is about to catch that too! Vera doesn't notice. Anja or Jeannie or someone else sweeps the sperm off her face and catches it in the bowl.

Someone unties Vera and, trembling with the effort, she is brought to a dance pole. At least it's a pole, like Vera saw in a video about a whorehouse where the young girls were dancing around. Anja orders her to get on her knees and Vera does it without resistance. Then her neck, then her hips and her head are fastened to the pole with leather straps.

Vera gets blindfolded again. Her feet are tied behind the post and then she feels someone tie something to her nipples. Pain shoots through her nipples and she screams it out. The watching crowd is enthusiastic, and the noise level has risen sharply again. Encouraging calls ring out. Vera doesn't know if they concern her or her tormentors! Her hands are handcuffed together and attached to a rope that pulls her hands up. Then someone puts something in her mouth. "Oh no! Another dildo!?“. But no, this time it's an inflatable penis gag. And she notices that immediately when someone inflates the gag and the whole thing fills her mouth. A small dildo penis is inserted so far into her mouth that the end sticks up to the middle of her tongue.

She can only lick the shaft with her tongue. By the way, it only tastes like rubber. Then she realizes she can breathe through the dildo! It has a hole! What do they want to do!? Vera remembers that she once caught Markus "shopping" on the internet and he was looking at a mouth gag with a pipe on it! "Inflatable mouth gag with piss tube", it said! "They want to fill me with urine!" It went through her head. The nipples hurt! Then Jeannie whispers happily in her ear, "I'll hang weights on your nipple clamps now!". Now it hurts even more! And she can't scream! She breathes in and out through her nose in a rapid rhythm. The pain darkens her brain.

Jeannie nibbles on her ear and licks her tongue in her ear, when Anja starts to whisper into her ear on the other ear, “Be careful, the key to your handcuffs is on the floor. But it is packed in a block of ice. You can melt this with your hands or wait for it to melt. Then you can open your handcuffs with the key. Unfortunately, you can't lift the key very high, so you have to undo the handcuffs on the ground. After that you can free yourself from the pole. Have fun!"

"Something's wrong! Isn’t it!?” Vera thinks while noticing that the pain in her nipples and breasts is getting stronger. She must act! It's quieter in the room now, as if people are just watching her in silence. Vera moves her hands down and feels the ice cubes. But what is that!? A liquid run into her mouth! Startled, she raises her hands again.
She hears people laughing excitedly and moaning too. Her situation probably turns the others on quite a bit! She can't spit out the juice, she must swallow it. But at least nothing runs after it! Now she tastes what it is! It tastes like urine smells! And the pain too! They drive Vera crazy!
She tries to reach the block of ice again and again a flood of urine runs into her mouth and down her throat. Vera coughs, but that makes it worse and some of the urine comes out of her nose! Now she not only has the taste but also the smell of the urine! Swallowing and coughing, she gets a grip on herself again. She could scream! Tears run down her cheeks. But they're going to set them free, aren't they!? Then Peter says, "Enough people, get dressed, have another beer or something and go home. We will report to you and see you again next month!” Then Vera hears everyone slowly leaving the room. “So, dear Vera, Anja and I are going to eat something and then go to bed. You must free yourself or keep kneeling here like this until morning. When you've freed yourself, there's a bed here in the basement and you can take a shower here. You won't get out until Anja, and I open the door for you! Good night!". And Vera hears Peter and Anja leave the room! Then Peter turns around again and says, "Bruno will keep you company tonight! Have fun!".

"Bruno!? Who is Bruno!? The dog!?” goes through Vera's mind.
Slightly panicking, Vera tries to get the key again and urine slowly runs into her mouth again. Now she swallows immediately but raises her hands again for now. After five minutes her arms start to hurt and after ten minutes, she has no choice but to move her hands back down. Urine comes along again, "How much is it!?" Vera thinks desperately. Then she notices how a key can aeady be felt from the block of ice. She desperately tries to cover the hole in the gag with her tongue, but that doesn't work. More and more urine runs into her mouth.
After an infinitely long time, Vera manages to get the key out of the block of ice and with trembling hands she tries to put the key in the lock of the handcuffs. After another infinite time and more pees, she succeeds, but then she moves her hands up and the key clatters back to the floor. Her hands go down again and find the key on its chain. This time Vera gets the key right into the handcuff lock the first time and with a little effort she gets it turned and with one click the handcuffs open. In the excitement, Vera hadn't even noticed that the urine flow had dried up.

She pulls down the blindfold and opens the valve of the gag. Then she can finally take the gag out of her mouth! The taste of urine sticks in her mouth, nose and throat! But then she suddenly can't stop licking the dildo and sucking the last bits out of the pipe! It makes her so horny! She undoes the leather straps and frees her feet, rolling on her back exhaustedly. In the dimmed light in the basement, she sees that there is a small bathroom in one corner, where her few clothes are also hung up! And next to it a bed with pyjamas! Despite this, Vera tries the door to freedom, but it is locked!

Tired, exhausted and with a lot of thoughts on her mind, she decides to accept her fate and goes to the small wet room to take a shower. In the shower, her hand slides on her pussy and panting, she immediately gets the first wave of an impending orgasm, which suddenly rises in her when she notices that in the excitement the clamps with the weights are still hanging on her nipples! Somehow the pain is gone! Vera takes the weights off, but when she undoes the first clamp, she screams in pain as the blood rushes back into her nipple! It repeats on the second clip, but this time she bites back a scream. Then she lets the warm water soothe her body and then dries off. Again, she must stimulate her vagina and with one hand on her breast and the other deep between her labia she gets an orgasm again. Desperately she thinks, "Became addicted!?". Then she lets herself fall naked on the bed, pulls the covers over her and falls asleep immediately.

As Vera wakes up the next morning, there is clothes stand next to her bed with a red latex full-body suit and various parts, which Vera recognizes as a mouth gag with a penis, a vibrator dildo and an ass dildo with several thickenings. And handcuffs! And a blindfold, or rather, an eye patch with snaps! And clamps! And small weights, obviously, to attach to the clamps!

Next to it, a spreader bar leans against the clothes stand. Something is written on a piece of paper attached to the pole. She slowly moves her legs out of bed to get up, but suddenly the dog is there again and prevents her from getting up! He forces his head between Vera's legs and pushes them apart. "No! Stop it!” Vera calls, but she doesn't stand a chance against the big, strong dog and Vera feels that long tongue on her sex hole again.

Not quite awake yet, with pressure on her bladder and dog between her legs, Vera slowly falls backwards on her arms. Half sitting, she feels the exciting warmth of the dog's tongue and breathes deeply. She surrendered to the dog and now voluntarily opens her legs a little further. Bruno vigorously licks her labia apart and Vera feels how aroused she is and how wet she gets! Then she lays on her back and with one hand on her breasts and the other hand on her clit, she starts masturbating with her eyes closed.

Suddenly she feels Bruno put his paws on her stomach! She opens her eyes in fright and sees the dog jumping on her with a small leap forward! Vera can't suppress a scream and just sees how the huge dog penis penetrates her! She tries to push the dog away, but even now she has no chance! Then she feels how the penis pushes further into her with every movement and with every thrust an "Oooh!" leaves her throat.

Her breasts move back and forth to the rhythm of the thrusts. Again she closes her eyes and accepts her fate. With one hand she stimulates her nipples, the other hand is now around Bruno's neck! The canine penis inside her puffs up and clamps tightly in her vagina. She makes rhythmic movements with her pelvis to stimulate Bruno even more. Then the pressure on her vagina walls causes the orgasm to bubble up inside her and as Bruno sprays his seed inside her, Vera screams her violent orgasm against the basement walls.

After this morning experience, Vera remains lying on the bed counted with closed eyes and panting heavily, while Bruno licks first Vera and then himself clean. With trembling knees, Vera gets up and wants to run to the bathroom, then she sees the note on the rail:
"Good morning Vera! It's your choice! If you put on your own clothes, you will find the key to this cellar in your pocket. You may go! But you can also put on the red suit and attach the devices that are attached to the suit. Then you take the spreader bar, the handcuffs, the gag and the blindfold and go to the dance pole in the middle of the basement. There you gag yourself, attach the spreader bar to your feet, insert the vibrator into your vagina and click it onto your suit. The same with the ass dildo. Then you hang the weights on your nipples, the suit has holes there, then you click the blindfold on your headboard and hang the headboard with the ring at the top of the headboard on the provided carabiner on the dance pole. You put your hands in the handcuffs behind the bar.”

"If you do that, you will experience many beautiful things as our slave!"
"You can get off at any time. Immediately and without 'ifs and buts'. However, there are a few conditions!”

• You have had public sex with at least one of us.
• You worked a day on the line.
• You had a bukkake with at least 30 men
• You voluntarily drank half a litre of semen while the club was together watching.

• You got at least one piercing during our games
with you.
• Each of us had sex with you once while the other club members watched.”
• You introduced a new member
who stayed.
• You made it to level 6 in the sex board game 'CB-capacity' and played the level 6.
• You did prostitution at the truck parking lot
• You had breakfast on the Pyramid Dildo
• You go to a party with one of us, where you wear your dress with hooks on your nipples
• You walked at least once the sex-maze
• You passed all the sex-rooms of one
of our members

"It's up to you to choose! Or sign this agreement here, put it on your bed and get started!”
While Vera was reading the note, she was panting more and more deeply, and her pulse kept increasing! "What should I do!? What am I supposed to do!?” goes through her head. She liked the hard games and the role as a slave, although it was sometimes painful, and it exposed her for everyone. But the thought of having endless fun from it and also with others brought Vera into a serious conflict with herself. "In any case, I'll get a male!" Vera said quietly to herself. Herself in a tunnel game to go without being able to exert any influence on it …! And the conditions for an exit would not be without it either! Talking quietly to herself, Vera ran to the shower. The dog cum was still running down her thighs, but she hardly noticed.

In the shower, she continued talking to herself. "It was cool!", she said to herself, "But drink sperm! And that too voluntarily!? Never!!!". The water streamed over her face. "And what kind of board game is that? Never heard of! Have to show me first! And I don't walk on the street!". "Well, I've always wanted a piercing!" Vera laughed to herself as she looked in the mirror on the wall after the shower. "What am I to do!?". Vera dried herself while her thoughts made her dizzy. Dazed by her thoughts, Vera felt her body screaming, “Yes, yes, yes, do it!” inside her. Her reason screamed at the same time, "No, Vera, no, don't do it! You don't know what's happening!'. "Yes, do it! Even if you don't know what's going on, they won't let you down!”. "No, they will hurt you!". But she was running out of reasons not to dare! "Think of the fun!", "Think of the super orgasm!", "You hardly feel the pain anymore!", "Dangerous!", "You want the adventure!", ....

Then, half absent, she signs the note and puts it on her bed. Vera approached the clothes rack and without realizing it, she started to put on the red latex suit! As she puts her arms in the sleeves of the suit, she thinks, "What do I do!? What am I doing!? Am I crazy!?“. Vera pauses for a moment. But then she desperately carries on. She still hears reason talking to her, but more and more quietly. Her body trembles with excitement as she tucks her long hair into her suit and pulls on the hood. Then she walks into the bathroom and admires herself in the mirror. "You look great, Vera!" she says to herself, laughing, and runs back to the other utensils.

The latex suit has holes everywhere. Your feet and hands stick out. The nipples of her breasts push through two holes and stand forward excitedly. Then at the buttocks and at the front as well as holes with snaps around. Also, on the head there are openings for her eyes and nose and mouth, all reinforced with leather straps on the outside and trimmed with snaps. At the top, over her head, there is also a wide leather strap with several rings. All leather straps converge on a wide belt that fits around her neck. "Should I maybe close it too!?" Vera asks herself. Then she realizes that the belt is quite stiff and fits snugly around her neck. It cannot be made narrower or further. With a click, she pushes a small tongue lock together and the collar sits. Vera tries to open it again, but she doesn't succeed.
"Shit!", she thinks and looks in the bathroom mirror again and sees that a small key is needed to open it again! "Shit! Shit! Shit!” she says to herself, “I should have looked at that better beforehand!”. But it's too late! Now she also notices the ring on the back of the collar. "What will that be for!?" she muses.

Shocked, frustrated, and thoughtful, she sits down on the bed for a moment and thinks about it. A going “back”, aeady is, actually, no more available as option! Reason screams at her, "You see! Would you have listened to reason!”. Vera takes a deep breath, gets up and again quite dizzy, she goes to the clothes rack.
She tries to shove the big dildo with the balls up her ass while standing up. Then she realizes that if she bends slightly, it's easier. Ball after ball disappears inside her and with every ball a wave of pure pleasure goes through her body. Then she can click the attachment with the snaps. As she sits up she feels the dildo moving inside her. With every movement she feels a slight excitement.
Panting, Vera grabs the vibrator and opens it up to take it in as well. She rolls her eyes as the device twists between her pussy lips. "Oooooh! Ooooh my God!” she snorts and also clicks the vibrator firmly onto her suit. Nor can she just take the door key out of her pocket and walk out. But she probably won't get far in the suit without causing a public uproar!

Trembling, Vera continues and takes the two clamps in her hand. The weights were wrong, Vera lets them be for the time being. She carefully clamps a clip to her left nipple. The pain immediately brings tears to Vera's eyes and a "uummmpf" Vera cannot suppress with her mouth closed while she bends slightly in pain. With her eyes closed, she breathes deeply a few times before attaching the second clamp to her right nipple as well. She bends over in pain again and takes a few more deep breaths.

When Vera gets up again and opens her eyes again, panting, she takes the spreader bar in her hand. Now it's getting difficult! Then she takes the weights and quickly hooks them to the nipple clamps. The clamps tighten immediately and a Howler goes through the basement as Vera lets go of the weights. She immediately picks up the weights in both hands again to ease the pain. "What am I doing!?", she says to herself, crying softly, "What am I doing!?". She slowly lowers the weights and bites back the pain. Now Vera grabs the mouth gag and ties it around her, bends down, fastens the spreader bar to her ankles, grabs the eye patch and handcuffs and carefully moves to the dance pole.

Now she sees that the dance pole has a ring with a lock to attach the spreader pole. It's quick and Vera stands at the dance pole without being able to get away from there. Then she straightens up and has aeady discovered the connection for her collar. With a click she connects the collar and feels the excitement rising in her. "Now the eye patch!" she thinks and clicks the patch on the head-harnas.

On the head-ring there is a snap hook that Vera can just reach when she stands on her toes. With one click it hooks and Vera can stand normally again. Last are the handcuffs. As a precaution, Vera had aeady attached one page to her left hand so as not to lose it out of reach. With one last click, the handcuffs close behind the dance pole and Vera is completely fixed.

"What will happen now?" Vera thinks, but she doesn't have to wait long for an answer. Suddenly the vibrator inside her starts to move! The aeady pent-up tension now becomes one hell of a mess. Wave after wave twitches through Vera's body, she could scream, but the penis gag in her mouth prevents everything. Puffing and muttering "Mmmmm!", she feels her aroused body getting closer to an orgasmic blast when suddenly the vibrator shuts off! The violent waves slowly ebb away, and Vera could scream again, now with frustration, because the vibrator switched off just before the orgasm. The pain in her nipples is now returning.

Then she hears the cellar door opening and people pushing into the cellar. Apparently only men, no female voices! While Vera is still thinking about what will become of it, she feels how many hands are beginning to touch and caress her. Other hands stimulate her breasts, and one pulls on her nipple clamps. "Mmmmm! Mmmmm!' comes out of Vera's mouth. But no one seems to care. Then the vibrator is removed, and fingers penetrate her instead! Again her body starts to twitch in waves and again Vera feels how the orgasm is fast approaching! But the boys seem to notice and suddenly stop! Again, Vera could scream with frustration, but no one will let her! Instead, her earplugs are put in her ears and all noises are only heard muffled by Vera.

Until someone takes the gag off her and Vera can utter wheezing and wheezing noises. But her mouth and throat are too dry to articulate and it's just "Ooooh!" and "Aaaah!" and "Ggggh". Vera's nipple is being nibbled while someone obviously sticks his cock in her pussy and suddenly a dildo is shoved in her mouth! "Hmmpf, hmmpf!" says Vera and feels the dildo being pushed further and further down her throat! Vera remembers Anja's words: "You have to swallow!", and Vera takes a deep breath and swallows!
The dildo keeps pushing and Vera feels how easy it is now! She feels the giant thing being shoved down her throat and penetrating her stomach! The sounds and talk of the men fade into the background, it's as if hearing has stopped! She can't hold out for long! Beads of sweat run down under the suit, but then the dildo is pulled back!

Now Vera feels someone playing with her ass dildo, moving her in and out while someone else massages her nipples and someone slides something spiky between her legs. Her labia start to burn! Again and again, someone pushes something prickly between her legs and then starts massaging her nipples with it too! In the meantime, the dildo is aeady back in the throat and is pushing further bit by bit! All at the same time, Vera can't even count the waves that partially overlap and make her heart pound.

Suddenly it's all over! The ass dildo is deep inside her, the deepthroat with the huge dildo is over, the dildo gag is back in her mouth, but someone pulls her nipples down! Then off they go, man after man sticking his device in her pussy until he's done. The sperm runs down her thighs and her labia are glowing! Now an orgasm wave comes over her again and again. Then the many men are finished with her.

She didn't count, but there were many! The noise level decreases, and Vera hears the basement door slam as the last man leaves the room. But what is that!? Someone licks her pussy and then the gag is taken off her and Vera is kissed passionately on the mouth! She returns the kisses and soon two tongues are busy with each other. Vera senses that her sex partner is a woman and feels her nipples rubbing against Vera's nipples. A hand slides between Vera's legs and smears the sperm running down her labia. Then one finger, then two, then three slides into her pussy and starts to please her another time.

Vera feels how her pussy is painfully pushed apart and then a hand moves inside her! The fist inside her opens up and plays with her clit. Waves of orgasm begin to shake through her body. The earplugs still plug into their ears effectively and block out any noise. She doesn't know who is playing with her, she only feels the movement and that someone else is arousing her body with something rough.
Then the hand leaves her body and Vera is released from her fixed position on the pole. Four hands hold her tight and now the spreader bar is removed. Vera is brought to a seat where she is strapped back in place. Her feet are in rings, she is now sitting on a dildo that slowly penetrates her ass. Vera slowly sinks down on the dildo until it feels like it is pressing on her stomach. "How long is that thing!?" she thinks desperately. Not only long, but also quite thick! At least that's how it feels!

Her arms are strapped to armrests and her head is fixed to a headrest. Jeannie is there too; she takes Vera's blindfold off. She seems to be saying "Hello!" but Vera doesn't hear her. Then Anja comes into the picture. She is completely naked and laughs happily at Vera and kisses her lips. Then Vera sees Peter coming into the picture. Without much ado, Peter grabs his sister and starts kissing her! The two laugh at Vera while Jeannie continues to take shots of Vera's seat. Then she clamps nipple clamps on Vera's nipples and connects them with a rope. Peter now comes to the chair and lifts the armrests slightly. Then Vera notices Jeannie stretching the ropes and that the armrests are connected to it!

Vera must hold up the armrests to ease the pull on her nipples! Now Anja comes to the chair, still panting from the assaulted sex scene, and removes the earplugs. Finally, Vera hears her surrounding noises again! Anja also takes the gag out of her mouth and Vera aeady feels much happier. But she has to lower the armrests! "Ooooooh, Oooooh!" Vera cries and raises the armrests slightly again.

"Every time you lower the armrests, two pins go up here," Peter explains to her. “What pens!?”, asks Vera with a scratchy voice. She can't move her head and asks Peter again, "What pencils!?". It's her fear and anxiety! This can't be good! "Oh yes," says Jeannie, "Sorry, I fixed you too early!", laughs out loud and Vera frees her head from the head fixation. Then Vera sees it! Two long pins are attached to a lever under her breasts! Anja adjusts the pins a little further down and shows that when one or both armrests are moved down, the pins come up a little bit. When the armrests go up, they stay in their last position. So, they slowly move upwards!

Vera gasps in fear and wants to protest, but then Jeannie puts her head back on the headrest and fixes her again. Vera is now whispering softly, “No, no, please don't, no!”, but Anja, Peter and Jeannie just laugh. Jeannie now also undresses and lies back on a bench in Vera's field of view. Slowly she opens her legs and immediately Bruno is there and starts to please her. Anja makes two or three more shots at Vera's chair and then runs to Peter, where she sinks on her knees in front of him. Vera continues to whimper, "I can't hold this! Please release me!”, but her three tormentors are busy with other things now.

Again and again, Vera left her strength and sank down the armrests. The ropes pull on her nipples and it hurts like hell. She can't do anything else; she has to keep raising her arms to ease the pain in her nipples. Then she feels cold steel pressing against her breasts from below like two sharp needles. Now she's really crying and screaming for help. Sweat is running down her forehead and under the happy looks of the three, Vera feels the first needle penetrating her left breast. With a scream she quickly lifts the armrests again, but her strength isn't sufficient and with very quick up and down movements with the armrests she only causes the two needles to penetrate her breasts even faster!

Anja, her mouth still full of Peter's sperm, approaches Vera and happily feels the puncture site as the first needle is aeady penetrating Vera's skin. Screaming in pain and fear, Vera feels an orgasm overrunning her at the same time! Anja kisses her on the mouth and lets Peter run his sperm into Vera's mouth before she distances himself again. Then Vera sees through her tears how Bruno penetrates Jeannie. Anja goes back to Peter and when she kisses him on the mouth, he immediately presses his still stiff device into her pussy. While Anja twitches with orgasm when Peter pushes her hard, Vera cries with fear and the first pain while the sperm drips out of her mouth.
Then she sees Peter pulling away from his sister and pinching his penis with one hand and running to Jeannie. Vera feels her breasts rising under the pressure of the needles, being pierced by the two spikes as Peter sprays his cum all over Jeannie's face and screams in pleasure. A small streak of blood runs down Vera's breasts.

Vera doesn't know anymore whether she's crying in pain or whether it's the constant orgasm that has gotten the better of her. The two skewers continue to penetrate her breasts and the noises in the background disappear again and the pain darkens her brain. Vera screams her arms with every movement. She just can't hold it up anymore and at the same time she can't stand the pain on her nipples. So she keeps moving her arms up and down and the skewers keep moving up. For the other, her screaming and panting sounds like an expression of pleasure and makes her even hornier.

Now Bruno is done with Jeannie too and Peter, Anja and Jeannie are now taking a closer look at Vera. "Look!" Jeannie exclaims happily, "the skewers are almost through!". The skin on the top of Vera's breasts is definitely pointy. The two pins are about to break through her breasts. Anja and Peter gently caress the pricked skin and Anja screams with pleasure while Vera screams with pain and fear. The tension on the skin increases when suddenly both spikes pierce Vera's breasts with a soft, indefinable noise. Vera screams in great pain!

"Jaaaaa!" Anja and Jeannie call at the same time. Peter laughs and rubs his cock. "Ha, ha, ha, you beautiful bitch! We'll free you in a moment and then you can pull out your spears yourself!". Vera howls and cries and can't do anything but keep moving her arms up and down in an unknown rhythm. Then Jeannie removes her nipple clamps and Vera screams in pain when suddenly the blood spurts into her nipples again. But at least she can rest her arms now. Peter aeady unlocks the pins and Anja frees Vera from the armrests.

"Now it's getting exciting!", Jeannie whispers in Vera's ear, "Now you're free!", and frees Vera's head while Peter unbuckles her ankle clamps. Two long, thin needles stick right through Vera's breasts. Vera looks at it crying. "Only you can remove them, sweetheart!" Anja tells her. "Try it!". Vera touches the skewers, but that alone hurts like hell! "How is she supposed to pull that out!?" she whimpers desperately. Any movement causes the skewers to move slightly and the pain forces Vera to her knees.

Peter immediately stands in front of her and presses his cock against Vera's lips. Crying, she opens her mouth slightly and Peter slides in deeply. And out and in. Vera tries to stop him, but Peter doesn't let her go until he sprays his cum in her mouth and face with a jungle scream. Anja and Jeannie hardly notice, they are so busy with each other. Then Peter helps Vera to get up and while Vera is getting up, he pulls both spears out of Vera's breasts at the same time with a skilful grip. A terrible scream rolls out of Vera's mouth when her legs no longer want to carry her, and she falls to the ground in pain. Peter was just able to catch her, takes her in his arms and carries her to her bed.
Anja and Jeannie are there right away and start rubbing Vera with some pain-relieving oil. "You did well, sweetie!" says Jeannie and lovingly strokes Vera's head. Vera hardly notices. Tears run down her face and with her eyes closed she feels her hands over her breasts. “First of all, get some rest!” Anja says to her. Peter is aeady gone and Jeannie is also making her way to the door. Anja lies down next to Vera and hugs her while she pulls a blanket over herself. "We won't continue until tomorrow," whispers Anja, "now we have to recharge our batteries!". Vera falls asleep immediately and Anja closes her eyes too. Together, naked under the covers, they both go into the land of dreams.
The next morning, Anja wakes Vera up and rubs her again with pain-relieving ointment. Then they go to the shower together, still exhausted from the last day, and without anything else happening, they get ready and get dressed. The pain has subsided and Vera prefers not to look any further. "Breakfast!", the two hear and silently go to the breakfast room. "I have to go home again," Vera says quietly, running her hand through her hair. "What day is it actually?", "I've lost track of how long I've been here!", she says.

"It's Monday", says Peter, "You're on vacation this week, aren't you?". "Yes, that's right.", Vera replies, "But I have to process everything and think about it." A tear runs down her left cheek. Anja hugs her from behind and kisses her wet cheek. "Everything's fine!", she says quietly, "Everything's fine!". Jeannie laughs and says, "But nothing works without sex in the morning!". Then she pulls up her skirt and Vera sees that she is not wearing panties either. Then Jeannie sits on Peter's lap with her back to Peter and without Vera seeing it, she can imagine what is happening. Jeannie bends forward slightly and Vera can see her cleavage. Peter grabs his sister right on her breasts and then Jeannie starts to move back and forth. Peter has closed his eyes and puffs and puffs.

It rings! "Aaah!" Says Anja, "A surprise guest!" and runs to the front door. Then Vera hears a familiar voice! "That's Markus!" she thinks. "Oh no! If he sees all this, he'll go crazy!". Then Anja comes in with Markus. "Hé everyone!" Markus greets the group at the breakfast table. "Hello, my dear! How are you!?” and gives Vera a kiss. Peter and Jeannie are still busy with each other and Markus laughs and says, "Wow, the two siblings are really having fun! Did you have some fun at the weekend, sweetheart?” he asks Vera while stroking her. Vera looks at him with a red face and says, "Honey, I have to tell you that..."

Markus laughs and then Anja starts stroking him. Vera watches in horror but says nothing. Then Anja kisses Markus on the mouth and says with a laugh, "Sit down, Markus, you surely want to have breakfast too, don't you?". Markus sits down on a chair with a smile on his face, but doesn't move up to the table. Vera's head now shines like an infrared radiator and she doesn't utter a word when Anja kneels in front of Markus and pulls his pants down! With a huge scream, Peter and Jeannie come at the same time when Anja starts to work Markus' penis with her mouth. "But, but, but...", Vera stammers and watches as Markus closes his eyes and lets Anja do it.
Jeannie stands up, lets her skirt fall again and Peter pulls his pants back up. "Let the two do it.", he says and while Jeannie sits down next to Vera, he pushes to the breakfast table and starts pouring himself a coffee. "You'll get your breakfast sex too!" says Jeannie, "Wait a minute, we have something really nice for you!" and laughs out loud. Markus groans and Vera is still sitting very stiffly and with her mouth open. She can't take her eyes off the scenario with Anja and Markus. You can see her excitement. She barely heard what Jeannie said, stroking her face with one hand. "Nice, isn't it!?" she says to Vera. "Look how happy Markus is".

Then Markus comes with a deep breath directly into Anja's mouth and Anja swallows every single drop before she licks Markus' penis clean. Breathing deeply, Markus pulls up his pants and laughs at Vera, who still can't utter a word. "My darling wants her breakfast," he says to the others, laughing. Jeannie, Peter and Anja laugh back happily. Uncertainty is written all over Vera's face. "Eat something, beauty!" Peter says and Jeannie strokes her face again. "What do you want?" Vera asks now, "what's going on here!?". All three laugh again. "My darling, you deserve the surprises, we love you," says Markus, laughing. Only now does Vera understand that it is all a foregone conclusion between her table mates!

Vera begins to nibble on a croissant and realizes how hungry she really is. But that with Anja shocked her. What should she say? She's had more horrible sex experiences than she could have imagined even these two days! Yes, of course, she once told Markus about her dreams, with dildos and dogs and such, also about the fact that she had imagined a gang bang! And that she had seen terrible things on the internet where women had their nipples and breasts hurt and that it turned her on.

Now she understood, Markus had it implemented in reality! She desperately tries to remember what else she told Markus. Did she tell him about prostitution, or about the forced nasty juice drink? Does Markus know that she invented a sex board game? She's not exactly sure, though, wasn't that what the slip of the terms said? How did he know about it!? She had kept that a secret! "Oweia!" she thinks, "I have to get out of here!" and pours herself a coffee. Then she realizes that everyone is watching her in silence and smiling. "What is it?" Vera asks, "What is it, why are you smiling like that?"

Markus snorts, smiling, and then says, "Honey, I brought you something, we're going to try it tonight." "No, no!" Vera thinks, "I have to get out of here!". "Markus, I did have dreams, but I don't have to implement them all in reality!" says Vera. The other three laugh at that. “Too late, dear Vera, you agreed to the terms. If you want to get out, that's okay, but first the conditions have to be met.” Peter then says. Vera her heart is now beating almost so loud that the others should hear it! Sweat beaded on her forehead. Jeannie gets up and runs to Vera. "Come on darling, the next exam is coming up! It won't be that bad this time!” Jeannie reassures her and takes her arm. Vera stands up, trembling. The others remain seated. "We're going to play something together." Peter says while Jeannie tries to lead Vera away.

Now Anna gets up too and helps Jeannie to take Vera with her. "Please, no, please let me go." Vera begs, but the two girls leave her no choice and just smile. Vera turns to ask Markus for help but then sees Peter and Markus undressing and kissing each other! The three girls stop to watch the two boys for a moment. Vera watches in shock. She wouldn't have thought that of Markus! Then the two men fall to the ground, aeady naked, and immediately proceed to orally satisfy each other in a 69 position. Vera puts her hand in front of her mouth and breathes deeply several times. "How awesome is that!" she thinks and breathes deeply several times. Then Anna and Jeannie take her to the basement door and run to the dungeon basement. Vera hops along, still shocked and agitated by what they just experienced.

"What are you doing? What is going to be done now!?” Vera asks, but the other two just laugh and say nothing to that. Then they take Vera's clothes off again. "Shouldn't get dirty!" Anna laughs while Jeannie and Anna Vera undress. It's good that it's pleasantly warm in the basement. Somehow it even smells exciting and Vera surrenders to her fate. Then she stands there naked as Anna orders her to kneel down.
Vera does as she says and kneels down on some pillow. "Good girl." Jeannie says with a laugh and gives Vera a kiss on the forehead. Vera hardly noticed that she was kneeling at the big dance pole again. Anna puts Vera's feet behind the dance pole and fixes her feet there. Then Anna Vera presses her head against the bar and Jeannie puts a leather collar on her, which she ties around the bar and around her neck. Vera is unable to move and raises her hands to try to loosen the collar, but Jeannie is aeady there and takes her hands and a pair of handcuffs clicks.

Vera is panting with excitement and wants to say something when Anna puts an inflatable gag in her mouth. It's the gag with the dildo again and Vera feels Anna pumping up the gag. She can only breathe through her nose and puffs and puffs with excitement. Then Jeannie connects the handcuffs to two ropes. Now Vera can only move her hands up to a limited extent. When she moves her hands down, she feels herself pulling something heavy up. Then the two men come in and watch the spectacle. They have several plastic bags with something frozen in them.

"You know the rules, don't you!?" Peter says to Vera, but Vera can't even nod. "That's one of the conditions! Over 500ml of frozen semen! From all of us, for you!” he continues. "Let's defrost that now.", and Peter empties the bag into a glass bowl and puts the bowl in a microwave. Ten minutes later the blocks of ice have thawed out of the bags and spread the typical smell of fresh sperm! Markus takes the bowl out of the microwave and gives it a good stir before pouring it into a container. Then, whistling happily, he hangs the container on the rope in the ceiling. Peter has aeady put the key from the handcuffs into a block of ice, on a block under Vera's hands and fastened it there with a ring. Vera is aeady noticing how her arms are hurting. An extra weight is attached to the handcuffs, making it even harder for Vera to keep her hands up.
"You can free yourself by taking the keys off the block and unbuckling the handcuffs," Jeannie says to Vera, tying a blindfold over her eyes. What Vera hasn't seen is that Anna has connected the container to Vera's gags with a hose. Vera shudders in disgust at the thought. It's another test, but aeady at the weekend, she had to swallow so much sperm that it's still possible, but more than half a litre!? Her arms get tired, and she moves her hands down. Immediately the first sperm runs into her mouth and down her throat. In disgust, Vera coughs the semen out through her nose and raises her hands in the air.

But it doesn't help, her arms get heavier again and the cum runs in her mouth again. Now Vera tries to swallow, but the penis gag prevents her tongue from making a swallowing movement. Slowly more and more sperm runs down her throat. Each time she coughs up some semen through her nose again. The taste, the smell! Finally she decides to try to get the keys. The noises around her distract her. "It's Markus who's panting so much!". And the girls just laugh and goof around. "You two can help bring the semen supply back to the front!" Vera hears Jeannie say.

Cum runs down Vera's throat again as she realizes the keys are now out of the ice and ready to be used. Then she realizes she can't lift the keys! Sperm keeps running! Desperately, she tries to put a key in the lock of the handcuffs. Cum keeps running and Vera coughs and snorts and cum keeps running down her throat. She finally makes it, just when no more juice comes out. Vera coughs her throat out again when the handcuffs open with a click. "Oooh!" comes out of Anna's mouth, "That was actually much too fast! And look how much sperm went wrong! She certainly didn't swallow half a litre!”

“You could be right about that!” says Peter, “You can drink a glass later if everyone is there! We still have a little stock!” and laughs out loud about it. In the meantime, Vera has freed herself and immediately begins to choke. Jeannie frees her from the other clamps and Anna helps Vera to the toilet, where Vera throws up violently. "Now it's all gone!" Anna calls out disappointed to the others. "Exam failed!" says Markus and laughs again when Anna and Vera come back from the toilet. Vera cries easily and sobs, "I'm sorry, I couldn't!" she says, sobbing. "It doesn't matter.", laughs Peter, "We have more."

"Here, you have a glass of water." Anna says and gives Vera a glass of water. "Everyone else is coming this afternoon, but only later, many of them still had to work today," says Jeannie. "Okay guys, now it's your turn! You take it!” calls Anna, “She's ready!”. Horrified, Vera now stands alone, completely naked, and Peter and Markus come towards her. She almost drops the empty glass from her hands, but Anna takes it from her hands just in time. Then Markus kisses Vera on the mouth and Peter kisses her from behind on the neck. Vera closes her eyes, she can't resist her feelings. The two men start caressing and kissing her and an impulse of pure lust runs through Vera's body as she bends slightly forward and first Peter penetrates her from behind, then Markus from the front, both penetrating her.

Vera happily allows it. The caresses and kisses continue and Vera feels the tension in her body bringing her close to orgasm. Then the two men come almost simultaneously with primal screams inside her and Vera screams too when the orgasm finally overtakes her. Panting and trembling, the trio climaxes while the two women seem to be idly watching.

As the two men retreat from Vera, they have to hold her tight so she doesn't fall over. In the big shower they all get fit again and get dressed again. Vera still has no panties on! Anyway, she wasn't wearing panties when she came to Peter's manor! "Lunch!" Peter calls to the others. Still not quite there, Vera quickly sits down at the table before fainting.

Then Vera wonders how it is possible that the table is set, everyone was in the basement! Then a man and woman come in and serve lunch. Peter sees the surprise on Vera's face and explains the presence of the two operators. "Karl is my butler and Eva is his wife.". "I can't run this big house alone," he continues, "Karl and Eva are my two angels here in the house." "Aha!", Vera thinks, "No wonder everything is always so neat and tidy when we emerge from the underground!"

While Anna, Jeannie, Peter, and Markus fool around with each other, Vera eats in silence and lost in thought. "What shit have I gotten myself into!" she thinks to herself. “And what are they up to this afternoon!? Surely, they want to go on and drive me even further crazy and take advantage of it!”. "What comes now after the meal!?". Vera sees how the two men approach the two women and Karl and Eva watch the company at their unbridled games.

"Karl, Eva, are you preparing the next one?" Peter asks his two employees. Karl grins and Vera thinks that he looks very mean and angry. Eva rubs her hands! "They're just going along with that!", Vera thinks in horror, "Now I aeady have six opponents in the sex fight!". And Vera is startled when she notices that a pleasant excitement rises in her! "I've been pretty messed up in the last few days!" Vera thinks and thoughtfully spoons out her dessert. Karl and Eva leave the room and Jeannie and Anna follow them. "That doesn't bode well!", Vera thinks through her head, "something cool is being put together again and I can spoon it out!"

"So, my darling!" comes from Markus, "You didn't drink your sperm cup earlier, you have to catch up on that!". A shudder goes through Vera's body. "But not now. Now you will go into town with Karl. We will follow you at a distance. Your task is to have sex with Karl in public, clearly visible to everyone, and you should both have an orgasm clearly visible. The police may show up, but we'll try to avoid that."

Then Karl, the butler, reappears in the room and laughingly takes Vera by the hand. "Yes, I belong to the club too!" he says to Vera with a laugh. "I've been inside you before, but you didn't see that.". Vera laughs embarrassed and with gentle pressure Karl pulls Vera with him. Walk down the driveway to the gate and then to the tram. Again, Vera attracts a few looks with her almost transparent clothes. Now she doesn't find it that exciting anymore, more threatening, but Karl shows everyone that Vera belongs to him.

In the centre they both get off the tram and when Vera turns around she sees how her other sex partners are following them at a good distance. At the fountain in the city, Karl presses her against the edge of the pool and begins kissing and caressing her passionately. For the passer-by it is a clear scene. Most keep walking, some turn around and few stop. Some start taking pictures or filming the scene with their mobile phones.

But then Peter, Markus, Jeannie, Anna or Eva are there quickly and make sure that nothing is recorded and sometimes take off the cell phones and delete the data before they return the devices. Individually Eva constantly films what is happening. Then Karl undoes his pants and goes straight to the point. There's no doubt about it, he's banging Vera in public! Vera had aeady closed her eyes, but now she is overwhelmed with pleasure and panting, she enjoys her performance. But what is that!? A police siren sound! Karl immediately pulls up his trousers and takes Vera by the arm and pulls her along. "Come with me, we're leaving!"
Vera and Karl run into the next alley and disappear. When the police appear, Jeannie and Markus show the police where the two have allegedly disappeared to. "I think I saw those two running in the direction of City Hall!" says Jeannie. "Hurry up, they're not that far!" says Markus, "The woman is wearing high heels, they won't make any progress quickly!". And the two policemen, now on foot, gallop in pursuit in the direction indicated. They don't even ask. When they are gone, Markus and Jeannie laugh and go to the next agreed meeting point, where Vera and Karl have aeady started to continue! In the middle of a small square with a statue in the middle. Lots of tourists take photos here and Karl has placed Vera at the still image and aeady lowered his pants when Eva arrives with her camera and continues filming. Jeannie, Markus, Peter and Anna also arrive and keep an eye on the audience.

Now they can't stop others from filming and taking pictures. And the police are on foot now, there's no siren! Open eyes! In the meantime, Karl and Vera are fucking, it's fun and, panting and screaming loudly, Vera is taken by Karl. Vera now seems to be having so much fun with what's happening that she has her first orgasm while screaming loudly when Peter signals: "Police are near!". Karl has to postpone his orgasm again. Vera is still in the middle of it and completely dazed when Karl pulls her through the dense audience again, fleeing into the next alley. This time it was a real stage show!

The police arrive too late again and get different instructions from the partly enthusiastic audience as to where the couple should have gone. The sex clique is aeady on its way to the next meeting point, while the police, slightly confused, give up at first. At the next meeting point, in the middle of the Altmarkt, there is a stone slab where Karl places his victim on it and while Vera spreads her legs voluntarily lying on the stone slab, Karl goes straight to the point and starts banging Vera wildly.
The stone tablet is just big enough for Vera's head to hang down the other side, which of course is almost an invitation for horny men! The audience is growing fast. Word seems to have got around! Then a group of young men appear. They must be having a bachelorette party! The bachelor is pushed forward by the others and his pants are pulled down! Then the boys place their friend at the head of the stone table, and he pushes his member into Vera's mouth! Eva films the whole thing and a murmur of joy goes through the audience.

Karl laughs and continues while the bachelor, leaning his hands on Vera's breasts, comes with a scream into Vera's mouth. A second man has aeady dropped his pants! They seem to think that Vera is the deal of the week! He is pushed forward by his wife or girlfriend and also starts to fuck Vera in the mouth! Two other men join them and start working on their penises in order to inseminate Vera! Karl comes with loud screams. As he withdraws from Vera, two men, accompanied by their laughing wives, immediately come forward and start pushing Vera in turn. Vera has no chance!

Man after man fucks her, either in the mouth or in her pussy, while women caress Vera or motivate their men to continue. Then Peter, Markus and Karl put an end to what is happening and free Vera. Her clothes are partially torn and the cum is running down her face and legs. At some point she has probably lost a shoe and she just drops the next one. On bare feet she is taken away by her clique. Right at the edge of the market there is a parked minibus and everyone gets in and with Peter at the wheel they quickly disappear before anything else happens.

Vera has closed her eyes and puffs and puffs. Her dress was pulled down from her breasts and partially torn. Sperm smeared everywhere. With a deep breath, Vera laughs and says, "If I didn't pass that, I don't know anymore!". Shouts of confirmation come from the others. "Logical! You passed! One topic ticked off!” say Karl and Peter in unison. Markus laughs happily, "I'm proud of you!". Anna takes off her blouse, takes Vera in her arms and smears the sperm on her own body. Jeannie starts to lick Vera's pussy clean with her tongue, and Eva? "I haven't gotten anything yet! I want something too!”, and Vera starts cleaning her face with her tongue.

Markus shows the list:

• You worked a day on the line.
• You had a bukkake with at least 30 men
• You voluntarily drank half a litre of semen while the club was together watching.
• You got at least one piercing during our games
with you.
• Each of us had sex with you once, while the other club members watched.
• You introduced a new member
who stayed.
• You made it to level 6 in the sex board game 'CB-capacity' and played the level 6.
• You did prostitution at the truck parking lot
• You had breakfast on the Pyramid Dildo
• You go to a party with one of us, where you wear your dress with hooks on your nipples
• You walked at least once the sex-maze
• You passed all the sex-rooms of one
of our members

"I crossed your first task off the list!" he says to Vera. Vera is still dazed. Eva, Jeannie and Anna gently caress her head, massage her back and her breasts. The three men happily watch the girls take care of Vera, well, Peter sees it in the mirror. He has to drive!

They finally arrive at Peter's property and drive up the driveway. "Come on, there is little time! Your next exam is coming up!” calls Peter as he gets out and walks to the front door. Karl and Eva have aeady gone ahead of him and then they open the door. Everyone else quickly follows into the house and then to a large room with mirrors and wardrobes. Along one wall is a professionally set up makeup table, on the other wall a door leads to a large bathroom, where the three women go in together to freshen up. When Vera comes out of the bathroom, Anja immediately leads Vera to the make-up table. "Sit down, beauty! Now you're going to be the most seductive princess ever!"
Eva comes to the table and starts combing Vera's hair and shortly thereafter with everything that the make-up table has to offer, transforming Vera into a radiant beauty, far more than Vera normally radiates. Then Jeannie and Anja come with clothes that even Vera would never have worn. The naked princess now becomes a seductive prostitute who is not quite soooo naked anymore. That would make any man weak! And probably every woman too! Eva explains to Vera that it's all about seducing people and increasing excitement.

That's why Vera, after several days without panties, is now wearing panties that aren't really worth the name. It's so thin and has so little fabric, it actually just looks like a bunch of cords with thin sheer red fabric in between. The bra is similar, "But how seductive!" Vera thinks as she puts it on. Then come the black fishnet stockings up to the knees and finally a short, opaque dress, without a neckline, but slightly open at the skirt. "Great!" says Vera while forcing herself into the dress. Completely open from the back, tied together with crossed cords just above the hips behind the back by Eva. And in Bordeaux red! You can hardly see that the breasts are in a bra that shouldn't bear their name. The gaze is drawn to the hips. Vera watches the transformation, slightly shocked. "What should she do again!?" Vera thinks and speaks a little desperately, "What should I go doing!? I look like a hooker now!"

Eva replies, "You agreed to the agreement! Didn’t you!?". "Which agreement!?" asks Vera. “You signed a note on Sunday morning and then tied yourself down. Do you remember?" and shows the paper with the signature of Vera. She keeps it just so far away from Vera, that Vera cannot read it but can recognise her own signature.

With a shock, Vera sees the light! "Oh, holy shit!", she thinks, "What was it all on it again!?". Then she asks Eva, but Eva just laughs. "It's a lot more exciting when you don't remember it, honey! You will see!". "Now try the high heels, here try these, they go great with your dress!", and Eva puts a pair of shoes in front of Vera. Vera tries them on and notices that Eva has a good eye for them. They fit right away. Vera looks at herself again in the mirror on the dress door and snorts with excitement. Eva presses a button on the table. As soon as she lets go, Peter and Markus come in. You must have felt it right behind the door and you are visibly excited! "Let's go!" says Peter and Markus admires his now even more beautiful girlfriend, who also looks as if she walks the streets every day.

"Wow! Wow!” says Markus and takes his girlfriend in his arms. "Oh Markus, what will happen now!? What else should I do!?” Vera asks, but Markus doesn't want to reveal anything either. Vera is getting more and more excited and is panting deeply. Then everyone goes back to the minibus, this time Karl is behind the wheel. "Well then, let's see if you pass this test at once!" says Karl and everyone laughs. Except Vera. She can be led like a lamb to the slaughterhouse. Her breasts are move up and down rapidly and she is aeady nauseous with excitement. "It'll be fine!" says Peter, "We won't hurt you!". "We don't...!" laughs Anja and strokes Vera's knee.
Finally, they set off and drive in the direction of the Autobahn. It's aeady after six o'clock and starting to get dark when they arrive at a large freeway parking lot. The parking lot is full of trucks. "This is your fun area tonight," says Peter Vera. "We're nearby and we'll mediate you too. “ and laughs out loud.

"You have to earn at least €900 tonight, then you have fulfilled your second condition!", he continues. The other girls look excited, and Vera observes that the three men all have a significant swelling in their pants! Everyone is very enthusiastic and excited. Only Vera is not feeling well. Markus puts some condoms in her hand, "Put them in your handbag." Jeannie says, "There are also paper handkerchiefs in there! “, then he laughs encouragingly at Vera. “We all went through that too!” says Anja now. "As!? And what about the men!?” asks Vera. “The men too!” Eva replies with a laugh, “The men too! All had prostituted themselves! Otherwise, you won't join the club as a member!”. “And otherwise, you have no right to get out again if you like it!” adds Markus.

"Markus is not yet a fully-fledged member!" says Karl, "He still hasn't fulfilled condition eight, nine and ten!". “But he will probably meet condition ten with you!” says Anja. "And then my Johann is also a member!" Jeannie calls out. "Who is Johann?" Vera asks. "You'll meet him tomorrow," says Jeannie, "But now, let's get started! There is little time!”
Peter and Karl have aeady run to the trucks and it's not long before some truck drivers look up to admire Vera. "Hey, I'd like that one over there!" says a truck driver and points to Jeannie. Jeannie blushes when Peter says, "No problem, but first we need to put these in!" and points to Vera. “Someone answers immediately and asks for the price. "You can fuck her for €100!" You can have her blow your head for €50 more! She swallows all the juice from you!”. "I'll take it!", and Peter presses €100 in his hand, "Anyone can blow, I want to fuck!", and takes Vera by the arm to be vice and pushes her into the cabin.

"Nice in the back, sweetheart!", he says and climbs after Vera. The other driver abducts Jeannie after he has also handed Peter two fifties. "And what about you, sweetie!?", Another driver asks Anja. Anja swallows, it wasn't really planned that way, but what the hell, they're all messed up! She puts out her hand and before she realizes what's going on, the driver pinches her on the knees and lets his pants down while one-handedly placing €150 in Peter's hands. Anja doesn't stand a chance when the strong man puts his member in her mouth, which was still half limp, but is now growing into a giant device in Anja's mouth!

But Anja also enjoys it and starts working on his pole. She licks his rod with her tongue while it disappears more and more into her mouth. With a thrusting movement, Anja manages to get the shaft of the penis up to the balls and feels the glans moving down her throat. She stretches out her long tongue and can even work on his balls. The man wheezes very briefly and then he lets out a shrill scream as his device explodes in Anja's mouth and the sperm shoots down Anja's throat. In the meantime, loud noises are coming from the cabins of the adjacent trucks.
Apparently, Vera is also getting down to business. There's no sign of Jeannie. Word seems to have got around that there is something to do between the trucks! A few more men join in when Anja happily pulls up his victim's pants again. "It was probably short, but very nice!", he says and goes to the toilet house. Anja is still kneeling and supports herself on her hands. Sperm runs out of her mouth. Karl comes over and gives her a handkerchief and helps her get up. "Well, it's really starting today!" he says and laughs. Then he notices how a strong man pulls his arm. "Boy!" he says, "Now it's time for you!". "Uh, no, not me, please!" says Karl, but the driver laughs and says, "No excuse! I'll give you €200, and you'll suck me dry!” and the unruly Karl drags him to his vehicle. Anja also has her next sex partner and is also being dragged to a truck.

Meanwhile, Vera climbs out of the truck next door, but the next candidate is aeady there and lifts her off after Peter has collected again. Vera doesn't have a break and is aeady climbing into the next truck. This time she left her shoes with Peter. Vera disappears into the truck with a happy smile on her face. Obviously, Vera is having fun, but there is still work to be done! €900 is no small matter! The driver immediately attacks Vera in the sleeping compartment and, apparently very experienced with prostitutes, immediately pulls down her panties. Vera cheers as he enters her without hesitation and starts banging her wildly. Meanwhile, Karl stumbles after a truck, his cum still on his face and all dizzy. Anja got lost in the minibus and Jeannie is aeady climbing voluntarily to her third customer! "Where's Eva!?" Peter calls after her. Yes, Eve! This little bitch! "Probably in one of the trucks!" calls Jeannie before disappearing into the cab. "I don't believe it!", Peter murmurs to himself, "I've never experienced anything like that before!"

Interestingly, nobody cares about Peter's laundry. Apparently, everyone sees him as the group's pimp and leaves him alone. Then Eva appears, her blouse is still up and without a bra. "I had to hand it in as a trophy," says Eva, "but I'll get another Honni right away!" and laughs. “Gosh, we're collecting real money!” says Peter. "But Vera has to fuck the 900€ alone!" says Eva. "Obviously!", finds Peter and asks Karl, "And how was your experience!? You look exhausted!”. Karl huffs and says nothing as he wipes the cum from his face with a tissue.

Vera comes back to the group and hands Peter €300. “Wow, you're aeady at 400€!” Peter laughs at her, “Are you still okay?” he asks when he sees that Vera is holding her panties in her hand. Vera just nods, you can read the effort in her face. Then Anja comes and takes Vera by the hand, "Come with me, there is still enough to do!". Together they walk to an LLW group where several men have set up a barbecue and are obviously celebrating something. "They have something to celebrate!" says Anja to Vera, "they need a gift or something, or just a pussy that they can fuck!". "I don't know, Anja! I don't have a good feeling!” Vera replies, but she lets herself be taken along.

When they get close to the group, the men turn to the two women and whistles of enthusiasm greet them. "We'll do it together!" says Anja, and Vera follows with trembling knees. Jeannie comes behind them together with Eva. “Well, men, what are your plans for tonight?” Anja asks cheekily. Vera whispers softly in Jeannie's ear, "That's a lot! And look how old they are!”. Jeannie laughs and whispers back, "As a whore you have to be able to serve everyone! And sperm is sperm! They'll get him up and otherwise you'll have to make sure they get him up!", and laughs again cuddly while she hugs one of the men and says, "Youhu, what's the matter with you? Which hole would you like to widen with me with your device!?“.

The truck driver cannot be persuaded and refuses. "I don’t do something like that!". The other men laugh and shout, "Man Adrej, let yourself go! We won't tell anyone! A man must not be without sex! Your wife won't find out!”, and so it goes on.
Totally psyched, he runs to his vehicle, alone. Eva is picked up by one of the men and taken away, Anja is pushed against the vehicle and the truck driver starts kissing and exposing her passionately, Jeannie has chosen the next candidate and is taken by the hand to a vehicle and Vera?

Several men and bulls are grouped around Vera. "One by one!" calls one of the men, come on, put them on the table!", and one of the men puts Vera on the table and pulls her dress on while a second pulls down her panties and a third rips her bra off.

Then she is held down on the table and one of the men slides her legs apart and starts penetrating her. Vera tries to fight back, but someone takes her left arm and someone else her right arm and tie them to the table legs with ropes. Vera has no chance and sees the first penis in front of her face. "Oh no!" she thinks and knows she should open her mouth, there's something to suck! She closes her eyes and purses her lips, but that turns men on even more! One rubs his cock against her lips, another pinches her nose and then Vera opens her mouth and immediately a cock slides in and starts banging her mouth like a pussy.

Every time the boy pushes his device in all the way, Vera feels something metallic. And then she realizes someone puts a harness around her head! He doesn't pull back and pinches her nose again! She has to open her mouth even wider to breathe through her mouth and then realizes that a ring is being shoved in her mouth! Now she can't close anymore! When he pulls back all the way, her mouth stays open! Then he shoots his cum, in her mouth, on her face and roars with pleasure! Immediately the next one who just fucked her pussy comes and cums immediately, hitting her chin and shooting a part over her breasts!

In the meantime, someone is aeady fucking her pussy and then she feels how he can't hold his juice and fills her vagina with lifeblood! Somehow, she could have seen how many men there were! It goes on and on! Then she notices that Anja and Eva and Jeannie are standing next to her, and the men are motivating her to fill her up with sperm! The hardest part is when two of you are serving her! And both massage their breasts! Again, that's good! The pain from the weekend is still there! Vera lost count, it's a cum orgy! And how much of it has she aeady swallowed!?

Then it's suddenly over and Eva releases Vera. Panting and panting, Vera sits down, and the sperm runs down her face, over her breasts, on her stomach and down her legs. Jeannie silently sweeps away most of it, but it remains sticky and smells...awful! "Come with me, there's a shower in the toilet building!" Says Eva and takes the naked Vera with her. Anja collects all the clothes and follows the two. All are pretty battered. The men grill again as if nothing happened. Men! Peter laughs happily, "The €900 has long since been reached!" he says. Karl and Markus join in the laughter. "Well," says Markus, "but we're not done yet, are we?" and laughs out loud. He wants his girlfriend to fuck at least one more in the car. "You think?" asks Peter, "Well, it's your girlfriend, do you think she's going to continue?". I think she enjoys taking part in such surprises," says Markus. "We'll see when they come back."

Then the four girls reappear. All are visibly taken. "We want you to get at least one more to use you on your own," says Peter. "Oh no! Anymore?” Vera asks, begging with her facial expression to be spared. "I've aeady reached my target, haven't I?". But the men agree, something is still possible! And Markus slaps his girlfriend on the bottom. "Come on you bitch!". Vera looks at him half sadly, but clearly excited. “She wants it!” Karl whispers in Peter's ear, “She wants it! just look at her! She wants it!“. Then Vera turns away from the group and with an inviting step, she goes to the next group of truck drivers! And it doesn't take long there! The men have been waiting for her to come visit him! An elderly truck driver immediately takes her to his bedchamber, and it doesn't take long for the truck to make clear noises.
Then it suddenly becomes quiet, and a half-naked Vera looks desperately at the cabin and calls out, "Help! Help! He's having a heart attack! Help".
Immediately some are there, and Vera jumps out of the car with her clothes in her hands. Two men climb in to help, another is aeady calling an ambulance from his cell phone. "Let's go!" says Peter, "Get out of here! They'll come with the police soon!”.
The group goes, as inconspicuously as possible, to the minibus and Karl drives off before everyone is safely seated and buckled up.

“Definitely passed!” Peter calls back from the passenger seat. "More than passed!". "We've never experienced anything like this before!" says Karl. And Markus proudly looks at his girlfriend, puts his arm around her and gives her a kiss. Then Peter takes the slip of paper signed by Vera and crosses out point two. "Well done!". "What's next on the list?" Markus asks. Peter laughs, "You'll notice that!". Now the others are laughing too.

Just not Vera. Her past excitement and the uncertainty of what is to come are written all over her face. She completely forgot what was written on it. "How could I be so stupid!", she thinks, "how could I be so stupid! Why didn't I read that better!? I'm just stinky horny! ". It's aeady half past ten and Karl drives directly to Peter's property. "We'll all eat something and then we should go to bed on time," says Peter, "Tomorrow is a public holiday and the club will meet tomorrow at eleven o'clock!". “Oh yes, tomorrow is a holiday!” Markus now remembers.

“Now tell me, Anja, Jeannie, what kind of work do you actually do? You haven't said anything about yourselves yet," Vera asks, now a little reassured that today is probably "after work". The two girls laugh. Anja replies, “Peter and I received a large inheritance from our parents. Actually, Peter doesn't need to work either, but that's how he meets new acquaintances and that's fun. I don't even work, well I have an online sex shop, but it's not going too well, and I don't need to put a lot of time into it. Maybe it will."

“I help Anja and am her partner, and also I am Peters life-partner,” says Jeannie. “We have a common passion, and we live it out together. I do the finances of the online shop and I'm actually also a lawyer and I do the legal stuff for the shop.". “Well,” says Karl, “you know about Eva and me. We do the housework and organize the club sessions”. Finally, they drive up the driveway to the house and stop in the forecourt where the tables were on Saturday.

"Will you help to make the food?" asks Karl. "I have to take a shower first," says Vera. "No, you don't have to do anything," says Anja, "but we'll all take a shower first!". Two hours later everyone is aeady in bed and, tired from the intense day, everyone falls asleep without further incident.

Good, except the "dog fucking"

Слава Україні

"We who have seen war, will never stop seeing it. In the silence of the night, we will always hear the screams. So this is our story, for we were soldiers once, and young."

Joe Galloway

"Good morning!" It goes through the bedrooms when Eva and Karl wake up the whole gang. "Breakfast is ready and you can freshen up first, almost everything is ready at the breakfast table!". Vera sleepily goes to her bathroom. “How many bathrooms does this house actually have!?”, she thinks to herself, “Does everyone have their own now!?”. It seems that Vera aeady hears a shower running. "What's wrong with me!?, she thinks to herself, "I'm so horny now, I could fuck everyone right away!". She turns on the tap and starts taking a cold shower. "Maybe it will help!", but it doesn't help at all!
When she comes out of the shower, she fills up feeling fresh and lively and even hornier than before! "This whole crazy club is driving me crazy!", she thinks, "Sex with the boss was just flower sex and daily work!". Vera laughs. As she dresses with clothes from the closet that fit her like a glove, she thinks about what else was on the note! "It was something to do with semen. But that's what it's all about! How can men do so often and so much!?“.

Still so excited, Vera goes to the breakfast room, where the others are aeady sitting at the table and discussing things with each other. When Vera comes in, it immediately falls silent. "What is it?" she asks. "Nothing, you just look heavenly!" Says Markus. "And you'll do two points again today," says Anja, "You're really good!". "I don't know," says Vera, "but I'm aeady excited. Can't we take a little break?". Peter laughs, "No, today the whole club comes together and we want to use that.". "The week is still long, but you have to consider that we still have a lot planned," says Markus. "But first have breakfast!"

At half past ten the doorbell rings. The first club members dawdle. When they see Vera, they embrace her enthusiastically. "I heard about your progress!" Says one who introduces himself as Johann. "Well, you're going to experience something nice today, too!", says his partner, "Something really nice!", and laughs heartily. "Nobody wants to tell me why it works!". "It doesn't matter, beauty, it doesn't matter, today there is energy!". “Oh whoa!” Vera thinks, “Energy? There is energy in semen!”.
Vera begins to tremble again, but the young woman sees it and takes her in her arms. "No fear! It's all behind us! We all went through it and were all as afraid of it as you are now! But that’s what makes it so beautiful and so exciting!”. "We all get our energy drink once a year!" laughs someone who has just come in. It's Carlos! "Oh no, I know what they're going to do! It's not going to's not going to be a big jar of semen!? There's always something, but how much should I drink? And that has to be drunk voluntarily!”.
Vera sinks desperately into a chair in the vestibule. "Oh no! How do I get out of here!?“. Vera wants to get up and preferably runs to the door. Right now, nobody is near her anyway, nobody can stop her! She takes two or three steps to the door, but then the door opens and four or five people come in. "Hello!" Vera says embarrassed, "Come in!". Again, enthusiastic hugs, apparently everyone knows about Vera's success on Monday.

Behind her come Jeannie and Anja. Both, in seductively beautiful dresses. It is probably celebrated as a festival or reception festival. Jeannie and Anja laugh at everyone, greet the newcomers and take Vera between them by the arms and, "We still have to prepare something", they take Vera with them into the house, straight into the basement. "Don't run away, sweetheart! Do not run away! We still need you!” Anja says to her, laughing. "Did they notice that I wanted to flee?" Vera thinks. "We all wanted to run away during the exams," says Jeannie, "but there was always someone watching over us." Jeannie laughs and kisses Vera on the right cheek. "Look, we have to arrest you for the first exam today, otherwise you would still run away!" Jeannie laughs and leads Vera to a kind of pillory on the floor. Then the two evil girls forcefully pull Vera's clothes off her body. Frightened by the sudden violence, Vera lets herself be forced on her knees. Pieces of clothing are hanging down from her, which makes her extremely seductive!

Panties stay on, bra is gone. The shock is in her face while Anja fixes her ankles in the pillory and Jeannie makes her hands inactive behind her back with handcuffs. "What are you doing!?" Vera asks desperately. But the two now play the bad girl and only reply with grunts. Then Anja stops the pillory again and closes a ring around Vera's neck.
Now she can only kneel upright, but she can still turn her head. Jeannie puts an iron harness around Vera's head and also fixes it to the pillory. Now Vera can't move her head anymore. Vera gets a slightly transparent eye mask on, and Jeannie says, "Open your mouth!" And when Vera obeys, puzzled, she puts a ring gag in her mouth and fixes it to the head harness. Meanwhile, Anja hangs a tub on leather straps under Vera's breasts. Well, that's clear what this tub is for!

"It's ready! It can start,” says Anja to Jeannie. "Will you get the others?". And Jeannie makes her way upstairs to tell everyone that the party is about to begin! The club has a lot of members! Everyone crowds into the basement, and everyone undresses. men as well as women.
There are aeady some running out of foreplay juice! One after the other, both men and women are getting pretty wet! Women stroking penises, women kissing penises, partners preparing their men for what is to come! And Vera can aeady imagine what is to come! Anja strokes her and tries to calm her down.
She kisses her cheeks and caresses her breasts. Vera is aeady wet too; the juice is dripping out of her panties! Then the club members come in! Vera is panting and trembling as Peter opens the banquet! "Dinner is served! Girls, face off on your men!”, and he adds with a laugh, “Best not your own men!”.
The men enjoy being blown on and soon the first come forward to give Vera presents.

The first jet of man juice shoots straight into Vera's wide open mouth! Vera can taste the juice, but she can't swallow it with her mouth open, so most of the juice runs out right away, between her tits, which are stiff with excitement, slowly downwards. Two other men come right in Vera's face with loud grunts and puffs. Her mask protects her eyes, and the sticky thick substance slowly runs down, past her nose, partly over the tip of her nose and drips in long streaks directly into the tub.

Now the one after the other man comes forward and squirts from panting. It is most beautiful to see how some men can barely stand on their feet with excitement and tension when they are sometimes helped by several enthusiastic women to give everything. Jeannie sweeps the sperm out of Vera's hair with her fingers and lets Vera lick her fingers or sweeps it into her mouth at the corners of her mouth so that Vera can taste the juice again before it runs off her tongue and drips from her lips.

Long streaks of partly transparent strands of juice continue to slowly drip into the tub, which fills with semen upon semen, shot upon shot, partly with foam and bubbles. Vera wheezes and from time to time her juice runs down her throat and she still has to swallow a lot. Man after man, Vera can't count them. "How much will that be!?". Grooves with volume numbers are engraved on the inside of the tub. When the 100ml ring is reached, Anja yells to the group, "Come on guys! It's only a fifth in! Keep going!”.

"A fifth!? How much does a man inject per shot!?” Vera thinks to himself, “That can only have been 25 men!”. "Don't worry Vera! We'll get it!” her boyfriend shouts at her, just before he hits Vera full on the nose with a lion's scream. Its thick juice is distributed on the mask, nose, lips and also forms four or five long streaks that Vera first drips on the breast before it drips past the nipples from the breasts down into the bowl. "Oh I love to taste it!" exclaims one of the women, sticking out her tongue to lick some of Vera's nipples. At the same time, the next man shoots the juice right in her face.

Startled, the woman pulls back as cum drips from her face. "Babette! Now you've taken Vera's juice from her!", Anja calls out with a laugh, "But you'll have to pay for that!". And without further ado, Peter and Markus take the baffled woman by the arms and lead her to a kind of scaffold.
When Babette sees the scaffolding, she tries to wriggle free, "Please don't! No, please, don’t!", but the two men are aeady setting her on the middle section. While Markus holds her, Peter attaches a big, thick dildo to the midsection. Then both men place Babette in such a way that the dildo will slip into her anus as soon as she sits down on the midsection beam. Peter rubs some lubricant on the dildo while Markus forces the whimpering Babette onto the dildo.
Now several women have come to help. No, didn't come to Babette's aid, but to help tie her up in the kennel! Babette is forced to lie on her back on the wide central beam, with the dildo slowly disappearing into her ass. "Aaaah!" It comes out of her mouth.
Babette has her eyes closed while Markus puts her head in a recess. Now Babette lies completely on her back, her legs hanging down on the left and right of the middle board.

Then someone makes a board between the two posts that are attached to the midsection next to Babette's neck. It looks like a guillotine! But it is just a wooden board with a semi-circular recess in the middle on the underside and two smaller semi-circular recesses on the top. "Chantal!" calls Peter, "Chantal, push the head lock down!". And Chantal slides the board down until it encloses Babette's neck. Markus and Peter now take their hands and force Babette to put them back over her head on the board that has been pushed down.
A second board with two notches on the underside is slid down between the posts and Babette lies on her back on the scaffold and can no longer move. Meanwhile, others have aeady put their feet in clamps, Babette is completely helpless!
Men join this show. Babette's vagina is wide open and of course you won't have to wait long! Her husband has aeady brought Chantal in and encourages him to take Babette in the classic way.
He slowly pushes himself in and rests his hands on Babette's expansive breasts! "Ooooh!" comes out of Babette's mouth when someone else pushes his cock into her mouth at the head end.
Now only grunting comes out of her, while both men are motivated to thrust by means of stroking units from her and from other women.

Vera is hardly different, the second line in the shell has aeady been reached! That was fast! Some men are standing in front of Vera's open mouth for the second time! Hardly anything can be seen of Vera's face, the white sperm now covers her whole face. Jeannie keeps sweeping cum out of her hair and face, but man after man keeps cumming and cumming all over her. Her breasts are even full of sticky juice.

From time to time someone puts his cock in Vera's mouth to feel again the wonderful feelings when her lips touch the glans and Vera voluntarily lets her tongue swing around the glans, which makes a man shudder! Stiff limbs continue to be milked and rubbed. Now they switch between cumming on Vera and pounding on Babette. When another woman, obviously with full intention and knowledge of being punished, when Vera motivates a man to cum in her face instead of giving Vera his load, she too is led away and cheers and shouts! "The next victim!" is shouted, "On the fuck bench with her!".

And she is taken without resistance by several women to a kind of buck, like there is in physical education at school. Except that this buck is "slightly" expanded! There are leather straps on all sides and mechanisms are mounted on both short sides, which are more reminiscent of a mechanical workshop than sports! "Let's go, Davigna!" Says one of the women who brought her to the goat, "You wanted it yourself! Sit on the buck!”. And Davigna voluntarily sits down on the device.
Laughing, Davigna lets herself be laid on her stomach and strapped in. Her head is locked in a ring and then a long, 1 inch diameter dildo is shoved into her mouth, just far enough that she can't get it out. That's five to six centimetres after all!

However, the dildo is attached to a rod mechanism and one of the women, Manuela, adjusts it so that the dildo is always minimally inserted into Davigna's mouth and makes a movement of initially 5 centimeters. That's bearable! But Manuela sets a second wheel, which, after each movement, increases the impact of the dildo a little bit! Manuela tries it out manually and sets the maximum movement to 20cm: fits! This means that the Davigna dildo is pushed in 25cm at the end of the dildo!

Meanwhile, two other club members have Davigna tied up tight and now a dildo is stuck between her buttocks too! This is also movable, and this also makes a longer movement after each movement! Then Manuela sets the machine in motion! A grunt comes out of Davigna's throat as the dildo reaches its initial depth of 11cm.

Vera is making progress, men still come to her to give her juice. The bowl beneath her cum covered breasts is getting fuller and is now well over half full!
Vera has her eyes closed and as more and more cum drips off her face and her breasts in the bowl, she has to allow her cum to run down her throat more and more often.
The smell has aeady filled the whole room, which brings with it an exciting feeling and clearly attracts more and more people to engage in unspeakable acts on one of the three women on display.

When Richard, a small, slim man, licks sperm off Vera's face, the next victim is determined. Do you think! A man this time! But it's not Richard who lets himself be taken away voluntarily! Instead, six strong women grab Markus by the arms. At first Markus is still laughing, but that will soon go away! Markus allows himself to be taken away voluntarily.

But when he is tied to a gynaecological chair by the six excited women, he exclaims, "Hé, that wasn't agreed!" Vera has a clear view of the chair with Markus. However, it doesn't help him. Greta, one of the women who dragged Markus to the chair, is aeady putting on rubber gloves and a nurse's cap and a white blouse without tying them. Her breasts protrude forward on the sides of the blouse. Her nipples are taut, she seems very excited! That doesn't bode well!

A second woman, Manuela, pulls a rubber mask over Markus' head and bangs his head against the headrest. Markus squirms and keeps screaming, but then Markus gets a ball gag in his mouth. Arms, hands, legs, feet, all strapped with straps!

Now he doesn't stand a chance! Two women rub Markus' penis, where the wet juice slowly runs out. Next to the chair are all sorts of medical equipment. Greta has aeady opened a case with long rods with different diameters and grooves and takes a medium-thick one in her hand while the others hold Markus' penis. Then Greta slowly slides the rod into Markus' penis. Markus grunts and squirms. "It can't hurt at all!" shouts Manuela, while Greta now pushes the stick further in!

Markus wriggles against his hand and leg and shackles and lets out noises. Drops of sweat roll off his forehead and mix with the cum on his face. Greta has now pushed the rod in to the end and lets the end disappear into the penis! Then Manuela pushes the glans down a bit and the rod sticks out again. While Manuela Markus licks his penis shaft, Greta slowly takes the rod out of him. Markus keeps grunting, squirming with excitement and fear. He knows what's to come! And that's really going to hurt!

And Richard? Didn't anything happen to him? Yes, in the meantime he has gotten some of the sperm that he stole from Vera! That must not go unpunished! After Richard got up again, he even puts his device in Vera's gaping mouth and cum in her mouth! That wasn't allowed either! In the face and on Vera's tongue: Yes; but let Vera's mouth and lips satisfy you!? That will not do!
Hardly has Richard finished panting loudly than he is led away to a pillory on the floor.
Still a bit dazed and while the sperm drips from his face, he lets himself be strapped to the floor pillory, leaning on his knees and forearms. Siegfried, a tall, handsome man, drips lube on Richard's open bottom.

Richard can't move. His legs are strapped wide apart in the pillory, his arms are buckled at the elbow and wrists equally wide apart, his neck is shackled, and his eyes are blindfolded.
Then Siegfried slides his stiff, huge device down Richard's buttocks and after a few times slides the pleasure juice smeared with lubricant back and forth in Richard's open asshole.
Richard grunts happily, but he'll soon lose his fun! Siegfried has only just begun!

Meanwhile, Vera looks directly at Markus and sees how Greta and Manuela are pushing bigger and thicker probing rods into Markus' penis. Markus howls and grunts. He can't do more. Vera watches through her mask with wide eyes and is even more excited. Without her noticing, the tub is aeady full of white, flaky sperm!
Yes, half a litre has aeady more than come together! So many men, and so many who inseminated Vera's face more than once! Something is coming together!

It's still Anja and Jeannie who care about Vera's happiness! Jeannie continues to sweep the sperm off her face and now Anja unbuckles Vera from the tub after most of the juice has been pumped from her breasts into the tub. Jeannie takes the ring gag from Vera and Vera gets her jaw going again with chewing and swallowing movements. Then Vera is freed from the pillory and placed on a chair.
Feet are attached to the chair legs and Vera is tied with a rope to the back of the chair. She can no longer move forward and at the same time still has a good view of Markus in his chair!
The nursing staff have now all put on a nurse's cap and an open white blouse.
Everyone has rubber gloves on, and some have a mouth-nose mask on, as if they are in the operating room. Then Vera sees how Greta wants to shove a hollow plug in his penis. The plug is big! And still has a hole on the side! What is that for!?

Then Anja Vera holds a large glass, "Now, Schnucki, you may pass your next event! Here's your first drink!”. Vera looks at the glass with big eyes, "No, please, don't!", she whimpers softly, "I can't do that!". The white liquid in the glass is unmistakable, and the scent fills everyone's nostrils. In the meantime, many people have gathered excitedly around Vera's chair. Everyone wants to see that! Most have been through it, but some women have their hands in front of their faces.
“Oh my God!” says one, “That's a whole lot of jizz!”. Another laughs, "It's only the first glass! There are three glasses!” and laughs out loud again. "Look at Markus, Schnucki, look!" Says Anja again. Vera sees the six sisters holding needles. "If you don't do it, we'll have to hurt Markus a little," says Jeannie and laughs meanly and seductively and bends face to face to Vera from behind and laughs.
The man behind Jeannie doesn't accept that and pushes Jeannie further forward and takes her from behind without ifs-and-buts. "Oooooh!" Jeannie exclaims and opens her eyes wide in shock while leaning on Vera's left knee.

A murmur goes through the group around Vera and Anja is still holding the first glass in front of Vera's face, "Take it in your hands and don't let it fall!", she warns, "Take a good look at what happens if you don't drink!" . Greta removed Markus' mouth gag so that he could be heard. And then Manuela Markus sticks the first needle through one of his nipples. Markus screams out in pain and Vera calls out, "No, please, don't hurt him!". "Then drink it!", someone from the group calls out and Vera carefully raises the glass to her lip, but immediately lowers it when some sperm touches her lips.
Then Greta finally sticks the big hollow plug in Markus's penis and Markus screams again, but this time more in surprise. “But the pain will come!” Greta laughs and then one of the other women dressed up as sisters sticks a large, long needle right through the shaft of Markus' penis. Obviously also through the hole in the stopper! "Locked!" She calls out laughing to Markus, who is now screaming in pain.

"They keep going as long as you don't drink!", Anja says to the crying Vera and with her hand under the glass, she pushes the glass to Vera's lips and tilts it at the same time. Vera wheezes and chokes as she drains the glass sip by sip.
The sisters are furious but keep going anyway and the other nipple gets a nice needle too while the basement fills with Markus screaming in pain. Slowly Vera gets used to the horrible taste and while streaks of sticky sperm mixture hang down from the corners of her mouth, Vera manages another sip without immediately choking it out again.

Markus writhes in his straps in pain, but there isn't much freedom of movement. Now one of the nurses comes with a pair of pliers and when another pushes a second needle through Markus' left nipple and he screams loudly again, she immediately grabs his tongue with the pliers. Markus can no longer move it in. Vera watches in amazement. “Keep drinking!” Anja warns and Vera carefully takes a small sip but cannot take her eyes off Markus.

Then Markus gets a clamp over his tongue which prevents his tongue from sliding back into his mouth. Vera is still watching, taking another small sip but choking back the juice in the glass. Drops of shit roll down her forehead. Then two needles slide through Markus' tongue at the same time, and he screams and cries and Vera now tries to empty the glass quickly. If it just could be that easy! The sisters now continue and now push a needle right through the tip of Markus' tongue!

Finally, the first glass is empty! But Anja immediately holds the second Vera in front of her mouth! Jeannie is fucked by several men in every hole, while Anja was able to avoid it. Markus now has needles everywhere on his body where it hurts, but he still has something ahead of him that he certainly never imagined! Two girls come with a rack and an infusion bag and hoses and put a rack to the left and right of Markus! "What's that supposed to be?"
Vera thinks and holds the full second glass in her hands in amazement and watches as Markus gets a needle pushed into both of his balls.

As far as Markus can still scream at all, everyone in the room hears it: it hurts! Then the tubes are connected to the needles and now Vera sees the infusion slowly dripping onto his balls! "Oh no!", she calls softly, and Anja tilts the sperm-filled glass to her lips. For Markus, the pain is just beginning!
His egg sac slowly fills up with the isotonic water from the infusion bags. Each bag contains at least half a litre of water! And that's going to land between Markus' legs! Nothing is visible yet, but he'll have balls soon!

Vera is now trying to empty the second glass at once, knowing full well that this will definitely not help Markus! Whereby in Vera a pleasure rises. In the end Markus got her into it all! Now he gets his mustard! Then Jeannie stands in front of Vera, her hair all messed up, with a happy face and pushes Anja aside. Anja knows what's happening now! Now it's your turn! Two men take her and put her in a corset! Vera doesn't know where to look anymore, but in any case, the second glass is now almost empty!

Anja wheezes as the men lace up her corset but laughs happily. Your breasts are pushed up by the corset and are bulging forward. The men lace her corset tighter and tighter, and Anja looks even slimmer than she usually is! Vera empties the second glass and then looks up as Markus lets out another horrible scream.
One of the nurses is slowly sticking a long needle into his left cheek! Keep going! Keep going! The needle has to go through his tongue and Vera is shocked to see the needle coming out of the other cheek!
Jeannie pushes the rest of the sperm in the glass together with her fingers and pushes it into Vera's mouth. The leftovers are even thicker and stickier and taste even more awful! Vera chokes and a gush of sperm comes up and ends up back in the glass! Another gush comes up but Jeannie laughs and everything ends up in the glass. She then shoves it back into Vera's mouth and Vera grunts and closes her eyes as the regurgitated cum lands in her mouth for the third time.
When Vera opens her eyes again, she sees Anja climbing onto one of the men who is lying on his back on a table. His penis disappears into Anja's pussy. A second man is aeady coming from behind Anja and the third is aeady standing by his head with his huge penis. Anja wheezes as the second man shoves his cock deep in her ass! And from the front, the third good piece slides into her mouth.

Jeannie is aeady holding the third glass of Vera in front of her mouth! Is it just her or is the third glass twice the size of the second!? Full, to the brim, with sperm! The sperm runs from the edge into Vera's mouth, but Vera resists! "Oh no, oh no, not more!". But Jeannie saw it coming and makes sure nothing is lost. "Remember, you have to drink it voluntarily, sweetie!" Jeannie says sarcastically,
"If I start making you drink it, you'll start all over again tomorrow!". "Oops! That can be fun!", Vera thinks, "Actually, it's awesome and exciting! If I refuse now, I will delay everything, and it will come again!”.
"Please, please!", Then follows a rasp and a gush of semen shoots out of Vera's mouth, then another. Jeannie didn't even have time to catch it all, and the third cup is aeady overflowing! A murmur goes through the audience. Since Jeannie is kneeling in front of Vera, Jeannie got a lot of cum all over her and now she looks veeery awesome! "If you drink this cup empty, and a fourth one too, I'll forgive you!" Jeannie laughs at Vera and puts the glass to Vera's mouth. Vera can no longer swallow sperm from the glass a few more times. Then she refuses.

“Oh Vera!” says Jeannie, “failed again! Now what do we do with the rest!? Now I have to force you to drink!” A man comes with the penis gag that Vera has known for a long time. Another man takes Vera's hands and Vera has them tied to the back of the chair without resistance. Then she gets the penis gag in her mouth. A funnel is attached to the hose and without hesitation, Jeannie stands up and while horrible screams come from Markus in his corner, Jeannie slowly pours the glass into the funnel. Vera is left with no choice but to swallow.

The glass is still half full and Vera swallows hard when she sees from the corner of her eye that two women with a leather bra are approaching Jeannie and Vera. Then comes the penalty for not passing the exam! Vera keeps swallowing. Jeannie is clearly enjoying it! Then Vera sees that the inside of the bra metallically flashes in the light! Spikes! And what kind of! Vera turns her field of vision to the right and sees two other women with leather panties in their hands slowly coming from the other side. That also flashes metallically on the inside. Vera chokes up a gush of sperm and snorts it out through her nose. She can hardly breathe for a moment and tries to clear her nose of the sperm. Jeannie pours the last drop into the funnel and Vera closes her eyes as she chokes on that as well.

Then she feels someone untie her. It's only for a short time, Vera gets the gag out of her mouth but now gets a strip of power tape stuck on her mouth! Meanwhile, Anja seems to be really fucked up and stands next to Jeannie and holds Vera tight. Vera stands there a little wobbly and with beads of sweat on her forehead and allows herself to be led to a wooden frame where the two women tie her to her. Now she gets the bra on!
Vera wants to scream, more out of fear, her bra isn't tight yet. Then one of the unknown women tightens her bra and Vera howls in pain without a sound coming from her lips. She feels the thorns on the inside of the bra penetrating her breasts! Then she is put on the spikes slip.

Vera has no chance, first her left leg, then her right leg and her panties are slowly pulled up. Then Vera feels a dildo built into the panties, also with spikes! When the panties are finally in place, a large, spiked dildo is stuck inside her, and spikes are squeezing her butt. Sharp spikes press on her labia from below.
Vera howls in pain, but no one can hear her until the tape is taken from her. Vera doesn't utter a word, but howls and howls while the group around her applauds and shouts excitedly and rubs each other's genitals.

Men and women are now also rubbing their breasts and buttocks and one woman starts sliding the dildo up and down. Vera screams and screams and cries in pain. Then suddenly everyone takes their eyes off Vera and turns to the other torture racks. Anja and Jeannie are aeady there and are now putting their Peter on a chair. Should he experience something nice? T
he woman who works on Vera with the dildo turns the wooden frame on which Vera is locked so that Vera can now watch Peter through her tears.

"Easy girls, easy!" laughs Peter to his sister and friend. They laugh back in silence and fixate Peter on what they call the "Pope's Chair". Peter his wand is stiff in the air and droplets of pre-cum slowly flow out of him. Then Anja pushes a big penis up Peter's ass from below through a hole in the chair without caution. Peter screams it out, partly because he didn't expect it and partly because the stretching is sudden and reckless.
A hose sticks out of the dildo, what is it for? Peter will receive his anal conditioner! But that's not all!

Jeannie turns a board in front of Peter's stomach and bends his pecker in front of the board so that everyone can see it clearly. From her position, Vera sees through her tears that a screw clamp is mounted on the board! Even Vera has sympathy for Peter! “Where did you get that from?” Peter calls out to the girls. He now also sees that little good is blooming for him there!
At least ten very sharp spikes are mounted on the screw jaws, rather as thin as needles, each about 5cm long!
Anja laughs at him. "Dirk constructed it, Jeannie and Babette and I modified it a little bit for you!", and Anja bends Peter's (still) good piece between the vise jaws and mounts an iron over it so that his sex-device can no longer straighten up. Peter almost whispers as he begs Anja and Jeannie not to "do it". But they have no sympathy for Peter.

Then Jeannie closes the vise a bit. Now press the needles against the shaft of the penis. "Are you ready, dear brother?" Anja asks him. Peter shakes his head and starts sweating. Jeannie turns a little further. "Please, please, don't!" Peter calls out a little louder, but everyone laughs happily.
This will be a spectacle! "Dear darling, now you'll get what we've more or less done to all of us." Jeannie laughs at him while a beautiful young woman, Wilhelmina, with a ball gag and thongs, walks towards Peter.

"She will remove the needles afterwards and nurse you for a week," Anja tells him. And Wilhelmina pushes the ball gag into Peter's voluntarily open mouth and fastens the strap. Now even Peter is crying! He hadn't expected that from his torture friends that he himself would become a victim again!
Jeannie now turns the vice again. The needles all penetrate the aroused penis shaft at the same time. Even the ball gag can barely muffle Peter his terrible scream.

"I can't do that!" calls Jeannie and turns away, but there are probably others in the row, and everyone is now turning the vise a bit. The needles are penetrating deeper, and Peter is crying and sweating and screaming in pain.
Then all the needles are completely in and are aeady sticking out on the other side! Peter screams and screams, well muffled by his gag. And Vera?
Vera is still panting in pain, but when she was allowed to watch what was done to Peter, she only panted. Somehow Vera feels sorry for Peter, but then she notices again the spikes that abuse her breasts and with every movement she feels the dildo in her hotspot, which is now even hotter than usual. The spikes on the dildo turned out to be harmless, but the spikes on the artificial eggs and on the inside of the panties pushed into her, and with every movement deeper, into her buttocks, into her labia.

Then Vera is untied from the wooden frame by a woman, her name is Verona, but her hands are tied in two loops behind her back.
Vera is unable to ignore the pain and a few seconds later, half bent over in pain, Vera stands in front of Peter's chair with her hands on her back.
Peter cries and cries but can't get a sound out.

"Now turn around, darling!", says Verona, "You have to free Peter with bandaged hands!". Vera looks at her desperately, "How should I do that!?" She cries in pain. "Just do it!" says her Jeannie, "if you free him, he will free you.".
Vera moves cautiously to Peter and begins to open the vise. Every movement hurts her. But Peter is in a much worse state as the needles are slowly being pulled out of his penis. Then the time has come, Peter is free again, at least his device, which he probably won't be able to use for some time!

"Now go on!" says Jeannie. "No!", someone from the group around Peter calls out, "He hasn't had his conditioner yet!". Vera almost falls over and Verona pulls down her panties, spreads her legs and puts her on top of Peter with the help of Jeannie. Then Verona puts a rubber band, actually a bicycle tube, around the two of them and Peter has the pleasure of having Vera pressed to him. Vera screams as the spikes in her bra are pushed even harder into her bosom.
Laughing, Anja takes Peter's gag and gives him some water to drink. He puffs and puffs, but at least doesn't scream anymore. A wonder how he suppresses his pain, which he surely must have. Despite the painful penis piercing that Peter had, his member immediately stiffens and presses against Vera's labia, which are swollen from the needles. While Anja freed Peter from his mouth gag, Verona took Peter's sanctuary in her hand and pressed it into Vera's vagina. "And now fuck!", she whispers in Vera's ear, "Otherwise there will be further penalties!".

Vera now realizes that she has no choice and starts banging Peter up and down. Every up and down movement brings tears to her eyes. And although his member is as hard as a board, Peter screams and wheezes with pain with every movement. But when Jeannie then also frees her hands, she grabs Peter's head and begins to kiss him passionately and fucks him masterfully.
Face grimacing in pain and deep grumbling, Petra is coming hard in Vera. Vera can immediately record another orgasm. "Oh, ooh, ooooh, ooooooh!" It comes out of her mouth in increasingly high tones as she rocks up and down on Peter's lap with her head back and eyes closed. Meanwhile, Peter presses his face deep between her breasts and just wheezes.

Finally, everyone in the room seems happy and both Peter and Vera are freed. Peter clearly lost his lead on the women today and can hardly stand on his feet because of the pain. With a face twisted with pain, he holds his not so good piece with one hand and leans on Vera with the other hand. Vera is still wearing her pin bra, but she doesn't dare to take it off.
The other girls look at her, laughing, without lifting a finger, but let the two injured leave the torture room.

There are still more severely punished members in their torture places! Markus is now off his chair too, and before Vera leaves the basement room, she turns around again and sees how Markus can hardly walk normally from the huge scrotum between his legs. He's visibly in pain, and he's got his hands down there too, holding his breeding eggs like he's afraid they'll fall off the weight! Then Vera leaves the room together with Peter. Markus desperately looks after the two.

Vera's look made it clear to him that he had gone too far with his evil plan to bring Vera to the club.
Richard, Babette and Davigna can hardly walk either, but they all move step by step to the door. Apparently, everyone has had enough and is tired from the efforts. This day also had to come to an end at some point! Most of them have to go back to work tomorrow! Only for Vera the week is still full of more surprises. Vera is still desperately trying to find out what was on the contract again! In the shower she asks Peter again, but he shakes his head and refuses to even talk to her. Anja and Jeannie, who have meanwhile let all the club members out, laughingly refuse to enlighten Vera. "In any case, you will have to enjoy sperm again as an energy drink!" laughs Eva at her. "Yes, but I'll give up the piercing, right?" says Karl, "I would think that she's had enough needles!" and laughs, according to Kehls. "Well, there's still a lot to be done, but tomorrow should be a little quieter day for you," says Jeannie.

Okay, see you tomorrow!
Too much needles and spikes. It's just not possible to "get into some role"

Слава Україні

"We who have seen war, will never stop seeing it. In the silence of the night, we will always hear the screams. So this is our story, for we were soldiers once, and young."

Joe Galloway

okay, I see how to improve the stuff 😊
after re-reading, I see your point.
I must change it a (large) bit 😊
(15 Oct 2022, 09:24 )JohnnyDeRouge Wrote: okay, I see how to improve the stuff 😊
after re-reading, I see your point.
I must change it a (large) bit 😊

Good. Even it's a fantasy,  it must be plausible. That's just my opinion.
Looking forward to read "next episode"...

Слава Україні

"We who have seen war, will never stop seeing it. In the silence of the night, we will always hear the screams. So this is our story, for we were soldiers once, and young."

Joe Galloway


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